Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advantages Of A Quality Fake Sun Tan Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

When health authorities in the 1960s announced that sun exposure could case cancer, fake sun tan self tanner products became more and more popular. Over the years these products have improved. There are now many self tanning products available and some are better than others.

Some self tanning products provide deep and darker tans, while other are more subtle. All the best products use a chemical known as DHA. DHA does not effect skin pigmentation or stain the skin in anyway. The chemical reacts with the skin's top layer and makes it darker, in the same way as the sun.

Before the application of the tanning lotion it is extremely important to exfoliate the skin. This is because the DHA in the lotion reacts with dead skin cells. Therefore, if you do not exfoliate the tan will look patchy one those dead skin cells come off. Exfoliation will ensure a smooth, deep and natural looking tan.

Another tip for a great looking tan is to moisturize and rehydrate the skin after exfoliating. This helps the lotion to sit better on the skin and creates a nice natural and smooth result, that will look as though you have been out in the sun.

Some of the self tanning lotions have added ingredients that provide a dark tan. These ingredients should be natural rather than chemical. Sugar based ingredients are the best as they are good for those with sensitive skin.

A fake tan should appear the next day, although for some people it may take an extra day for the tan to fully develop. Many products work after just a few hours. A fake tan usually lasts for between five to seven days. After that the lotion can be reapplied. It is also recommenced that the skin be moisturized in between tanning, so on the third or forth day after the tan has appeared apply some moisturizer to your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated and will help subsequent tanning.

The chemical DHA is completely harmless for all skin types, it is FDA approved as long as products contain less that 14% DHA. Most good tanning products are within this guideline. Also, good tanning lotions should not cause streakiness and patchiness. The lotion should also not clog pores. The best tanning lotions should also hydrate, revitalize and enhance the skins elasticity. Self tanning is far safer than using a solarium or exposing yourself to the sun. There are no health risks and you can look sun-tanned all year through.

A high quality fake sun tan self tanner is worth investing in, the cheap tanning products will not work well and may even make you look orange! Top quality products are safer, provide more natural results and last longer. A quality lotion will also work well if you use it regularly and you will enjoy a natural smooth tanned look all through the year. Do a search on the internet for quality tanning lotions and find yourself a great deal.

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