Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Makes Foot Massage Different From Therapeutic Reflexology

By Margarita Joseph

Although not well documented, reflexology was already practiced in the prehistoric periods with which optimum relief to the brain and body was pointed out as its essence. For centuries, this has been popular to people from all walks of life particularly now that several other benefits have been discovered. Reflexology and foot massage Tucson are, however, two different things. Reflexology is an alternative medicine with a soleful touch while a foot massage is used in alleviating stress and anxiety which can be obtained in day spas as a pampering service rather than a healthcare service addressing certain medical issues.

There are about 7,000 neurons in the feet waiting to get stimulated. In reflexology, each part of a person's feet corresponds with the organs in the body. Claimed as an effective treatment for different medical conditions, reflexologists and patients are pretty certain that such alternative medicine brings about not only absolute peace of mind but an overall healing.

A foot massage, on the other hand, has benefits that can be worth their weight in gold. It has been done for centuries as well. And though it rather has pleasurable effect on the reflexes, it is the simplest way to provide definite state of relaxation to people who are constant chase with their frantic daily demands.

The biggest benefits recipients can get from this treatment are tranquility and relaxation. Mainly massaging both the recipients' feet, however, never guarantees perfect effect especially if the solar plexus reflex is never hit. Through massaging this part on both feet, the entire body could be renewed for it frees all stress from within.

It also promotes better blood circulation. When a person is stressed, the blood flow gets blocked. And since the blood is the very component that cleanses the toxins and wastes present in the body, a good chance of getting certain forms of cancers can likely happen.

This helps boost immunity. Reflexes stimulation brings about optimum healing and improves the capacity of the body to prevent harmful impacts of stress. A regular visit to a practitioner can get a person become insusceptible to diseases that have to do with stress.

With the restorative impact this has, recipients claim feeling fully rejuvenated and energetic after getting some massage. It also lifts recipients' mood and gives them improved concentration as well as mind clarity. Like reflexology, this invigorates the worn-out energy and harmonizes the entire body.

When reflexology is never recommended to people who have broken leg bones, women with menstruation and pregnant women, a foot massage could be done even with people who have severe health conditions. This technique is never as painful as therapeutic reflexology. It is performed in a mild and painless way.

Knowing the difference between reflexology and foot massage Tucson, people should be more considerate with their current situation and never rush in taking either treatment. It is necessary to find a trained practitioner for exact peace or healing to be achieved. The therapeutic reflexology might be more appropriate for their condition, instead of a pampering service.

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