Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Worst Ever Isun Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Raptis

Isun Tanning Lotion needs some expertise and knowledge in applying so as to achieve the right results. The process of applying tanner comes in a series of steps that need to be followed in the right sequence. There may be a few steps that may be skipped, but the main ones cannot be left out. Here are some of the steps and what one needs to do to achieve a well tanned radiant glow.

The initial step is acquisition of the necessary products for the exercise. This is a good idea so as to avoid leaving the process halfway to collect some missing pieces of equipment. What one may probably need include an applicator, a mirror, towel, bronze, water, moisturizer, and the sunless tanning lotion. After acquiring all these, the second step may begin.

The second step is exfoliating the skin. This can be done using a suitable exfoliation soap or sugar on the whole body or parts that need to be tanned. This process is very essential if the tanner is intended to work properly. It also softens or smoothens the skin making the application exercise easier especially on hard surfaces such as the elbows, knees, and ankles.

The chemical explanation of the importance of exfoliation is that, the tan results from the reaction between the tanner and amino acid. The amino acid that reacts is found in the dead skin cells in the horny layer of the skin. When the reaction is through, the skin remains with a tan that lasts between three to seven days. This must be done every time one wants to apply sunless tanning lotion.

The third step entails the actual application. To begin with, the tanner ought to contain a cosmetic color guide. The color guide assists to inform the users the areas of the body where they have applied the lotion already. The application may be done any time in the day although afternoon applications do better.

Be sure to utilize an applicator, but in case if one prefers using hands, then gloves must be worn. Gloves should be utilized since bare hands absorb tanners making them noticeable by everybody, or the just look bad. The applicator needs to be moistened using little water and then smeared with the sunless tanner. Run the applicator softly starting with the feet, thighs, hands, shin, back, and the face. This sequence does not have to be observed.

Wet parts should be blended in using the applicator until there is no more lotion visible. Missed and darker spots should also be blended in well. The process should be done with broad strokes. Any tan marks left behind should be corrected before getting out of the shower.

One needs to apply the Isun Tanning Lotion two to five times consecutively to get a custom sun-less tan. This tan could then be kept by light applications 3 times in a week. In case one experiences any bad effects like allergic reaction, irritation, or rushes one should look for professional help. The internet may provide additional knowledge. Carry out some more research on the internet since it can offer better additional details about the entire application process.

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