Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Detail Contour CPAP Pillow Review

By Sam Kappel

The Contour CPAP pillow is a special designed to make sleeping with the CPAP machine easier. This is my honest review of the pillow. I am going to talk about it's features, benefits and negatives.

The Contour CPAP pillow is made with a strong and supportive foam. The pillow comes with an strong, but soft pillow case. The pillow case zips snug around the pillow's curves for a clean and tight fit. The pillow case can be removed to wash or replace. The design of the pillow makes it very easy to sleep with a CPAP mask. The design allows you to move around comfortably with your shoulders and neck. It keeps the mask from catching and helps support the neck.

The Contour CPAP pillow comes in two sizes for individuals of all sizes. The first is for anyone that weights under 200 pounds. The second size is for people over 200 pounds. The two sizes vary in thickness as well. The first size is 4 inches thick and the other size is 5 inches. The custom fit pillow cover also has an attached connection to help keep the hose away from the pillow.

So what are some of the added benefits of the Contour CPAP pillow? Below I am going to share the positives and negatives.

1.) It is inexpensive.

2.) It is very cost efficient.

3.) Makes wearing a CPAP mask comfortable while sleeping.

4.) Aids with airway alignment.

5.) Helps reduce CPAP mask leaks.

6.) The cover is quilted, padded, durable and soft.

7.) Follows the CPAP compliance.

8.) Helps relieve discomfort from the CPAP mask.

Below are the negatives of the Contour CPAP pillow.

1.) The upper clip of the mask can get stuck in between your head and the pillow. Some users complain of this as an issues while using it.

2.) This pillow may not work for all people.

3.) Some users say it has a weird smell that can take time to get use to.

4.) It is small and may be too small for some people.

I did research and found real users reviews to help give you the best information about this pillow. My Contour CPAP pillow review gives this product an 8 out of 10. The pillow makes wearing a CPAP easier and has benefits. It is not perfect though and has some negatives that come with it. The Contour may not be for everyone.

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