Monday, June 17, 2013

Sun Labs Self Tan Mousses And Creams

By Haywood Hunter

Sun-kissed tan is something really special. It gives you a fresh and appealing look, hides minor imperfections and boost confidence. No wonder it's so popular. Sun Labs self tan products have found their place in almost every bathroom. They are easy to apply and give excellent results every single time.

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Risks associated with excessive exposure to sunlight are known to everyone. In addition to causing cancer, sun can damage the skin in many other ways. Burns caused by the sun, they are painful and annoying, but they are the smallest problem. Sunbathing accelerates skin aging and the formation of wrinkles. Sun Labs self tan preparations give excellent results and take into account the health of your skin.

Using Sun Labs self tan products can have a healthy and nourished skin and a beautiful bronze color, at any time of year. You will avoid premature wrinkles and unpleasant burns, and yet you will be irresistibly attractive. People very dry and sensitive skin can finally achieve a beautiful sun-kissed complexion. And for all this, a little ingredient called DHA is the most creditable.

DHA is derived from natural sugar. FDA has approved it as a product completely harmless to use for this purpose. The amount of DHA in a particular product determines the final color intensity. Of course, it is necessary to add some other ingredients, for example color enhancers, fragrances and moisturizers. Sun Labs self tan contains an innovative formula that works just great.

Although the skin has several layers, DHA acts only on the uppermost layer. Given that the skin naturally exfoliates, the effect is only temporary. Color produced by using Sun Labs self tan products mainly lasts for about seven days, and then gradually fades. Using a quality moisturizer every day may prolong the color duration, although it is already contained in every single product.

The whole process of reaction of DHA and skin lasts about three hours. During this period, the skin becomes darker. Given the fact that color requires a certain period of time to fully develop, Sun Labs self tan products contain a color indicator. It gives a dark color that greatly facilitates application.

There are faster ways to achieve a bronze color. Some Sun Labs self tan gels and mousses provide instant color, dark and attractive. Some are washable, so the color can easily be washed out. Others have a more lasting effect. It all depends on your current needs. Sometimes you really do not have enough time to wait for color to develop.

Various Sun Labs self tan lotions are extremely popular. Easy application and excellent performance make them top quality products for achieving a bronze color. Therefore lotions are really popular among all users. Sun Labs self tan lotions can be found in some very catchy shades. Darkest shades are the most appreciated ones, especially the over-night version.

DHA reaction with the amino acids in the surface layer of the skin creates a nice bronze color, but also releases an unpleasant odor. Other products do not smell very pleasantly, but Sun Labs self tan formula contains secret ingredients that makes them smell very nice and gentle. All Sun Labs products have a pleasant scent of cherries and almonds.

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