Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Mobile Drug Testing Services Are Essential For Your Business

By Lucille Lamb

More and more companies are choosing to use mobile drug testing in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations. These processes detect illegal substances and alcohol so that no employees are serving as a potential hazard to their employers. They help companies to make important hiring and firing decisions. In addition to these things, however, there is a range of additional benefits that they supply.

This is one highly effective way to reduce workplace injuries and employee accidents. Those who perform their professional duties and who are not impaired, are not likely to have accidents when compared to intoxicated individuals. Screening can help you to obtain lower insurance premiums and this will unify your workforce and make everyone more productive.

Not only can you be sure that your employees are safe, but this is also a great way to make sure that your clients and associates are safe as well. Your products or services are only as dependable as your workers are. If people on your team are inebriated, it is likely that problems will arise in your company. The worst part is that people who maintain irresponsible behavior on the job are not often the same individuals who get hurt. Instead, their actions put other people in danger and could cause you to lose a number of valuable business assets.

Securing these services will ultimately help you to shield your good image. Consumers can trust you when they can see that you do all you can in order to maintain a trustworthy team. Best of all, there will not be many high-profile issues to deal with, especially those that call your products, services or even your business into question. A lot of major company problems are often related to alcohol or drug use. You should additionally know that regular drug testing is now required in most fields, in order for businesses to comply with industry regulations.

If you recognize that every person in your office must be tested, it is easy to see how time-consuming these efforts can be. If people are having to travel to a secondary location, they will need to take time from their work duties. Not only will these individuals be away from work while tests are completed, but they will also have to drive to and from the appointed facility. This inconvenience numerous parties.

Another benefit of having these tests performed onsite is that there is a greater ability to assess all parties. Workers cannot delay or make excuses when everything necessary for completing this process is in or near the building. This allows businesses to ensure that every person arrives on time and submits the necessary samples. There will be no loose ends.

The costs of these efforts certainly justify themselves as you can see a range of improvements in all areas. You can streamline your team so that it is only representative of people who care enough about their jobs to show up sober. You will be able to get higher productivity rates and your quality control will improve as well.

You might be surprised to note that mobile drug testing is not just for businesses as people and families can hire these providers also. Teenagers can be tested at home by parents with ease. This is a very quick and hassle-free way to collect important information for protecting your commercial endeavors or your household members.

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