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Hampton Inn Offering Chance at Free Weekend Stays

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I need a vacation, I really do. Between maintaining this and three other blogs, two websites and my freelance writing and video work, I am feeling a little burnt out. Don't get me wrong, I am quite grateful of the life I live...but sometimes one needs a little getaway with a few friends to recharge the batteries, so to speak!

With that being said, one of my favorite hotel chains is giving away a free weekend stay for one winner and three friends daily until September 4th, 2010. That's less than one week away, so HURRY! If you are realy lucky, you can even win the Grand Prize of having your run of an entire hotel for a whole weekend. That's 100 rooms, all to your own, for two whole days. I hope you have lots of friends!

If I win, I am going to San Diego with a couple of friends. I love the Spanish architecture and I wouldn't mind spending the day at SeaWorld. On the drive from Los Angeles, we would of course stop in beautiful La Jolla and drink some nice wine brought especially for the trip. Hmmm...even if I don't win the free trip, I think I might just head down there anyway; Hampton Inns are clean and pretty affordable.

To enter, simply click the link below and fill out a quick little form. Good Luck!

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Dental Implants Fulfill A Useful Purpose

Back before the invention of dental implants, many consumers were forced to live with broken teeth that sometimes took away a person's desire to smile. Even people with gaps between their teeth were forced to live with their smile, as no other options were available. Now, with the invention of dental implants even the most serious cases can be treated. A person can truly choose the smile that is right for them. If they are not happy with the way their smile looks, a simple out-patient procedure at the dentist can enable them to customize their smile so that it fits them.

But what are dental implants? Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used in cosmetic dentistry to resemble a tooth or a group of teeth. Typical implants consist of a titanium root (or screw) that is placed into the users mouth. From there the titanium root can be molded to fit an individuals mouth. Typical procedures include anodizing, etching, or sandblasting the titanium root to be more comfortable for the user.

The entire procedure is almost always done under anesthesia. This allows the person who is undergoing the operation to experience no pain whatsoever. The operation is typically done under an hour long and the user is heavily sedated for the process. Beforehand a bone implant may be placed in the users mouth in order to identify key structures and nerves used in the procedure.

Good candidates for this type of dental surgeries are ones with very few health problems and are looking to have either problematic teeth extracted or need a replacement tooth for cosmetic purposes. This type of dental procedure is quite often covered by insurance if the need is other than cosmetic. Local surgeons should be consulted prior to surgery so one can get the best deal and the most experienced surgeon for their dental implants.

After the surgery a wide range of procedures are available to the patient for cosmetic purposes. Even bone grafting from an individuals own bone for looks can be arranged. Other implants such as crowns or caps can also be placed on teeth. These help an individual feel more comfortable with their own smile. Implant technologies have gotten so advanced that not even the keenest eye can detect the difference between a fake crown and a real crown.

Implants are extremely popular and also extremely successful. In a recent survey of dental patients the success rate and satisfaction rate was found to be around ninety-five percent, one of the highest of any surgical operation. This statistic should put confidence in the minds of many looking to undergo dental cosmetic procedures. From young to old, the area of dental implants is growing and now almost anyone can customize how their smile looks.

Melrose Family Dentistry is a top quality Saugus MA Dentist providing general dentistry services to Melrose-area families for more than 40 years. Voted "Best in Melrose" by the Reader's Choice Awards, we provide a fillings, crowns and bridges, dental implants, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry, in Saugus and Malden Massachusetts -

How To Eat an Effective Diet for Colitis

One of the principle concerns for someone when they are diagnosed with the disease is finding the answers to the question of what is an effective diet for colitis. The role of diet and how it affects the patient during times of both remission and relapse will impact greatly on their quality of life. An understanding of a few simple basics can assist greatly.

There is a common confusion, particularly amongst those who are newly diagnosed, in the appreciation and understanding of the role of diet and the painful consequences of consuming foods containing incorrect fibre. To start with, there must be an awareness that there are actually two distinct types of fibre found in foods. The first is what is known as soluble fibre, which on the whole, is acceptable for consumption for those with colitis whilst the other is insoluble fibre which will have consequences for the patient if foods containing such are eaten.

So what is the difference between the two? Put simply, soluble fibre is broken down and digested in the large colon and insoluble fibre is not. Foods containing soluble fibre produce soft stools and avoid the problem of the production of the type of particles that stick to the wall of the colon and can cause inflammation. The opposite occurs when foods containing insoluble fibre are eaten as they are passed without being digested and thus raise the prospect of adhering to the wall of the colon when inflamed. This will result in irritation and can aggravate the colitis symptoms.

Foods that contain soluble fibre include fruits and vegetables that have been peeled such as apples and potatoes plus oats such as porridge and white rice. Insoluble fibre foods include wheat bran and wholemeal bread plus vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli and fruits and vegetables with their skin left on.

Don't forget the inclusion of fish as part of an effective diet for colitis due to the fact that fish oils assist in the reduction of inflammation and are beneficial for the health of the bowel. The eating of dairy products should be controlled and reduced as they can make a contribution to inflammation. Whilst there does not require to be total elimination, the amount taken should be small.

It is so important to be aware of what is an effective diet for colitis during a relapse period. It really is not the time to try to maintain and ensure a healthy balanced diet is adhered to. The number one priority is to ensure that the inflammation is not being antagonised by fibres and too much volume. A very restrictive diet is required to stave off hunger but not one that produces avoidable amounts of waste that have to pass through the inflamed colon, bringing pain and discomfort to the sufferer. It is difficult to get the balance correct, but through trial and error and using other sufferer's experiences, an effective diet for colitis, to use in both times of remission and relapse, is possible to attain.

Essential reading! Don't miss out! You can start today to manage your colitis symptoms better. This is your treasure vault of practical colitis answers to reduce their impact on your life. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and don't waste any more time searching. From diagnosis to surgery, you can regain control of your life. It's the info only a colitis survivor can offer.

Curing Your Own Depression

Even though the effects of depression might be all too real in your life, depression is not real. If you're suffering from depression, you're only imagining it because depression is the direct result of your subconscious mind's obsession with useless thoughts that were impressed upon it during your formative years. I know that this may seem completely unreasonable to anyone who is trapped in the dark by depression - or, indeed, to anyone whose life is deeply affected because a loved one or family member suffers from depression. But it is a psychological fact. Not only that, it's the way every single person's mind works. In other words, it's normal for your subconscious mind to focus on the past - everyone's does - it's just that the psychological snapshots that your subconscious is focused on are more negative - and the subconscious mind loves negative. This is not your fault - it's the way we're all wired. Nor is it your fault that you're carrying more negative baggage than someone else. Your subconscious mind was impressed with those thoughts by others, people and events that made you feel bad, guilty, useless, upset or traumatised during your childhood years.

Now, whilst it is normal for your subconscious to focus on past deeply-rooted thoughts, it's doing you damage - you can see it and feel the all too obvious results in your everyday life. Again, there's no need to feel bad about this - everyone's subconscious mind is doing them damage - at least you have the advantage over other normal people in realizing that you've got a problem.

But that problem is solely down to what your subconscious mind is focused on - there are no other broken pieces in your make up, no damaged hard-wiring. It follows then that medication is not going to treat your problem, it's only going to ease the symptoms. What you have got to do is tear your mind's attention away from those self-destructive thoughts. This is easier said than done for two reasons. First of all, your mind has been 'comfortable' in focussing on those old childhood snapshots for all of your adult life - you're trying to break the habit of an adult lifetime. Secondly, your mind's 'default settings' are set to pay attention to what you do not want to pay attention to - it's the way you're wired as a normal adult.

So, whilst your depression's cause is rooted in your own brain - the ultimate and permanent solution to your depression is also in your own head. This solution is found by embarking on a 'self-training course' in paying attention to the only place and time that's real, the only place and time that you can really live - the here and now. This training course requires daily commitment - perhaps only five or ten minutes, but five or ten minutes every single day - otherwise your mind will drift back to its default settings. But the good news is that you won't be training yourself to do something that's foreign to you. When you were a child, you paid full attention to the here and now - that's how you took those negative snapshots in the first place. Do you think that five or ten minutes each day might be worth the bother? Could ten minutes each morning make the remaining twenty three hours and fifty minutes that much better? The answer is a resounding Yes! But five or ten minutes doing what?

You make 'sense' of your life by noticing what your five senses are telling you and then interpreting that information using your childhood snapshots. As a result, you make nonsense of the reality of the information being fed to you be your five senses. You've got to take your childhood snapshots out of this process entirely, by deliberately, for ten minutes each morning, only paying attention to what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. For those ten minutes, you simply notice what's going on, you don't interpret it, you simply observe. When you get frustrated because your mind starts wandering - or your subconscious tries to tell you that the exercise is a complete waste of time - you simply see, feel, hear, smell and taste. I believe that the best way to relearn how to pay attention to the reality of your five senses is meditation - preferably, for starters, guided meditation. It will take you a while to get into it, you will find it difficult or strange or both but a little commitment will yield enormous benefit. And remember, you will be meditating to clear your mind - not to ascend to some other spiritual plane (if there is one) but to prevent your mind paying attention to the unreal conditioning that's playing havoc with your life.

If you do manage to turn your attention to the reality of the here and now you will experience something that you probably have never experienced before - there's no such thing as depression, there's no such thing as fear or worry, there's only a world full of possibilities and potential. Pills or medicine won't enable you experience the difference between reality and the illusion of depression - they might make the pain go away for a while but your subconscious mind will always wander back to those thoughts that are not real but just an imprint of a past long gone. The only way you will experience reality - one without depression - is to learn how to clear your mind.

Willie Horton has been a Personal Development expert since 1996 - working with top leaders in major organizations. An Irish ex-accountant, ex-banker, published author and keynote speaker, he travels the world, from his home in the French Alps, enabling people "live the dream". All his work - including his acclaimed Personal Development Workshop - is now online at

Axillary Hyperhidrosis – What Is It?

Everyone sweats to some extent, but a person with axillary hyperhidrosis has a real problem with excessive underarm sweating. They will constantly apply and reapply deodorant and antiperspirant. They will change their clothes more often than a runway model, and only buy clothes made with natural fibres, in certain colours and materials that don’t show the sweat rings.

People with axillary hyperhidrosis will decline an invitation to get comfortable and take their jacket off. They will be the ones who’d rather give you a little finger wave than a great big arm over the top of the head swing. They are the ones who won’t raise their hands, even if only they know the answer. They will be the ones who feel ill at ease in social settings, constantly worrying about offending anyone.

Most people who have this excessive underarm sweating problem usually start to see the signs of it in early adolescence. Then comes along puberty, when the problem tends to get much worse. Interestingly though, medical research has not found any evidence of hormonal surges being the culprit. The blame seems to depend on which type of axillary hyperhidrosis you have. Primary (or Idiopathic) Hyperhidrosis has no apparent cause. It’s just one of those quirks of human biology, not as fun as having, say, a photographic memory, but not as bad as having an extra limb.

On the other hand, Secondary Hyperhidrosis might be caused by a disorder of the endocrine system, the sympathetic nervous system, from a secretory tumour or even a psychiatric disorder. Primary Hyperhidrosis is the most common form, though, and it’s estimated that up to 3% of the population suffers from it. If you’re the person with excessive underarm sweating you will notice that there seems to be a constant and continuous seepage. It’s aggravated by exercise, heat and, in fact, the food you eat. That’s the logic behind the consumption of very spicy foods by people living in hot climates, such as India and Africa – heat up the inside to increase the sweat on the outside, and speed up cooling.

It may feel as though you’re sweating buckets, but in actuality it’s only about 200 mg of sweat each minute. “Where did that figure come from?” you’re probably wondering. Some brave researcher donned his rain gear, umbrella and a litre jug and measured it, how else? All kidding aside, medical researchers used filtered paper and a precision scale and measured the weight of the filter paper when dry, then weighed it again after it was applied to the test subject’s skin for about a minute. The excessive sweating stains your clothing, creating ring after ring of sweat stains. And as if that weren’t awful enough, there is usually a smell involved. This is because the sweat creates a rich environment for bacteria to thrive in.

The good news is you don’t have to put up with this excessive underarm sweating any more. Doctors and surgeons are now offering a permanent minor surgical solution to this problem. Look for a surgical practice that offers Vaser Lipo for the permanent treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis. And start living a drier life!

Sue Woodall is the Patient Advisor at Dundrum Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Dundrum, Dublin in Ireland. If you want to know more about excessive underarm sweating, download a free copy of a comprehensive report called 'The Facts About Underarm Sweating and What You Need to Know' from

Controlling Our Thoughts

"The outer conditions of a person's life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs". We spend approximately 85% of our time each day in self talk or what we think of as "private thoughts". Looking at our lives and reviewing our thoughts we realize that our thoughts are really not just idle talk. If we take the time to look at our lives, we will see that we are living the exact life that we spent most of our time thinking about. The thoughts we have that are highly emotionalized effect our lives even more.

Not only are our lives controlled by our thoughts our world is also. It is apparent what the world's thoughts are by listening to what your friends are talking about, what you read in the news, and what we see on TV. If we control our personal thoughts no matter what the thoughts of the world and our personal environment, we will not be affected as others are. If your thoughts and life are filled with love and happiness you may not even be aware of troubled times all around you, because it will not be attracted to you.

When a person takes total responsibility for his thoughts and his life, his environment will change to a life of unlimited freedom. When you can move beyond your past and your mistakes, real or imagined, you realize you have only the present. Why would you want to spend another second thinking of something you can not do anything about?

How can a person control there thoughts while they are talking to themselves? That is where having setting goals will make a difference. When you set goals you also have some affirmations to reach your goals. It is also important to have some affirmations for your personal well being. Another great affirmation is prayer. It is imperative to watch and monitor your thoughts in order to have the kind of life that you want.

When we do our best to control our thoughts we change our life in more ways than is apparent. When you use affirmations to help keep negative thoughts out of your "self talk" and put emotion with the affirmation it can and will change your attitude throughout the day. When you are facing the day with a great attitude everything and everyone in your life will also feel your positive energy and be affected. Pick some wonderful "self talk" and affirmations and have more good days than bad.

Why not let your dreams take control of your life and have one joyous experience after another while bringing some happiness into all the lives you touch. Of course, it will not happen overnight, although, if you do not start nothing will ever happen. Why miss all the fun!!

Copyright (c) 2010 Jim Gerlits
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Personal Development and the Normal Mind

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to better yourself and being constantly beaten backwards. Embarking on the adventure of personal development can sometimes seem similar to trying to scale Mount Everest and finding that, every time you make a little progress, you suddenly start sliding down the mountain all the way back to base camp. You've done the training, got the right equipment and tools but you just don't seem to be getting anywhere - and fast!

The first thing to realize is that, in endeavouring to better yourself and your lot in life, you never ever end up back at base camp - it just feels that way. Once you've even open your mind to the possibility that life can hold so much more for you than the normal dead-from-the-neck-up person could ever imagine, there is no going back to the old life. Despite the apparent fact that you're not making any progress, you always are - there is no step, however small, wasted on the journey towards self-fulfilment.

More importantly, however, you must understand that, in trying to open your mind to what psychology calls flow, you are up against it. You're up against millions of years of psychological evolution that has rendered your very own normal mind a powerful foe. The normal mind is hard-wired to believe the worst. Psychology tells us that the subconscious mind is ever backward looking, obsessed as it is by its 'stored knowledge' - that body of learning which we all imbibed during our so-called formative years. This is your default state of mind and, no matter how hard you try, every morning when you wake up, your mind will have reset itself to these default settings.

Worse than that, research also tells us that, in looking backwards, the subconscious is predisposed to focus on our negative stored knowledge - the bad stuff is easier to believe, we are always more likely to look at the worst. It is this negative tendency that leads to the ubiquitous curse of worry. It is this self same negative focus that leads to feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and low self esteem. And, remember, these are your default settings. Not only that, they are the default settings of all normal minds - they are all around us - so there is comfort to be gained in belonging to a herd of mindless idiots.

The problem most of us face is that we end up blaming ourselves for our own tendencies. But there is no merit in playing the blame game. You are not to blame for your default state of mind - it is simply the norm of the adult human condition. Nor are you to blame for the feelings of inadequacy that plaque your mind. These feelings - and your consequent day-to-day behaviour - are not your fault. They do not relate to anything that you have done - they relate to what was done to you or for you during those formative years. They are irrelevant to who you are now and, more importantly, who you could be now.

Faced with these obstacles, it is little wonder that we feel that we continually end up back at base camp. But these are obstacles that, in even exploring the possibility that you could get more out of life, you know you can overcome - and even do from time to time! The trick is not to become discouraged on your journey. The secret is to soldier on. And the true warrior is one who is prepared to persevere and, ignoring the passing trials and tribulations that today will inevitably throw at us, will pick oneself up, dust oneself off and start over - every single time he or she slips or falls.

In soldiering on, you must realize that your default state of mind will never change - as I've said, that's the way you're wired. You must also realize that your stored knowledge is well stored under the lock and key of your subconscious mind. Your formative experiences are part of who you are, they will not change nor will they ever go away. But that should not be an ongoing obstacle because, as one who is seeking to better themselves, you must understand that you have a choice as to whether or not you will give these out-dated subconscious snapshots your energy and attention.

This is a choice you must exercise in your favour - and exercise it daily, in fact, moment to moment. It is only when you fail to exercise this choice - and allow your subconscious mind make its default choice for you - that you slip and slide down the slippery slope. In other words, you must not just wake up but stay awake. You must be constantly on your guard, constantly aware of your state of mind and whether you are feeling deflated as a result of giving your energy and attention to useless and negative thought. You must maintain a constant awareness of whether or not you are present - in other words, focused on what you are doing and where you are in reality in the here and now.

In essence, the personal development journey towards self fulfilment is a lifetime's occupation - and it is a journey without a final destination. For the normal mind cannot understand just how abnormally and effortlessly happy and successful we can truly be.

Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton
Willie Horton has been a Personal Development expert since 1996 - working with top leaders in major organizations. An Irish ex-accountant, ex-banker, published author and keynote speaker, he travels the world, from his home in the French Alps, enabling people "live the dream". All his work - including his acclaimed Personal Development Workshop - is now online at

A Slight Breeze + a Little Sunlight = Free Home Electricity?

The demand for an eco-friendly home is increasing on a daily basis, and the USA is a perfect example of this. As energy consumption rises steadily in homes, the amount of pressure on energy companies to supply more energy also increases. As many people do not realize, it is very easy to meet energy demands right from their homes, by simply saving the energy they already receive and by using it wisely.

Recent studies have suggested that energy consumption from home contributes about 80% of energy consumption throughout the USA, and is produced through wasted energy and careless use. Home owners could save a lot of money and energy if this 20% was to be saved.

Some companies are not only actively producing environmentally friendly technology, but they are also offering financial aid to those people who are looking to convert their homes into eco-friendly homes. Products like this have a far longer lifetime and can do their job with improved efficiency and speed, compared to their older versions which also consumed more energy.

One of these companies is known as Home Energy Americas, sometimes referred to as HEA. HEA provides great energy saving products that can be used by homes and businesses alike. Its specialty is to harness energy from renewable sources such as wind, heat and solar.

It has a great collection of unique products which can help generate health supplies of energy from your home. Eventually, they might even allow you to become independent from energy suppliers. HEA offers a range of products; however, the following are most applicable to homes:

1) The Blue Energy Ball V100 and V200 - This small, sphere shaped wind turbine can be used on the roofs of your home to generate quite good amounts of energy. This is a truly great product as it can generate energy without any strong winds and does so quietly. A slight breeze can prove to be very helpful for your home!

2) Solar Photovoltaic Cells - These are perfect for rooftops as they are flat solar panels that, when fixed to a rooftop, can convert solar energy into energy that is usable in the home.

3) Solar heating system - This system consists of tubes which trap heat from the sun and use it to heat the water that runs through the heart of each tube.

These are usable in either summer or winter can has a lifetime guarantee of at least 20 years.

Companies that specialize in energy efficient products are on the rise, in order to meet the ever-growing demand for energy. It is imperative that we take the opportunity and fit these products into our lifestyle, and by adjusting some small aspects of our lives. There are many reasons that make it top priority to tackle global climate change.

These reasons include:

1) Every joule of energy that is wasted has an impact on developing countries one way or another.

2) Due to careless use of energy, the average temperature of our planet is rising, which in turn will give a nice, warm welcome to natural disasters.

3) This effectively places developing countries in a dire position as they already have sky-high temperatures in the summer.

4) Your bills can become even heavier by wasting energy. This is probably one of the most obvious consequences when it comes to wasting energy. Saving home energy is very easy, however, there are very few of us who are taking as much advantage as we should.

5) By "Going Green", we can help our environment including plants, trees, humans and even animals, greatly.

By saving home energy, not only can you save your money, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint on the planet which in turn reduces the chances of the consequences outlined earlier from occurring.

Adam Maher is a university graduate in a range of scientific subjects, and he is also a home energy expert. Want to know more about energy efficient products and how they can cut down your energy bills for you? Claim Adam's popular FREE e-course, available at:

Foods Rich In Potassium - A Must In Your Diet

Potassium is the third most copious mineral present in our body, and it has a very crucial role to play in several vital functions of our body. The level of fluids in the body is maintained in the proper ratio because of this important mineral, which leads to quick healing from scrapes and cuts. In addition to that, it has an excellent benefit to keep our brain and heart strong. However, there are many people who do not recognize its importance until the deficiency of the mineral starts causing harm to the body. Muscle spasms, anxiety and many more symptoms can start to appear and show when there is a deficiency of potassium in the body. Therefore, we must try to avoid these side effects by consuming potassium rich foods. Our diet must be inclusive of foods rich in potassium so that we can avoid the negative impacts caused due to the deficiency of this vital mineral.

According to many health experts, the potassium content in our everyday diet should be 4,700 mg (for adults). If you are wondering how you can rich that level in your daily diet, then you have to start consuming potassium rich foods. Lots of vegetables provide an excellent source of potassium such as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, leafy greens and carrots. You can also fulfill the required quotient of potassium with fruits such as strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew melons, papaya, oranges and bananas. In addition to that, there are certain protein sources of this mineral that includes meat poultry, beans, nuts, salmon and beef.

In spite of having potassium rich foods, sometimes the body might show the deficiency of the mineral. In such cases, it is essential to consult an expert and get potassium supplements. These tablets are easily available in the market, but that does not imply that you visit a medicine shop purchase a potassium supplement and start consuming without any recommendation from an expert. Such practice can be harmful as many of these supplements include side effects that can cause harm to the body. Again, digesting the supplements might be tough in comparison to the natural foods rich in potassium. If you are suffering from the deficiency of potassium, try to recover that with the natural alternatives. Eating right food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to lead a healthy life. Taking potassium rich foods in your diet is the best way to get desired results.

Visit for more information about including potassium rich foods in your diet today.

Why Green Up Your Lifestyle?

Unless you have been in a coma for the last ten years, then I know that you've probably heard all about the "green" craze. If you have been in a coma, well, you should know that going green isn't just for hippies anymore! The rest of us are finally realizing that those hippies were onto something, and we are beginning to make steps toward greener lifestyles. However, you still might be wondering why, and how you should go about greening up your act. Well, never fear, just read on, because I am about to enlighten you.


The planet has a limited amount of resources. Making sustainable, eco-friendly choices helps the earth by using less of it! Remember, every choice you make has either a negative or positive effect on the planet!

Going green can be good for your health. Choosing organic produce is always better because there are no pesticides, which can be a health hazard, especially if the produce is not properly washed. Many communities hold farmer’s markets, which can be a great place to purchase organic, locally grown produce. Locally grown produce is great because it is fresh. The shorter distance foods have to travel to get to your plate, the better, because the lesser distance means less pollution.

It is the right thing to do. Think about it this way: You keep your house clean, because who the heck wants to live in a dirty house? Helping keep your planet clean is the same thing. Although you cannot make as much of an impact as you make in your own home, everything does make a difference! It is just common sense. Do your part to help sustain the planet that sustains you.

Okay, so now that you have some reasons to go green, how can you go about it? Well, here are some simple tips to help green up your life.


Walk or ride your bike rather than drive. This is simple! Although not always possible, try to do it whenever you can! Pedaling it up is cheaper than driving, and the only pollution it might result in is a little sweat.

Say no to paper AND plastic. Although paper is better than plastic because it does biodegrade, it is also heavier than plastic, and therefore puts more of a strain on the truck that is carrying it, resulting in more pollution. Instead of paper or plastic bags, try buying reusable bags, which are very sturdy and can hold a lot more weight than their disposable counterparts. But, if paper bags are really your cup of tea, make sure to reuse them a few times before getting rid of them.

Unplug things that glow. If you’re not watching a TV or using a lamp, unplug it! Plug-ins like this are notorious energy suckers, even when they're not being used. Who wants to pay for electricity they aren’t even using?

Support local farmers. Typical grocery store produce travels nearly 1500 miles before it winds up on your plate! This burns fossil fuel and means a whole lot of carbon emissions, aka pollution. Supporting local farmers means fresher food and a healthier planet!

Do full loads of laundry. This might seem silly, but think about it. Washing machines use three of our most precious resources: water, energy, and most of all, money. So small loads means wasting water, energy, and money. Also, wash clothes in cold water as opposed to warm. 90% of energy consumed by washers goes toward heating the water!

See? Greening up your lifestyle is easier than you think! Now, it's time go go out into the world and green it up! Happy Greening!

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Excessive Underarm Sweating

Sweating is the body’s way of cooling you down and maintaining a normal temperature. Think of it like this, every day you have to eat, and every day your body has to work very hard to convert all of that food into energy.

The engine that is our body heats up significantly with all of that digestion and energy conversion going on, and your internal temperature goes up. Well, that heat needs to go somewhere; if it stays bottled up then you’re in pretty big trouble – we’re talking heat stroke and death. The sweat glands in your body act much like an air conditioning unit – taking the heat inside and sending it outside via the sweat glands.

Humans are actually pretty lucky, because not all mammals sweat. Most animals have evolved in some other way to keep cool; for example, dogs loll their tongue out and pant rapidly, bringing cooler drier air into the body and allowing the moisture on the tongue to evaporate, thus cooling off the rest of the body. Cats lick themselves to spread saliva over their fur, which evaporates and cools their body.

But sweating also occurs in so many other situations… sitting for your final exams, spotting flashing red lights in your car’s rear view mirror, meeting your future in-laws for the first time, receiving notice of a tax audit or a ringing phone at two in the morning.

That’s because, in an anxiety filled situation, your adrenal glands start pumping out adrenaline, preparing your body for a natural “fight or flight” reflex. In those situations, it’s normal to sweat. Sweating is naturally worse in the summer months than the cooler ones, and significantly worse depending on the climate in which you live.

But what if every situation makes you break out in a sweat? What if just breathing or coming from the shower or watching television or eating a bowl of ice cream makes you sweat? What if sleeping in an igloo – naked – makes you sweat? That’s not normal. And what’s worse, what if the sweat isn’t just a slight dampness under the armpits, tiny bit of perspiration kind of sweat -- but a measurable, soaking, wringing-wet kind of sweat. That’s a problem. It’s a big, quality of life, problem.

Pity also the poor person who stands near the person with excessive armpit sweating, as quite often the sweating is accompanied by a strong odour.

When the problem is specifically excessive sweating of the underarm it’s known in the medical world as Axillary Hyperhidrosis. It’s known on the “street” as Sweaty Pits. Fortunately, only a relatively small percentage of the world’s population suffers from excessive underarm sweating. If, however, you suffer from Axillary Hyperhidrosis, you might not think yourself so fortunate.

Over the last couple of years surgeons have pioneered a new treatment for excessive underarm sweating called Vaser Lipo that permanently reduces this problem. It is a minor day-case surgery, you only need local anaesthesia to the area, and you can go home afterwards.

If you are fed up struggling with the problem of excessive underarm sweating this may be worth investigating further.

Sue Woodall is the Patient Advisor at Dundrum Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Dundrum, Dublin in Ireland. If you want to know more about excessive underarm sweating, download a free copy of a comprehensive report called 'The Facts About Underarm Sweating and What You Need to Know' from

Possible Herpes Treatment Over The Counter Options To Alleviate Suffering

The Herpes virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2, controllable with a herpes treatment over the counter, is an unfortunately highly contagious virus with no cure. While Herpes simplex cannot be cured, long term symptoms and flare-ups, some quite painful, can certainly be managed with a wide variety of over the counter treatment options which include medications and ointments.

At Home Hygiene Treatments

The Herpes virus passes through active and inactive phases. When flare-ups occur during active cycles, maintaining good hygiene is very important. It is essential to avoid touching the sores and to keep the area clean, dry, and powder-free. Washing the area in lukewarm water and applying cornstarch may be helpful. Applying ice to cold sores during initial flare-ups may provide some relief. Wearing sun block over visible oral sores and wearing cotton loose clothing can help relieve genital sores. During outbreaks, avoid sex if infected with genital herpes sores and oral sex if infected with oral flare-ups.

Managing Herpes Symptoms with OTC Treatments

A Herpes treatment over the counter can help lessen and manage both pain and outbreaks. Herpes outbreaks often accompany tender lymph nodes, fever, headaches and chills. Over the counter pain medications, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin can lessen pain and reduce fever and tenderness as sores form and break out.

A Herpes outbreak is generally signaled by a tingling in the affected oral or genital area, before producing blisters and sores. The sores may produce an itching or burning feeling that can be alleviated with a topical OTC ointment or healing cream. While cold sores typically do heal on their own, about 7 to 20 days after forming, they can be quite painful when present.

Topical ointments and creams can help reduce both the intensity of the sores as well as help accelerate healing. Anesthetic cold sore ointment such as Herpecil-L and Dynamiclear help protect the lip area and reduces chance of outbreak. Polysporin and Neosporin may also be useful for pain relief. Docosonal, available without a prescription throughout North America, is an antiviral medication used to help oral herpes sufferers recover.

OTC Herbal Treatments

There are also a wide variety of natural, herbal, reliable non-prescription products that are useful in lessening Herpes symptoms. Aloe vera, eucalyptus and tree oil have natural anti-viral properties that promote rapid cold sore healing. These substances should only be applied topically and never ingested. Applying a dropper of Echinacea is also helpful helping sores fade as rapidly as possible. Applying Vitamin E, B12 and Vitamin C can also prevent recurrent outbreaks from forming. When used in conjunction with another Herpes treatment over the counter, it can provide effective pain relief.

Are you looking for a proven genital herpes treatment? Finally, you can now end your suffering caused by this dreaded illness. Click this link and get more info:

4 Tips For Dieting Without Pain

What is the secret to effective dieting? This is not an insignificant question. Many diet, few succeed. Many lose weight, but few achieve their ultimate weight loss goals and of those that do many gain it all right back. With that in mind here are some tips for dieting that are pain free and will produce lasting results.

First tip: You shouldn't be putting yourself on a diet!

"What?," I hear you ask incredulously. The fact is that for many people a diet means restriction, and while it is a noble goal to want positive change in your life, it is unrealistic to expect that change to come from a temporary stop gap measure. If you are serious about losing those excess pounds you need to consider a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

What I mean is that we desire a long term permanent solution. Limiting yourself to vegies and yogurt for 2 weeks so you can impress at the family reunion may be a goal that is achievable, but it will not solve long term issues.

Tip 2: Massive deprivation, such as fasting, is not a safe or effective way to achieve lasting weight loss. 

Of all the tips for dieting that I could offer this one is crucial. It will not succeed and it is not safe.

Since you did not get into this condition overnight you cannot hope to solve it overnight either. Effective weight loss is a gradual process, and crash dieting is not a solution.

Think about the word "crash." If you were late for a weight watcher's meeting would crash driving get you there any faster? Not likely. If you lost your job and put off finding a new one until you were penniless would crash interviewing rescue you? Lots of luck with that one. "Crash" carries the connotation of a wreak. Don't wreak your health in an attempt to overcome years of dietary abuse overnight.

Tip 3: Third in our tips for dieting recommendations has to do with that naughty word "temptation." 

If there is one place where deprivation may be in order it is here. I'm referring to sensory deprivation.

To see a cookie is to eat it. That's because cookies have that uncanny ability to whisper little sweet nothings into our ears that lure us from our commitment.

Okay so maybe for you it's not cookies, but whatever your weakness is, run from it! If it is cookies then don't have them in the house. Don't look at them, don't smell them, touch them or taste them.

Tip 4: Aren't tips for dieting fun?! 

Well here's one that is a stumbling block for many. Exercise is a one of the best tips on losing weight that I can offer. We all know it burns calories and adds lean muscle. The problem is that it's just so. . .hard!

Well here's a tip within a tip. Do exercise, by all means. But don't make it hard. That's right, exercise is hard because we tend to make it hard. That may work for one workout, but what about the next one. Do you feel so wonderful because of those 50 crunches you just did? That's great, but what about the next time when you must convince your brain and your body that you have to do it all over again?

That's why I always suggest moderate, doable and repeatable exercise that you can live with forever.

Try walking. This is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing pastimes you can engage in. So much so that we don't even think of it as exercise. It can be done successfully by almost anyone regardless of conditioning level. Best of all, it works.

I hope these tips for dieting have been helpful. They are no more than common sense. Remember, if it's excessive, unsafe or rationally indefensible it's probably wrong. It's the same kind of thinking that got you overweight in the first place.

Tips For Dieting: I like "easy" weight loss because if it's easy I can do it, and so can anybody. Tired of dieting being too hard? For reviews of the best easy weight loss plans visit

Bob Ryerbach is a fitness and nutrition expert specializing in diet and weight loss.

How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Construction Workers

Many professions can benefit from chiropractic care, construction workers especially. This is due to the very nature of their work: bending, climbing, lifting, and carrying heavy objects. They also need to rely on their balance, particularly those workers that work on high rise construction. To do this, it helps if the spine is aligned properly since it denotes proper balance. This is accomplished through chiropractic care.

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor adjusts the spinal column by manipulating the vertebrae using short, quick thrusts to the vertebral joints. The goal is to make sure that each vertebra is properly aligned. Once it is, it allows the body to naturally heal other conditions directly related to the spinal alignment. It also helps take care of conditions construction workers often experience - conditions such as back pain and strain.

What techniques treat back injuries? 

Back strain is a particularly prevalent problem among construction workers because they do so much lifting and use a lot of repetitive motions such as twisting. Treatment techniques for these injuries include active release technique, cold laser, a spinal decompression flexion table, and massage treatment. Some chiropractic clinics also include onsite medical doctors in case a prescription for pain relief is required.

To give a better idea of what these treatments are, exactly, an active release technique is a non-invasive treatment that treats such conditions caused by stress, repetitive motion, or general overuse of a joint. It works on the nerve, muscle, and other connective tissues around a painful area to separate adhesions from the area, leaving the tissue properly functioning once again.

Likewise, a cold laser treatment or light treatment helps painful areas work properly again by penetrating up to two inches below the skin's surface to increase cellular metabolism. It works because it is able to remove the adhesions that form in between the soft tissues, often blocking full movement and causing pain.

Massage treatment pretty much speaks for itself. So lastly, spinal decompression basically utilizes the inverted force of your own body to create a negative pressure between each vertebra which, in turn, causes any discs that may be misaligned to literally get sucked back into place. Spinal decompression is used to treat back conditions that include bulging/herniated discs, lumbar strains, arthritis of the spine, sciatica, and degenerative discs and joints. When inverted, the weight of the head is enough to create just the right amount of pull on the cervical spine and the combined weight of your head, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms creates the perfect amount of force on the thoracic vertebrae. Finally, the weight of the entire body is perfect for the lumbar spine. The force of the weight makes the spine decompress and the negative pressure between the discs pulls each misaligned vertebra back into place.

Dr.Heath Gallentine is a Chiropractor in Lexington, KY, owner of Lexington Family Chiropractic. If you would like additional information on how chiropractic can help relieve neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, whiplash, fibromyalgia, and a variety of other conditions, visit our website and join our "members-only" section at

Inverted Nipples Correction Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for correcting nipple inversion is relatively safe, easy and quick. Patients can normally go home a few hours after the operation. If you are considering inverted nipple cosmetic surgery, this article will explain what you can expect with a straight-forward procedure.

You will receive local anaesthesia which will numb the breast region to be worked on. Your surgeon will then make an incision at the base of the areola on the nipple. Your nipple is held in place in a corrected position while the doctor loosens the underlying adhesions that are constricting the nipple from its natural movement. When working on the adhesions, the surgeon is very careful not to damage any of the milk ducts, as this is a risk with this surgery. The nipple is then sutured to keep the nipple in the correct position.

Over the next few days, the sutures hold the nipple in the correct protracted position. Depending on the type of suture used, they are either removed after a few days, or they dissolve in time. Full healing normally takes about two weeks.

Most methods of nipple correction are geared towards keeping sensation and ability to breastfeed intact. Even so, while looking into the cosmetic surgery option, make sure you choose your practitioner carefully. Tell your surgeon your concerns about your ability to breastfeed afterwards.

Check the credentials of your prospective surgeon to ensure he is fully qualified to perform the procedure. Look into before and after pictures, and testimonials from previous patients are always a good idea. Depending on your own physical make-up, one surgeon might be better suited to you than another. Check around the surgeons who offer this procedure. Have a consultation with more than one. Then make your mind up.

There are risks with any form of surgery. Some people have side effects caused by the local aesthetic, and there is always a small percentage of people who may get an infection after the procedure. Talking to your surgeon about the risks is the most sensible step to take here as the risks vary from patient to patient. As with all surgeries, generally your healing can be slower if you are a smoker. When you have all the facts, you can determine if the procedure it worth it for you.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Normally this procedure is only a day surgery, meaning you will go home afterwards, especially if only local anaesthesia was used. Your surgeon will have the final say on this, as he will consider all factors, such as your current state of health, how you responded to previous surgeries, and if you have had any medical complications in the past.

For a few days after the procedure, you will experience some soreness at the site of the surgery. This goes away quickly enough. In the meantime, your surgeon will often prescribe painkillers to minimise discomfort you may have. Mild to moderate swelling in some patients is also normal. This also normally subsides after a few days. Bruising is very rare.

Straight-forward nipple correction procedures tend to range from €1500 - €2,500. However, your surgeon will be able to give you an accurate figure at your consultation when he has examined you and taken all factors into consideration. It is far more important that your surgeon has plenty of experience with this procedure, and you are comfortable that he can give you the result you are looking for. After all, you want the peace of mind of knowing that you will be properly looked after.

As with any cosmetic surgery, the best results depend on communication between doctor and patient. They will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done and what procedure will suit you best.

Sue Woodall is the Patient Advisor at Dundrum Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Dundrum, Dublin in Ireland. If you want to know more about inverted nipples, download a free copy of a comprehensive report called 'The Facts About Inverted Nipples and What You Need to Know' from

Getting Out the Door to Run is the Key to Success

Are you tired of the way you look and feel but you just can't find the ambition to get out the door and workout on a regular basis? If you find it difficult to get out the door regularly to get in shape, you are not alone. Most people do not enjoy physical activity, especially when they are already out of shape. If you can get out on a more regular basis, you will begin to find it easier and easier to run more regularly. This is because your first few days are the hardest. You are already out of shape as much as you are going to be. This can mean your first few days of working out will be the hardest. For the most part, this is true.

If you are like most people, you might make the mistake of pushing it too hard on the first day or two and then simply giving up. What you should do is gradually build up to a more rigorous level of activity. You will find it easier and easier to start training harder when you are already starting to get in shape. This is because your body will begin to adjust to the new levels of physical activity that you are not doing. If you try and run too hard or go to fast on the first few days, you will begin to push your body harder then you need too. Most people do this and then think that running is hard. They simply stop running altogether because they believe that it is very difficult. This is simply not the case. If you can start off walking or jogging at a leisurely pace, your body will begin to get used to the new amount of activity. Then the next time you workout, you will begin to feel like it is a lot easier. You can then start to ramp up your efforts. This gradual progression will help you to stay motivated because you will see your body start to progress.

You do not want to try and go from zero to sixty right off the bat. This approach will leave you mentally tired as well as physically tired. You will not be able to find the motivation you need to get out and run on a consistent basis. Consistency is the key to long-term success. It does not do you any good to go out and run really hard for one day, and then do nothing the rest of the week. It is much better for you to get out and run steadily for several days in a row. You will start to see your body progress and this will motivate you each and every day. This approach will help you to enjoy running because you will not be feeling like you are putting pressure on yourself to run really hard. Simply getting out the door is the hardest and most important step to getting in shape as fast as possible.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Letting Go

"Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. Why hold onto the very thing that keeps you from hope and love?"

-Leo Buscaglia

One of the biggest obstacles people deal with in life is letting go of the past. For many it becomes a full time job. They are so consumed with what was, what if, why, if only, etc. that not only do they NOT let go of the past, but they live in it.

It's important to look at your life in retrospect for many different reasons. You can look back and either cherish the memories that were a part of your life which have made you who you are today. Or, you can learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

It's when you become obsessed with the past that you forfeit living your life today. The plain, hard truth is staring you in the face and there isn't anything you can do about it now except learn from it and move on.

When you choose to live in the past you miss out on the present. Many people don't realize that it's a choice. They believe that their minds simply won't stop thinking about things when in reality it is what they feed their mind that continues the obsession.

Don't think that I am saying that there isn't a necessary time frame which is appropriate in letting go of past hurts, love, betrayals, bad decisions and life's adversities. But, what I am saying is that there isn't one single thing you can do to change it so why not accept it and let go?

Life is constantly changing, circumstances change, people change; even when we don't want them to, but when you resist what has happened, is when you struggle the most and you remain stuck in the past.

Many people will say, "I can't stop thinking of him/her." Or, they lie in bed at night and let the past play back in their minds like they are watching an old movie. They rehearse conversations, they relive memories, and they even project "what if" and see themselves living as if things had worked out the way they wanted.

As I said before, it is important to go over the past to learn from it. But, unless you begin to release yourself from all of the memories you will continue to feel the way you do right now.

You do this by first accepting what is. It's over and done. Yes, it has impacted your life but that is life and if you choose not to accept what is you will prolong your agony and only torment yourself more in the process.

Next, start to realize that your life will go on and little by little whether you like it or not, this experience will become a distant memory. So why hold on to memories for dear life when eventually they will fade anyway?

It is you that is living in the past. Life is moving on and you are choosing not to go with the flow. You are keeping yourself stuck by what you think. Whatever thoughts are going through your mind about this past situation is exactly how you are going to feel.

For instance, if you are trying to let go of a past love (or substitute your situation) and feel consumed by it, when you say things like, I can't stop thinking of him/her, I feel horrible, I will never feel the same about anyone, I will live with this person in my heart forever, etc. How do you think these thoughts are going to make you feel?

Instead, thank your Higher Power for your experience which has provided you with a valuable lesson and say, "I may have wished things turned out differently but they didn't, I am strong and I will get beyond this like all of life's circumstances, I will hold onto the memories that serve me in learning and I will let go and move on."

No matter what it is, you have to decide to talk yourself through this with a more realistic approach. View it as one of life's many lessons and know that you will get beyond this when you accept what is. You won't get beyond it if you resist what is.

You are so busy trying to change the past, which is impossible, or trying to relive it, that you lose the most precious gift of all; life. Life is passing you by because you are living somewhere else.

If you would only open your eyes to the many blessing around you and start to appreciate them, the past wouldn't look as appealing of a place to live. Not to mention that it is nowhere, it's a dead end, it's gone, over, finito, it's in the past.

What good does it do to dwell on the past? Where does it get you? How does it make you a better person?

You choose what you think, what you say to yourself and what you feel about any given situation or circumstance by what perspective you choose to look at it with. If you choose to hold onto the past then don't expect to live a fulfilling life today.

On the other hand, if you truly accept what is, learn from it, let go of it and move on, you will be able to embrace what is right in front of you and you can actually begin to enjoy life again.

Living with only memories and what ifs, is the ultimate waste of your time and your life. It's totally up to you as to what you do with your life, so why not choose to live instead of dying with the past?

Letting go isn't always easy but when you do, you can start to live now instead of then.

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Sinusitis and Mucus: Where's The Connection?

When nasal cavities become swollen and draining has become nearly impossible, an excess amount of mucus is formed and this is the condition that is called sinusitis. Chronic and acute are the two different types. Both share the same cause; Bacteria, Fungus and even the common flu. The sufferer usually complains of things like increase in pressure, and aches and swellings over the face. These can put the sufferer into a position where they are unable to do their daily activities. Somehow the person can ignore these pains but they cannot ignore the most irritating thing about sinusitis and that is mucus.

Depending on how serious the condition is, the mucus will be different colors. If the mucus is clear then that means that the sinusitis is in its developing process and the virus has not got to respiratory system. But if the mucus is of a yellow or green hue, it indicates that the infection is in its mature phase. However, relying fully on mucus to indicate the state of the infection would be unwise as there have been cases where there is little or no mucus discharge, making it difficult to judge from.

It is usually agreed that mucus should the first aim of treatment when curing sinusitis. Mucus has the potential to be extremely irritating, especially at night where it ruins your sleep. There are two main choices you have when treating sinusitis - herbal remedies or conventional medicine. If you choose conventional medicine, you can easily purchase medications from your local pharmacy that stimulates mucus secretion, reducing congestion in the sinuses. You should be fairly cautious, however, as these medications are known to have some side effects, some of which are not on the labeling!

There is a lot to gain from herbal remedies. Generally, they are easy to locate and are very good for tackling sinusitis mucus and other symptoms. Herbs such as eucalyptus, ginger, goldenseal, peppermint are only a few known herbs that are great for tackling this condition. They are known for their decongestant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. However, caution that should be adopted when using herbal remedies is often overlooked. The world of herbal remedies is vast, so to avoid getting lost, seek the assistance and advice of an experienced herbalist who will guide you. By doing this, the effectiveness and safety of these remedies will be ensured.

Although sinusitis is often looked upon as an annoying problem rather than a health threat, by leaving it un-treated, you may be inviting some serious health problems. Research any form of treatment thoroughly before taking it. Either through your doctor or on the internet, find out as much as you can about your sinusitis before taking any form of medication, be it conventional or holistic. Sinusitis mucus is a problem, so deal with it quickly!

Adam Maher is university graduate in a range of scientific subjects. He is also a sinusitis expert. Want to know how your mucus can cause sinus problems? Visit his website at

Why Should We Choose Energy Foods?

So what's this about Energy Foods? Ever had the experience of sitting at your office desk and you are overcome with this burning desire to sleep? To you, the best thing in the world right now would be to lie on your comfy bed at home and sleep. So overwhelming is the feeling that you move aside your keyboard, grab a piece of paper, a book, anything 'credible' that you can put on the desk in front of you, lean one elbow on the desk and frame your forehead with your hand (which covers your eyes) and pretend that you are engrossed in the reading matter on your desk?

You hope that this will appear to the rest of the people in the office that you are intently concentrating on the reading matter in front of you. You also hope that if you can just spend a few minutes with your eyes shut your sleepiness will disappear. Good effort but unlikely!

If this has happened to you have you ever tried to work out the trigger for this? Excluding reasons like the on-set of sickness, or being hung over from the day before, can you attribute it to something you recently did - like eating ?

It is very likely that if you have experienced the scenario mentioned above, you may have eaten something to cause this soporific state. For many people the fact that they did not eat energy foods but instead ate a wheat-based product such as bread or cereal can have this effect, especially during the afternoon if these products were eaten at lunchtime.

For some, it is hard to imagine a lunch that doesn't consist of bread - after all it's so convenient to go to a shop and grab a sandwich and a bag of crisps and maybe a chocolate bar. The trouble with these types of food is they are laden with sugar which will give your blood sugar a spike while you are eating them but following the spike you will experience a sharp dip - and this is where the tiredness creeps in.

But if this is what you've always done you may be blinkered and not see the alternative lunches around you. Many snack shops, sandwich stores and mobile food vans now sell a good range of energy foods in a range of salads in small tubs - they even add a sachet of dressing, a small disposable fork and a paper towel for your convenience. If the weather is turning colder you are sure to find that these same outlets are also selling good, hearty, home-made soups in small cups - an ideal accompaniment to your salad.

Good energy foods are ones that will not cause the spike in your blood sugar so it will be kept stable and so the spike/dip event is unlikely to occur. They are foods such as eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, salad, vegetables. These foods will also allow you to feel satisfied but not stuffed - a feeling far more conducive to your ability to work well in the afternoon. But if you feel that lunch is not lunch without your sandwich, improve the quality and quantity of it by eating only wholemeal bread - this is bread that has not been stripped of its fibre in the refining process - and choose just one slice instead of two. Make the content of the sandwich energy food filled such as egg salad, tuna salad and don't load it with cheese.

Experiment with your lunches and keep a note of which ones made you tired and which ones kept you working at your optimum level.

The Author is a keen writer on various subjects including healthy eating. You can find a great deal of resources at To read more about this subject go to

Why Do You Need Mesothelioma Lawyers to Represent You If You Have an Asbestos Related Disease?

Mesothelioma is an asbestos related disease. If you, or someone close to you, have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, probably one of the last things on your mind is initiating a lawsuit and finding a qualified attorney to represent you.

However, because the vast majority of those who have contracted this life threatening disease were victimized by the negligence of the company they worked for, it is imperative that you initiate legal proceedings as quickly as possible.

There are two primary reasons that you should consider taking this course of action as soon as possible. First, mesothelioma treatments are very expensive. At some point in time a person who is diagnosed with mesothelioma will no longer be able to work. If he or she is the primary breadwinner this will put a huge financial burden on the rest of the family.

Hiring a law firm may be the only way you will be able to be compensated for your lost income and medical expenses.

In addition, there is a time frame - a statute of limitations - within which you must file a claim once you are diagnosed with mesothelioma. The time frame varies from state to state. It is a relatively short amount of time and any delay could result in your forfeiting your right to be able to take legal action.

However, if for some reason the common statute of limitations has passed it may still be possible to recover damages. Therefore finding and retaining the right mesothelioma lawyer would always be in your best interest.

The first lawsuits against asbestos manufacturers were filed in 1929. Since then more than 600,000 claimants have filed cases against more than 6,000 defendants. Asbestos litigation is the most expensive and longest mass tort in the history of the United States.

Once a person is exposed to asbestos it often will take decades before mesothelioma appears. In that time the company they worked for could have gone out of business or changed their name. In addition, the company could have moved or been acquired by another corporation.

Finding who is ultimately responsible can be difficult. A huge amount of research may be necessary to not only identify who is responsible, but to find witnesses who could testify in your behalf, establish cause and effect, locate and garner the services of medical experts, and more.

It would be virtually impossible for an individual who is not well versed in all of the nuances involved to successfully gather the information necessary and take the proper steps that would ensure success in the courtroom.

For that reason, in order to maximize your chance of attaining a settlement, you will have to find the best mesothelioma lawyers available that can do the research and represent you in court.

Next, to find mesothelioma lawyers whose clients have been awarded more than a billion dollars in damages , go to

Wendy Moyer on behalf of Sokolove Law.

Why Are Asbestos Fiber Inhalation Patients Seeing Large Mesothelioma Settlements?

It has been known for years that when people inhale asbestos fibers many of them will ultimately develop a type of cancer called mesothelioma. This knowledge has not prevented it from being used in a wide assortment of products.

Companies that have been making asbestos products have known for decades that they have been injuring and killing their employees. So did the United States government.

Over the years asbestos has been used in anything from acoustic tile, which was used widely throughout much of the 20th century in offices, schools, homes and municipal buildings to vermiculite potting soil. From 1923 until 1990 vermiculite ore that was mined in Libby, Montana was contaminated with naturally occurring asbestos.

W.R. Grace mined the product from 1963 until 1990 and was aware that the vermiculite that their employees were mining contained asbestos. However they did not to anything to warn either their employees or the nearby townspeople.

The bottom line is that anyone from the workers who were involved in mining and manufacturing the product to the children who played near it were exposed to the risk of acquiring mesothelioma.

In 2000 the Environmental Protection Agency completed a study that found some gardening products made of vermiculite also contain asbestos. However he EPA came to the conclusion that there was minimal risk to consumers.

When asbestos fibers become airborne and a person breathes them in, it can cause a rare but deadly type of cancer called malignant mesothelioma . The disease affects the lungs, heart, or stomach.

Now the EPA recommends that anyone that use vermiculite products should make sure that they're in a well ventilated area in order to minimize the risk of being exposed to asbestos.

Fire safety aside, the cost in human lives and mesothelioma settlements makes you wonder why asbestos is still included in items such as roof cement, brake liners, and duct tape.

Mesothelioma attorneys have been fighting back. Since the unregulated use of asbestos was stopped to a large degree in the 1970s lawyers have been in a continuous fight to help the victims get the mesothelioma settlements that they need and deserve.

The process is very time consuming. However there has been an avalanche of asbestos settlements that have helped the families of people who've developed respiratory illnesses because companies knowingly subjected them to exposure to this deadly product.

Because the cost of treatment and the loss of income is so great, and the reality that contracting the disease amounts to a death sentence, both the victims as well as the families of the victims are seeking legal help to realize the mesothelioma settlements that are rightfully theirs.

Next, to find mesothelioma lawyers whose clients have been awarded more than a billion dollars in mesothelioma settlements , go to

Wendy Moyer on behalf of Sokolove Law.

How to Take Care of Your Own Health If You Are a Mesothelioma Caregiver

If you are taking care of someone with a disease such as mesothelioma it is essential that you tend to your own well being as well. That's because your health and outlook will not only impact your own well being. It will have a huge affect on how you cope with stressful situation which will affect the quality of your care giving.

Here are some simple things you can do to help you to take care of yourself while you take care of a loved one who is battling mesothelioma cancer.

Eat Well

It can be easy to fall into the habit of trying to survive on fast foods. There's no preparation time involved, they're easily accessible, and they don't cost a lot. However you probably know that they're not very nutritious and they're packed with fat and salt.

Your body needs the proper fuel for you to maintain your strength, a positive disposition, and the energy it needs just to get through the day. So it is well worth your time to prepare well balanced, wholesome meals. And make sure that you drink a lot of water - eight glasses per day should be your minimum.

Try to stay away from any processed foods, and limit how much coffee, soda, and alcohol you drink.

If you really feel pressed for time then you may want to buy prepared natural smoothies at a local health food store. They're usually packed with organically grown fruits and vegetables and all you have to do is open the container, pour a glass, and enjoy them.


Although you may feel as if you are on a treadmill with all of your responsibilities you should try to make the time to actually get on one every day or two. It's amazing how much even light exercise, such as taking a walk in your neighborhood, can do as far as boosting your spirits and energy are concerned.


People need at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Sleep helps you to cope with stress; it energizes you, and improves your ability to function optimally.

If you are finding it hard to sleep try meditation or relaxation exercises before you hit pillow. And a warm bath before going to bed can work wonders.

Take Time Outs

You need to make time for yourself if you want to be able to take care of your loved one. You also have needs that must be recognized and accommodated. Even if you only watching television for a few minutes or read a magazine, make sure that you take an occasional break.

And why not make the time to visit a good friend? The time away and the laughs you could have can help relieve some of the pressures that you are experiencing.

Get Support

Find support groups, friends, health care providers, neighbors, other family members, religious groups, social workers, etc, that you can turn to when you need emotional support or assistance. Once you realize that you're not in this alone you will feel more secure and a lot less isolated.

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Traditional Medications Can Help to Relieve Mesothelioma Pain

Mesothelioma victims can experience a substantial amount of pain. However, there are medications that can make them more comfortable.

Experiencing a physical pain in one's chest or abdomen may be the first sign of mesothelioma. And, if the disease has spread, people may also feel pain in other parts of their body. As the disease spreads and the mesothelioma tumor grows other symptoms may appear.

What is the Cause of Mesothelioma Pain?

One of the most common symptoms of mesothelioma is a buildup of fluids. As a mesothelioma tumor gets larger it produces a fluid in the patient's abdomen or chest. If the fluid is in a person's chest it will compress the lung and can cause severe pain.

As the fluid increases it will slowly crush vital organs. When that happens a person usually loses his appetite and often finds it very difficult to sleep.

It can be challenging to completely eliminate the pain but there are a number of proven ways to reduce any discomfort. This should not be shied away from because the sooner pain treatment is initiated the more effective it will be. And when a patient physically feels better their quality of their life will improve.

A number of medications have been prescribed that will help mesothelioma patients deal with their pain. Often the type of drug that is recommended will depend on the severity of the pain.

For Mild to Moderate Mesothelioma Pain

If a mesothelioma patient is experiencing relatively mild to moderate pain then non-opoid drugs are often prescribed to relieve that pain. These include anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen as well as acetaminophen.

Non-opoids may be administered orally, subcutaneously (through injection), intravenously, or rectally. Other therapies may be prescribed along with the non-opoids to help alleviate the pain.

For Moderate to Severe Mesothelioma Pain

Opoids, which are narcotic pain relievers, may be prescribed to reduce moderate to severe pain. This class of drug includes codeine, oxycodone, fenatnyl, and morphine.

These drugs, which could be prescribed at any stage of treatment for the disease, can be combined with other therapies or other drugs if the pain is severe. Mesothelioma patients rarely face the danger of becoming addicted to opoids.

Additional Medications

Depending on what is trying to be accomplished, other drugs may be prescribed. For example, there are a number of medications such as anticonvulsants that can alleviate the tingling and burning pain that mesothelioma patients experience. These pains are a result of nerve damage.

And sometimes, even if a patient isn't depressed, a doctor will prescribe an antidepressant.

Some drugs can reduce swelling while others can be injected to block a nerve. This will reduce severe pain for several hours. These drugs are used primarily if a patient is experiencing chronic or acute pain.

More radical treatments are also available.

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