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How To Get Better Grades - Motivate Me To Study

By Lachlan Haynes

At one point or another everyone lacks the motivation to do something. Lacking motivation is not necessarily a problem - unless of course it becomes a constant theme of your life. When you lack the motivation to get up in the morning, something is definitely amiss.

This may not be a regular problem for you (and kudos to you if that's the case) but for many students, 'lacking motivation' can be a real pain in the you know what!

If motivation is not present in the individual, simple uncomplicated tasks have a nasty habit of becoming huge complicated problems - ones that can end up being avoided for days (and sometimes weeks or months!) So how does this happen?

If you lack the feeling of motivation, your focus will be low, your effort will be down and your output will suffer the consequences. But when you are feeling motivated the amount of work you can complete is astronomical, your effort is through the roof, the challenges seem small and anything seems possible! It's a feeling we'd all love to have all the time. So how does it come about?

As a general rule, most people are operating on the base level of motivation - which is fear of negative consequences. What do I mean by this? Well, we act out of concern about what will happen if we don't act. For example, you may complete your homework because if you don't you will be grounded. You may strive to get an A on your Maths test because if you don't your average will drop which will impact your ability to get into University or College. It's not necessarily a "bad thing" but it's the way we are conditioned to behave.

You see, if there was no negative consequences what would happen to the world? Would everyone still behave themselves in an orderly way? Or would there be total panic and disorder? How would the world run itself if there was no negative motivation? It's actually a scary thought!

Fear of negative consequences (i.e. negative motivation) is important in the world. We need to have rules and social conventions. We need to treat each other with respect. But that doesn't mean you should operate your entire life this way. There is more to life than just constantly doing what everyone wants so that they (and society) will be happy with you. That's not a joyful life experience.

Whilst "existing" may work for you for a period of time (and for many people it works for their entire lives) it doesn't both work and lead to a positive approach to life. The motivation we seek to promote is one where you want to complete the tasks you do for positive reasons.

True motivation is when you don't act out of fear, but instead you act out of possibilities. You act out of the possibility of what doing the task may bring to your life. The possibility of wealth (there are more forms of wealth than just monetary), the possibility of health, the possibility of love, or the possibility of some form of prosperity. This is the entire foundation for positive motivation - and the real kicker is that it's more powerful than any form of negative motivation could ever be.

The answer to finding motivation is actually simple. Whenever you are doing something and don't feel motivated simply ask yourself "What is the possibility here? What positive outcome is going to occur from this?" If you can't find a simple possibility (like I could learn something new, I could earn some money which I can spend on something important to me, I'm a step closer to something I really want to achieve) then you really aren't searching hard enough. There is a possibility in everything. Good luck.

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