Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weightloss by Drinking Water

If ever we know the efficacy of water as a natural endowment, we probably would have known that water can be use for virtually everything on earth if intellectually applied. Weight loss isnt an exception when it comes to beneficiaries of water to health and fitness. Do you even know that when water therapy is combined with other weight loss techniques, it gives an optimum result? What exactly do we mean by water therapy? Water therapy simply means the use of water in curing an ailment. Water therapy for weight loss therefore can be said to be the process by which we use water to control or manage our extra fat. How do we go about this water therapy to control weight?

Firstly, we must ensure that we drink enough water on daily basis. Scientifically, four litres of water per day has been recommended. But, for the sake of my discussion here, having in mind that we are really and only interested in how to use water as therapy for weight loss, then I will highlight the following points. As soon as we wake up in the morning, endeavour to drink at least, a glass of water (about 50cl). It may be uncomfortable at the beginning but soon, you will get used to it. So, just before anything else in the morning, take a cup of good water. After your breakfast, be sure to take as much as another 50cl of water. This is irrespective of whether you took tea. Our target is that you take at least, a litre of water in the morning before you start the days job. Before noon, we expect that you must have been feeling thirsty and as such, a glass of water is very important before you have your lunch. Yes! Very important. This must be taken at least 15 minutes to your lunch. This helps to control the bulk of food that you will take for lunch to the normal level expected of you. Immediately after your lunch, you should have another glass of water. The aim of this is to dissuade you from taking other liquor except water. If you are a good drinker of alcohol, you may have a challenge here. You are not being dissuaded from your alcohol. Just be sure you take the amount of water specified and if your beer can still be accommodated in that belly, no problem. Well, just before you round off the days activities or just as you are stepping out of office, a glass of water should also come handy to bid yourself goodbye to office. Yes! You must not deviate from this for any reason. Back at home with your family, just before your dinner, you are expected to have another glass of water to relax and watch the news pending the time your sweetheart brings in your dinner. Youve been invited to the dinning and finished having your dinner. A cup of glass to press down your dinner. So far so good, youve had seven glasses of water which is equivalent of 3.5 liters. For you last glass of water, you have an option here. You either take it when you are on your way to the bed or you take it when you wake up in the middle of the night. You may set an alarm to a certain time to take your glass of water. The mission is now accomplished. Try this for complete 4 weeks without deviating and lets see what happens. Just before you start, take record of your weight and by exactly four weeks time, take record of your weight. If you fail to lose at least 20% of your total weight, you have cheated on yourself along the line. Keep up to date with us.

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