Friday, June 14, 2013

Kpop Fasion

By Russell Hood

Colored contact lenses are the most up to date fashion trend accessory nowadays, especially amongst the young. A new set of color contact lenses can alter your whole look. It can make you go from drab and dull to sleek and handsome/beautiful in an issue of seconds. This is potentially the quickest transformation you will experience. However the remodeling can be successful only if you beware in choosing a color that works for your complexion and face structure.

Picking the best color contact lenses can be a fascinating albeit a bit difficult exercise. For first time individuals, it is important that they analyze their skin and bone structure along with consider the purpose or event for which they would like to make use of colored contact lenses before making a selection.

Skin Tone/Complexion

Among the primary factors to consider while selecting is your skin tone. If you are dusky or have a dark skin tone, warm colors like Hazel and Honey actually improve your look. Nonetheless, if you wish to choose a little different appearance than you must consider buying grey or aqua blue colored contact lenses. If you have a tanned skin, you can consider getting Honey colored or Hazel colored lenses or a better shade like green or navy blue. And if you are reasonable skinned then bright tones of blue in addition to shades of gray really complement your skin. You can also try colors like blue-green and amethyst.

All Colored Contact Lenses are offered in one-tone, two-tone or three-tone tones. As the term recommends, one-tone has one color, two-tone blends 2 shades and three-tone blends 3 rich shades in a single contact lens. 3 tone colored lenses are the best at developing a natural depth and measurement of examination and appear the most lively. They are also the most pricey of the 3. For that reason many first time individuals like to make use of one-tone or 2 tone colored lenses when they first experiment. When they get comfy with contact lenses and have the ability to determine exactly what colors matches them finest, they could select three tones colored lenses. A few of the most popular brands of colored contact lenses are Freshlook Colourblends, Silklens, Aryan and Purecon.


When the color has actually been selected, you have to pick the proper lenses. We extremely suggest Prebyopic lenses as they likewise offer UV protection from the sun's hazardous rays and outstanding convenience. It is likewise vital to decide whether you want hard lenses or soft lenses. Tough lenses are the most cost effective and can last approximately a year whereas soft lenses are offered as daily disposables, bi-weekly disposables, month-to-month disposables and quarterly disposables.

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