Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finding The Best Winter Haven CPA

By Liliana Mills

Many individuals need the services of a Winter Haven CPA at some point in time. This is particularly true for those who own small businesses or who are independent contractors or self-employed. Even though a person may have good math skills, it is always a good idea to have a certified public accountant take care of complicated matters.

Choosing the most suitable CPA will make a big difference in how accurately and thoroughly financial issues such as tax filings are handled. Although accounting at most universities and colleges is a singular degree, certain CPAs specialize in a particular type of work following graduation. For this reason, every CPA does not have the same exact qualifications. Below are some tips on selecting certified public accountant.

The first thing one should do is generate a list of the business needs that must be handled by the CPA. These may include large-scale accounting, tax preparation and advice, bookkeeping, accounting system implementation, and filing assistance. Selecting the most suitable person for the job will depend on the information compiled in this list.

It is a good idea to speak to other business owners or self-employed individuals who are in the same field. This way, personal referrals from satisfied clients can be obtained. Businessmen and businesswomen who are pleased with their certified public accountant are usually more than happy to offer an opinion to other clients.

Visiting websites such as the Society of CPAs is also helpful for some consumers. This is especially true for individuals who are unable to get recommendations from others. Essential information can be acquired from websites of this kind, including lists of licensed certified public accountants located in the general area. Using this information, a list of prospective CPAs can be made by the client, based on the kind of accounting in which the professionals specialize.

Contacting the first 5 CPAs on the list should be one next step. A phone interview should be conducted with each accountant. This is a good time for one to review his or her requirements, and determine which CPA provides the necessary services. If one is satisfied that all his or her questions have been answered, he or she can then ask for an appointment to meet the accountant face-to-face and talk in greater detail.

It is wise to ask each accountant how long he or she has been in business. It is also good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if a certain CPA has a history of complaints. Although most professionals will eventually have a disgruntled customer at one point or another, a history of continuous complaints against one particular CPA is not a good sign.

Ultimately, prior to making a final choice regarding a Winter Haven CPA, one should inquire about the cost of each accountant's services. Due to the fact that the field is competitive and many CPAs will match lower rates customers find elsewhere, negotiating the price of such services is often possible. No matter why a CPA is needed, one will quickly discover that the tips outlined above will help simplify the selection process.

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