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Quitting Smoking Is The Thing To Do

Copyright © 2011 Dale Mazurek

Why would you want to quit something you love doing? If it's something you enjoy then it's justified.

When I was still smoking I would make the kinds of excuses as to why it was okay for me to smoke. I would say it is my only bad habit, I would say I work hard for my cigarettes, I would say I don't gamble, I don't drink, and smoking was my only vice. I made the excuses so that at the end of the day it felt like I could justify smoking two packs in a day.

In 2010 the time came to say goodbye to this dreaded habit. When I quit smoking I was up to two packs a day and I was 30 year smoker. I will never smoke again.

It is very difficult to believe how much the rules of smoking have changed in only a few short years.

In all honesty it wasn't all that long ago that you could smoke right in a hospital room, the supermarket, or you could light up after a meal in your favorite restaurant. Smoking was the in thing to do. There were two people, smokers and people who didn't smoke.

It almost seemed that everywhere you looked every man, woman and child had a cigarette hanging out of their mouths.

Things are a lot different now, your best bet now is to quit because as a smoker you are looked down upon. I know and I totally understand there was a day when the smokers were the majority. Hell, even the anti-smoker activists at first had a hard time making people understand that smoking was a terrible habit to get started in.

The smoking world became a different place once the effects of secondhand smoke were introduced. People love to smoke but in many cases they loved life better.

For smokers the world turned around very fast. It wasn't that long ago you could sit in your office and light up a smoke. How you could smoke anywhere at your place of employment. Now in many cases you can't even have a cigarette on your employer's property. Smoking is an addiction, so if you have to go any amount of time things become very difficult. Smoking is such a tough addiction that many smokers would rather quit their jobs then be told they can't smoke on the property of employer.

In this day and age smoking has become a very difficult thing to do. Smokers are the minority, no one likes smokers anymore.

The best and the only responsible thing to do today is take the time to tell yourself you are going to quit smoking.

The time has come to become a quitter. I suggest you do whatever it takes and quit wasting your time.
Dale quit smoking May 6, 2010.

Dale has now made it his mission to help others who want to quit. He also works hard at educating young people so they never start the filthy habit of smoking.

You can check out one of his many hubs by visiting

Also be sure to check out his blog and follow his journey as a non-smoker.

Chiropractic Treatment And Cancer

Copyright © 2011 William McKenna

A Chiropractor diagnoses, treats and prevents disorders of the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints by using gentle manipulation techniques to correct the spinal column. It has been shown to have a powerful effect on the body's ability to heal. Chiropractic adjustments promote immune response and well being by restoring spinal health and nourishing the nervous system. Many patients receiving cancer therapy experience great pain. A Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, non-invasive treatment which offers pain-relief as well as a feeling of well-being.

How Can Chiropractic treatment help?

As well as the pain felt by people with cancer, many report tension and headaches caused by the stress. Chiropractic treatment soothes the nervous system, which is closely related to the spinal column. The nervous system is responsible for communicating physical and emotional messages to the brain. Therefore, Chiropractic treatment has an impact on physical pain, and tension, and also a nourishing effect on our mind and emotions.

For patients with cancer, Chiropractic treatment can:

* Relieve pain, (back, neck, muscular)
* Relax tension
* Ease headaches
* Relieve Sciatic pain
* Relieve Painful walking
* Relieve nausea
* Prevent numbness and pain in hands and feet

I have Cancer can I receive a Chiropractic adjustment?

A natural and gentle therapy, Chiropractic adjustments are an ideal treatment for cancer patients. There are some cases however when it is advised that you should not see a Chiropractor. These include cancer of the bone (primary and secondary); bone marrow diseases (leukemia, myeloma); broken bones; diseases of the spinal cord; and severe osteoporosis. If you are in anyway unsure, always talk to your oncology consultant, and seek their advice.

The following are conditions are not suited to Chiropractic treatrment:

* Bone Cancer
* Bone marrow diseases
* Disease of Spinal Cord
* Broken bones
* Severe Osteoporosis

In some cases, however, a Chiropractor may be able to avoid certain areas and work on other parts of your body. If you are not sure, ask for advice from your doctor.

If you have cancer and would like to receive the benefits of Chiropractic treatment, it is important that your oncology consultant is aware of this. Your Chiropractor may wish to discuss your therapy and treatment plan with your health professional. There are some precautions to take in Chiropractic treatment with cancer. Your Chiropractor will need to use recent X-rays to be certain there is no metastasis in the area they are working on. Remember, Chiropractic treatment does not aim to treat, prevent or cure cancer. There is substantial evidence however, that it is an effective and health-promoting therapy that offers pain relief and a feeling of well-being.
William McKenna is a Chiropractor in Pelham, NY who treats patients with arthritis, back pain, migraines, and neck pain as well as many other conditions. He uses cold laser therapy and Chiropractic adjustments to relieve the painful symptoms associated with spinal misalignment,arthritis and other conditions. If you suffer from any of these conditions please look at his website:

Childhood Stress Should Not Be Dismissed Without Thought

It took some time before it was recognized that prolonged exposure to stressful episodes was unhealthy for people, and accounted for much of the serious illness and lost productivity in our modern society. However, now that it is an established fact, there are many avenues available to people to enable them to identify the parts of their lives that are under stress, and to help them develop tools and strategies to reduce the effect. We are also now beginning to understand that stress also affects children, but in different ways and with different consequences, and is every bit as serious.

Stress is a response to changes in the equilibrium of the body, and since this is a function of the nervous system, these changes have no age restrictions. However, the experiences that elicit the response have different effects on different people, adult and child alike, depending upon each person's perception of the situation relative to individual life experiences. An adult, for example, will respond differently than a child in the same situation, something recognized by professionals when counseling children.

There are many different reasons that an adult suffers from stress and sometimes the solutions can seem difficult, heightening the stress levels. As adults, we tend to overlook the stresses that can affect our children. There are so many things that affect them, peer pressure being one of those everyday stresses. They usually are concerned with pressures at school to learn, to get along with teachers, be accepted by their peers and to be seen as good as something. There could be conflict within the family unit, or they may be confronted with bullying or drug issues.

Adults have choices which help them to find solutions to their problems. Mostly, children don't have options and often feel totally powerless to change anything in their situation that could remove the stress.

While the carer may not be able to remove every cause of stress from a child's life, there are many things they can do to smooth the road. Children respond to love, attention, structure and routine. They need proper rest, time to relax, and good nourishment. Criticizing a child will not get good results; complimentary and uplifting comments will get better results and will help to improve behavioral issues.

Any loving parent or carer would implement necessary changes when signs that a child's stress levels are raised. Such signs can be headaches, stomach illnesses, wetting the bed or even withdrawing contact from those around them. A psychologist helps to train the child to deal with stress with age appropriate tools.
Through counseling Brisbane children are being helped to develop strategies for dealing with stress. With the assistance of a psychologist Brisbane from CentreFor Human Potential,parents can now guide their children through stressful situations.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

Do you want to find the best ways to improve your health, but haven't yet found the solution that feels right for you? Then you need to know the simple ways that will let you simply improve your health.

1. Eat a healthy diet - This is important for anyone because it is important for your health and this is something that everyone has heard all their lives. Everyone knows that you are supposed to eat healthy, but it is very hard to do for many people.

You have to make yourself eat healthy foods every day if you are serious about improving your health. Some foods that are really good to add to your diet include:

- Spinach: This vegetable contains vitamins A and C, plus it is a good source for fiber.

- Bananas: This fruit has potassium and this will help regulate your blood pressure.

- Salmon: This fish has omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin B and protein.

2. Exercise on a regular basis - You have to be sure that you exercise on a regular basis because this is imperative for improving your health. It may be hard to do, but it is vital.

Find an exercise that is easy for you to do and stick with. It can be a simple exercise such as walking or more difficult like weight lifting. The choice is yours, just be sure that you choose an exercise that is easy for you.

3. Drink plenty of water - Your body has to have plenty of water on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. Too many people don't get enough water every day, so be sure that you do.

4. Get plenty of good rest - For improving your health, rest is vital since not getting enough rest is going to have a negative impact on your health. Be sure you get as much good rest as possible every day.

5. Reduce your stress - Did you know that stress can make your health decline? Many people are not aware of it, but it is true. You have to find ways to relieve your stress. Just be sure you choose a way that relaxes you the most.

There are many ways that you can do this including:

- Yoga
- Meditation
- Light reading
- Listening to calming music

These are the many simple ways to improve your health. Now that you know them, you just need to be sure you use them starting immediately. The sooner you get started using them, the sooner you will feel healthier and actually being healthier.
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5 Ways to Have a Great Night's Sleep!

Are you the sort of person that is having trouble getting a great night's sleep? Do you have problems getting to sleep? Are you or have you become an insomniac? Or maybe you feel tired most of the time with no energy?

We all need to sleep well to get us through the rigours of every day life, if we find that sleep is not satisfying our needs it can lead to being irritable and moody. This in turn can affect our health and the ones that are close to us. It can also lead to stress or even bouts of depression, either mild or acute.

Every person suffers from insomnia sometime or other in their life, sometimes it is just the pressure that we are under in the world that we live in. Or maybe it is the things that we do to ourselves that stop us from having quality sleep.

The lifestyle that we lead, the lack of exercise or even medication that is prescribed for us all can have a negative effect on the length and quality of the sleep that we get. The problem is sometimes we just don't know why we cannot get a great night's sleep, if we did know the reason why then we could maybe do some thing about it?

The first things we need to think about are, what we can alter in our daily lives to make sleep better for us.

The 5 simple ways to achieve this are listed below:

1--Leave at least 4 hours interval after exercise before going to bed.

2--Try not to drink alcohol late in the evening

3--Avoid drinks containing caffeine.

4--Before going to bed do not eat a big or heavy meal.

5—Try and find time to relax and wind down.

Research has identified over 500 different causes of not sleeping properly, there is also a lot of articles written on this subject and what actions you can take to improve your life, some of these can cost you a fortune to buy. The fact is it is unnecessary these days to spend a lot of your money to receive the information that you require to have a great nights sleep.

They do not want to spend hours or days looking for help so that they can have a a better quality sleep. They need instant quality information to help them, listed below are some examples:-

How to change your life style.

If we can alter our daily routine we will find it can have a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep that we have.

How to exercise to make you sleep.

How to avoid activities that over stimulate the brain.

We need to create an environment to induce rather than prevent sleep.

Above are 5 simple things that can be done to improve the quality of sleep.
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Diet And Nutrition Plays A Part In Treating Depression

Mental health and well being is something that is taken for granted by those of us who haven't experienced the agony of depression. While great strides have been taken over the past twenty years in understanding how the human brain functions, there is still much work needed. Interestingly, there is now a body of evidence gathering that suggests a much stronger link between mental health and the role of diet and nutrition. No-one could seriously argue against the evidence that shows that our western diet, despite the ready availability of a variety of food, is poor in actual nutrients. What has not been previously understood is how important a good diet is for mental health.

Treatment for depression is hard to find because of all the different types of medication, it can take time for the right tablets to be found for you. Doctors believe the quickest way to fix depression is through medications, but there are better methods then popping a pill. By choosing counseling, depression sufferers are making a conscious choice to take back some control over their lives, and the role of diet and nutrition is now being seriously considered as another treatment option.

In order for the brain to function properly, the body needs healthy, nutritious foods to help create a chemical balance in the brain. It is true this can be achieved quickly and easily by anti depressants, but now there is strong evidence that diet and nutrition go hand in hand with mental health.

To prevent neural tube defects in unborn babies, it is essential for pregnant women to take vitamin B9, which also helps in the creation of healthy new cells. Research into depression has shown that people that are deficient in vitamin B and other vitamins such as those rich in antioxidants as well as B12 are more prone to suffer from depression. In fact, research into Vitamin B deficiency shows that the first symptoms are mood swings, insomnia, changes in appetite and impaired drug metabolism. When corrected, the benefits were relief from anxiety and restlessness, symptoms associated with depression.

Already known to assist children with ADHD and other learning difficulties in improving academic performance, Omega-3 has also been identified as having a beneficial effect on depression sufferers. The human brain is comprised of 60% fats, and approximately half of that fat is DHA omega 3, the fuel the brain needs to function, and when it is not present, diminished performance in all areas results.

The loss of these vitamins from our diet contributes to the feelings of depression. Anyone who suffers from depression would benefit from a change in diet and taking these vitamins will also help. While you may need to stay on anti depressants for awhile, if you are seeing a psychologist, they can help you to work through the deeper reasons for the way you feel.
Through counseling Brisbane people with depression are improving their lives and paying more attention to the role of diet in alleviating the condition. A psychologist Brisbane based like Centre For Human Potential can be readily available if more help is needed.

Eating Right But Sleeping Wrong

To meet all your physical needs, the National Sleep Foundation suggests getting 8 hours of sleep each night. College students, night shift workers, parents of small children, and many other people find this recommendation very challenging. You might be one of the 30% of Americans, age 30-64, who get 6 or less hours of sleep. This information about what sleep deprivation is doing to your body is for you.

Americans' fight with chronic sleep loss is widespread. This is a big problem for those Americans who also struggle to achieve healthy weight loss. Even the most strict healthy eating plans and most carefully prepared healthy meals will go to waste if the person is not getting enough sleep. Research tells us that long term sleep loss is related to an increase in obesity and diabetes.

Manipulation of hormones that affect weight loss and weight gain is another result of sleep deprivation that research has brought to our attention. The resulting insulin resistance increases the chance that you will gain weight. Other body processes that are affected by insufficient sleep are appetite, energy expended at rest, and insulin sensitivity.

Insulin resistance is an initial symptom that eventually may lead to type 2 diabetes and increased weight gain. The way this happens is that glucose is not cleared from the bloodstream, so the body must start producing extra insulin to get the job done. The pancreas is then damaged and can no longer produce the amount of insulin required. At this point, weight loss stops and insulin medication must be started in order to regulate the system.

The body's level of cortisol, a stress hormone, is another consideration for people who maintain healthy diets for weight loss issues. Obesity, particularly belly fat, and blood sugar levels are influenced by cortisol. Now, for the reason this is relevant: a research study has shown that cortisol levels increase after just one sleepless night. The study followed 33 men for 36 hours. During this time, some men stayed awake the whole time, while others slept for either 8 or 4 hours. When cortisol levels were measured, they had jumped up 37% from baseline in the men who slept 4 hours and 45% in those who were completely sleep deprived. High cortisol levels raise blood glucose. This breaks down muscle protein and leads to a slower metabolism. So healthy eating and exercise plans essentially go to waste.

In addition to the hormonal and chemical changes that sleep deprivation triggers, there are some logical tendencies that take place when you do not get enough sleep. These tendencies, as you can imagine, do not condone how to eat healthy. The more hours you are awake, the more times you are going to eat. If this extra time was filled with healthy meals, we wouldn't have such a big problem on our hands. Unfortunately, a quick, high calorie, packaged snack is probably what you would go for if you were tired. Additionally, research reveals a higher amount of food consumption and stronger cravings for carbohydrates exist for people who are sleep deprived. For your own healthy benefit, do whatever you can to keep eating right, including using this suggestion: keep protein powder on hand so that you can quickly make yourself a tasty and healthy shake. Consume good nutrition while feeding your body the snack that it thinks it needs.

To develop better sleeping habits, try going to bed at the same time every night, avoiding alcohol before sleeping, keeping your bedroom at 70 degrees or cooler, and turning off the television when you lay down. It is possible that these suggestions will not work for you. Consult with a sleep doctor if you think your issues are more complicated and have underlying causes. The doctor will test your sleep pattern and figure out how you can have the best chance at sleeping well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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Intestinal Cleansing - Why Do It?

There are many people who will look at having their intestine cleansed at some time. Should you be one of these people then knowing all the advantages of intestinal cleansing is important. The reasoning behind people having this done is also something to be aware of.

There are a number of different reasons for why people will have their intestine cleansed. Constipation is one of the reasons along with diarrhea which is why people are searching for a constipation remedy. Colonic health is important as it can impact other areas of the body and overall health. Bloating, abdominal pain, nausea and discomfort are all symptoms that may be felt if the colon is not healthy.

One of the greatest advantages of cleansing the intestine is an improvement in overall health. Unhealthy intestines will become clogged and this leads to other problems. These problems are caused by the waste in the intestine poisoning the body. Once the intestine is cleansed the waste is gone and the body can then absorb needed nutrients better.

A lot of people will be constipated at some point during their life. If you are constipated then cleansing the intestine can help clear that and this will also help to prevent any further constipation. The fact that people often do not eat enough fiber causes the body to be unable to move waste through the intestine in the correct way. You can remove all the waste in the intestine including that which causes the blockage through cleansing the intestine.

Many people have found that after having their intestine cleansed they experience weight loss. It should be noted that this is not a way to lose weight. The reason behind the weight loss is the fact that waste matter in the intestine is being removed. This removal will take the weight of the waste from the weight of the body leaving you lighter. Colon cleansing and weight loss go hand in hand.

It is best to keep in mind that there are some other advantages to intestinal cleansing. Energy levels have been known to increase due to this. When the intestine is clean it is able to absorb nutrients and is not being poisoned. The fact that there are no toxins being absorbed will also lead to better and clearer skin. After a cleansing the body will become health again and this will lead to a decrease in chronic fatigue.

There are many advantages to intestinal cleansing that you should be aware of. Of course it should be noted that this is not something that should be done on a regular basis.
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Does P90X Work - 3 Tips That Will Ensure It Does Work For You

Are you searching for the answer to the question, does p90x work? Then you need to understand that this program really can work for anyone. There are 3 tips that will help ensure this.

Before you find out what the tips are, you need to understand that it will not be easy to get the results you are aiming for. This program is an intense workout that will require time, commitment and hard work from you.

So, be sure you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that this system will provide you with the healthy body that you want.

Here are the 3 tips that will definitely ensure that p90x really does work for you, if you just use them.

One: Desire to achieve success with the program - This is vital to achieving success with the program. You have to want to achieve results and get your body into shape if you want it to really happen.

No one can eat healthy for you and no one can do the exercise routine for you. That is going to be completely up to you. If you won't have the desire to achieve your goals, then you can count on that not happening.

You have to be dedicated and do anything you need to so you can achieve success with the p90x program.

Two: Motivation - Again, no one will be able to motivate you into doing the exercise routines or eating healthy. You have to find the motivation within yourself to help you achieve this goal.

There are always ways to keep yourself motivated to getting in shape. You just have to locate the one that works the best for you. Keeping yourself going will not be easy and you will want to give up at times, but motivating yourself will help you overcome this easily.

Plus, when you start achieving results, this will provide even more motivation for you.

Three: Right mindset - Using the p90x program is definitely going to require the right mindset. You have to think positive and believe that this system will work for you.

If you believe that it won't work, then that is exactly what will happen. The right mindset will allow you to overcome and obstacles you come across on your way to success with it.

There will be many along the way, so ensuring your mindset is the right one will become a powerful tool to help you keep going.

Now that you know these 3 tips, you will be able to easily ensure that the p90x system really will work for you. The next time you see or hear the question, does p90x work, you will be able to honestly provide an answer to someone that is where you used to be. So you can help them reach where you are going or where you have already gotten with this system.
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What Is A Raw Food Diet?

Taking into consideration that many different foods today are included in a raw food diet, you will be told to look into some of the best ingredients to put into your body to help diets along. Oftentimes, individuals will follow this diet for ethical reasons as their religion states to do so. Many of the foods that are considered raw today are often called vegan. This incorporates only raw foods because it is believed that cooking damages the essential enzymes in the food. Most of the followers that eat a raw food diet are vegan in nature. Raw foodism began to appear in the 1960s but really went conventional in the 1990s, and as many celebrities discovered it there grew to be a high number of celebrities doing it then.

Some individuals on a raw food diet will eat animal products such as raw milk and cheese or some raw meats, although these represent a much smaller group. There are more extreme raw food diets, including fruitarians, in which followers eat only fresh raw fruits. The reasons a person might turn to a raw food vegan diet are extremely varied. For many, it is a religious conviction based on a philosophy concerning the sanctity of the earth. Others believe that raw food veganism is healthier for the human body, even though there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim. Raw food veganism is also frequently used as a cover for eating disorders because the strict dietary restrictions may permit a person to justify refusing to eat with the aid of moral arguments.

The raw vegan cooking often makes use of processes such as grinding and mixing key spices that make food more interesting. The tools a raw vegan needs in the kitchen may be significantly different than those required for cooking. Food processors, for instance, can be considered a kitchen essential. Some processes, such as pickling or fermentation, can be applied to ingredients to vastly change their flavors without cooking.

You should be taking some time to find the best in the raw food diet business can give some kind of comfort to your digestive system. Using diets can be nutrient depleting processes but with the help of some of the many multi vitamins that are out on the market today they can and will help you keep yourself healthy. And always remember to exercise not just having a food diet.
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Why Dancers Develop Bunions

Copyright © 2011 Foot & Ankle Alliance

Contrary to popular belief, dancing does not usually cause bunions. Bunions are primarily genetic and consist of certain tendons, ligaments, and supportive structures of the 1st Metatarsal being positioned differently. A bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint where the big toe meets the foot. In dance bunions, or any bunion type, the big toe may turn toward the second toe and the big toe's joint may be edemadous and painful.

While bunions are mostly genetic, the moves that a ballet dancer does, especially the classic "en pointe' stance, can put the foot at risk for dancer bunions. The en pointe stance is when a ballet dancer balances on the end of the toes. This classical ballet technique, made possible by specially reinforced shoes, places unusual pressure on the hallux.

There are two types of bunions most often found in ballet dancers; the first being slowly progressive bunions.

Dancers with slowly progressive bunions have a normal range of motion and are usually helped with lamb's wool or orthopedic felt pads placed inside the ballet slipper. Other treatments include: ballet slipper stretching, ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicine (i.e. Ibuprofen or Advil). These dancers should also stretch their Achilles tendon 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes.

The second type of bunion that can affect dancers is the rapidly progressive bunion. This bunion actually causes a loss of motion in the big toe joint, a noticeable deformity in the joint and worsening pain. As this condition gets worse, a dancer is going to have less "push off" power from the big toe and will start using the second and third toe. These ballets dancers are first treated with moleskin padding in their ballet slippers, ice packs and anti-inflammatory medications.

That dancer will often have problems performing and may need an osteotomy: surgery where bone (in the foot) is cut to shorten, lengthen, or change its alignment, and screws are placed inside to hold it in place. After an osteotomy, a dancer can exercise on a bike or swim three weeks later. Dancers can do gentle floor exercises eight weeks after the operation. Dancers have to wear a toe spacer three months after surgery and must also wait three months before trying any dance moves. It should be noted that surgery, even if successful, could end a dancing career.

Of course prevention is the best medicine. Dancers should be encouraged to avoid "winging," where the feet are forced outward from the ankles toward the fifth toe in a winger formation. This extra pressure can contribute to hallux valgus over time. Also, dancers should place the center of their foot inline with the midpoint of the ankle and the leg to avoid winging.

Another good trick is practicing releves with a tennis ball placed between the ankles while the legs and feet are parallel. This can help dancers avoid poor techniques that can lead to bunions. The human has more bones in it than any part of the body, so it's smart medicine to take care of your feet.


Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi is a Fellowship trained foot & ankle surgeon. He did his Surgical training in NY and his fellowship at the Rubin institute for Advanced Orthopedics/International Center for Limb Lengthening at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore with world renowned Orthopedic Surgeons. He is practicing in LA, CA . More information @ you can also request his free book.

Three Powerful Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

With two thirds of the U.S. population overweight it's a safe bet that many people will attempt a weight loss diet at some point. But dieting is not simply going without food and, in fact, the starvation method or meal skipping is not only unhealthy but is not effective over the long term.

The Protein Factor

Foods that are high in protein send signals to your brain that keep you from feeling hungry for hours. These signals are stronger than those you get from either carbohydrates or fats. The reason is that as protein foods are processed in your digestive tract they are broken down into individual building blocks of protein known as "amino acids". Some of these amino acids travel to the brain where they control the signals that tell us how hungry or full we are.

If you skip breakfast or have cereals that consist of refined grains you're not going to get enough protein so by mid-morning you feel starved and indulge in a high calorie, low protein snack to hold you over until lunch time.

So the key here is that no matter what diet plan you undertake, make sure you start the day with plenty of protein.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the most important factors in successful weight loss is drinking plenty of water. This means you should drink four 8-ounce glasses of water per day. People often feel fatigued in the afternoon and this is frequently due to dehydration. This will improve as you increase your water intake. Of course, if your are exercising or the weather is hot you'll have to drink more to replace what you lose through sweating. But don't go overboard. Consuming eight 8-ounce glasses a day may cause you to become water-logged and you'll notice swelling in your hands and feet.

Some diets actually recommend this as trick keep your stomach filled so you won't feel hungry. This is definitely not recommended as it can lead to problems.

Drinking tea in the afternoon, especially green tea, can be a great energy booster. Studies have shown that you can increase your metabolism by about 80 calories a day when you drink four to six teacups of green tea a day or you take a supplement containing green tea. This is an easy way to help your weight loss.

Tea and coffee don't count towards your water consumption total because the caffeine causes your kidneys to increase urine flow and excrete more water than they contain. This may not be the case if you drink decaffeinated coffee or tea.

Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals

Meal replacement powders and other diet materials do contain some vitamins and minerals but at a fraction of the Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA. Colorful fruits and vegetables also provide many vitamins and minerals but you should always take a multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement whenever you're following a weight loss plan.

Taking a supplement is recommended even if you're not dieting as this will insure you get adequate folic acid which is better absorbed from supplements than from food.

Women and men under the age of 50 should consume 1000 milligrams of calcium daily from their diet and supplements. Women over age 50 need to consume 1500 mg of calcium per day. If you take a calcium supplement make sure it includes vitamin D or take a vitamin D supplement.

In Summary

There are many diets that have been proven for weight loss but taking a few precautions as recommended here will not only ensure that your diet plan will be effective but you can lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.
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Important Information About Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

The ultimate goal of the best alcohol drug treatment centers is to help people establish a life with which they are satisfied and happy without addictive drugs or alcohol. The very best programs are made up of the three traditional phases of alcohol addiction treatment, which are detoxification, rehabilitation and continuing, long term care. If you are investigating your options for a treatment center in your area, be sure these three phases of treatment are in place in their programs.

When a person goes through outpatient detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs, it should be accomplished safely and comfortably with the help of medical personnel. Although not every outpatient program will allow it, the alcohol drug treatment centers will allow patients to remain at the facility and be monitored for several hours a day. They will also be able to quickly arrange hospitalization if it becomes necessary.

There are many different parts of the rehabilitation phase, but the best programs will have patients attending five times a week. Patients should be taking part in group therapy and education during rehabilitation. The frequency of these sessions is gradually reduced as they make progress over a period of several weeks. By the time the rehabilitation phase is complete, they will have attended 20 to 30 sessions.

The last phase of the traditional treatment programs, the continuing care phase, consists of a group therapy session once weekly. Specialized groups in these sessions are able to focus on particular issues. Structured intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs at the best alcohol drug treatment centers are just as effective as hospital rehabilitation is, and they are also more effective than non intensive outpatient programs. Families are included in treatment, and there are some group sessions every week for relatives and even close friends to attend along with the patient. Everyone learns about dependence, and they have an opportunity to discuss experiences about the illness as well as the process of recovery.

Every patient comes with a different story, a different history and different personal goals. The best centers are those that are able to customize and personalize treatment according to each individual patient. There are many factors that work together to determine the rate of success that patients achieve. Each completes different levels of recovery at different stages and at different paces.

People attend these programs for many reasons, but they all ultimately want a happy life without the influence of alcohol. With outpatient programs, patients prefer to stay with their families and remain on their jobs rather than enter an inpatient residential treatment program. Patients come from all walks of life, and those with problems in the early through the late stages of addiction come to the best alcohol drug treatment centers.
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BrainCore Therapy For Weight Loss

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Up until recently, the majority of weight-loss strategies have involved concepts of calorie counting and use of willpower. Diets are difficult, and usually require the dieter to exercise enormous willpower over a sustained period of time. Of course, this is why diets don't work, and why anyone trying to lose weight, becomes like a person in search of the Holy Grail of diet plans, jumping from one diet to the next and often giving up in frustration. Dieting doesn't look at lifestyle, habits or underlying psychology regarding weight loss. BrainCore Therapy is the only effective way of losing weight that considers the mental aspect of eating. By regulating brain waves and balancing the nervous system BrainCore empowers you to lose weight without the use of willpower.

What Is BrainCore?

BrainCore is a therapy that offers a holistic approach, without the use of drugs to treat symptoms of Neurological Dysregulation Syndrome (NDS), which can lead to disorders and illnesses of a neurological nature. Such as behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, chronic fatigue and many more. BrainCore Therapy uses EEG data to interpret brainwaves and understand what problems may be occurring in the communication patterns of the brain.

The treatment then uses non-invasive neuro-feedback, customized to the individual's requirements, to regulate the brainwaves and restore normal neurological activity.

How Can It Help Me Lose Weight?

BrainCore Therapy offers a program to lose weight that looks at dietary aspects as well as balancing brainwave activity to treat eating problems holistically, and to offer core principles that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and keep off the pounds. The usual methods of dieting don't acknowledge the mental aspects of eating. You may lose weights by calorie counting or dieting, but as old habits creep back, the pounds will slowly pile on again, and you may find yourself in a perpetual dieting cycle. BranCore Therapy stops this cycle, and deals with the real issues of eating problems. It regulates the brainwaves that lead to overeating in the first place. It is a non-invasive, easy and effective way to get thin and stay thin.

What Is Involved?

* BrainCore Therapy weight loss program uses 6 principles to help you lose weight:

* BrainCore weight loss education - Before your treatments you will be able to access online seminars that explain how braincore works and what you can expect.

* Composition analysis - Prior to your therapy, your consultant will take specialist records of your measurements of fitness indicators. These will help to have an understanding of your body, and will contribute to your health and fitness goals.

* Neurofeedback Therapy- These are 30 minute sessions designed to regulate your brainwaves, eliminate cravings, empower you towards your goal of losing weight and overcome any mental obstacles. The treatment is non-invasive, comfortable and pain-free.

* Eating plan - As Part of your program you will receive eating plans, menus and recipes, suggesting healthy foods and foods to avoid. These will help boost your metabolism and increase your success rate.

* Activity plan - You will also be given information about your core muscles and techniques for exercising, stretching, and training. This will help to improve health, boost metabolism and lose weight.

* Support forum - You are not alone. BrainCore Therapy understands the challenges of weight-loss and offers the support of fell programme members, as well as motivating advice from team members from all over the world, through an online support forum.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to maintaining diets. However, it is not our fault. If we can regulate our brain then we have a better chance of maintaining our diet.

Dr. William Mckenna offers a unique approach to weight loss: Braincore therapy. Instead of diets and food regiments, he deals with the source of the problem, the brain. He also helps maintain a healthy gut with use of dietary supplements. For more information on Braincoreweight loss therapy please look at::