Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting The Skin Ready For Your Chosen Sun Laboratorie Self Tanner

By Haywood Raptis

Enjoying a fabulous fake suntan requires more than just reaching for that bottle of Sun Laboratorie tanner. There are certain things that need to be done first, particularly on your skin. Below are some tips on how to avoid a blotchy tan.

Think of indoor tanning as creating a masterpiece. The skin serves as the canvas on which the paint, or Sun Laboratorie self tanning solution, is placed. Certainly, using a canvas that isn't correctly prepared for such endeavor won't let you produce a terrific artwork.

One of the most important things to carry out prior to the use of a Sun Laboratorie self tanning solution is exfoliating your skin. The active ingredient of a Sun Laboratorie tanner is called DHA, a chemical capable of darkening the skin's topmost part which basically consists of dead cells. Applying the tanner on an uneven layer of dead skin cells is like asking for a cosmetic tragedy to show up. Exfoliating beforehand ensures that DHA in the self tanning product has a smooth surface to work on.

A Sun Laboratorie self tanner may not properly work if there's a film of oil sitting on your skin. This keeps DHA from being absorbed and completing its job. That is why you should avoid scrub solutions on the market which contain oils. It's a good idea to reach for a sponge or loofah instead. The Sun Laboratorie exfoliating gel may also be ordered, designed exclusively for this pre-tan task. Pay extra attention to the knees and elbows where dead skin cells tend to accumulate more.

For best results, do the exfoliating chore while inside the shower. Stick to plain soap instead of something that contains moisturizers. Rinse with warm water to ensure that those sloughed off dead cells are removed. The moment you step out of the shower, your skin should be free of any chemical that can make the Sun Laboratorie tanner fail to work completely.

The removal of unwanted hair is another task that should be carried out before using your Sun Laboratorie tanning solution. It's not unlikely for you to end up with a blotchy fake suntan if you apply the product on a hairy surface. Shave beforehand to remove unwanted hair and provide added exfoliating effect. If waxing is the method preferred, have it done at least a day before tanning.

Dry areas of the body like the elbows and knees soak up more DHA present in a Sun Laboratorie tanner. That is why then the product completely develops, these parts tend to end up evidently darker than the rest. Prevent this tragedy from showing up by spreading a thin layer of your everyday hand and body moisturizer on the elbows and knees prior to applying the tanner. Doing so stops them from absorbing too much DHA.

Make sure that you wear gloves before you begin applying your Sun Laboratorie self tanner solution. Your palms should be protected from DHA to keep them from ending up with a lasting stain. Besides, indoor tanning products should not be applied on parts of the body that don't darken when you sunbathe. If you are allergic to latex, opt for a pair of plastic gloves.

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