Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diabetic Symptoms - Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a temporary phase. In this type of diabetes a pregnant woman has the levels of blood sugar that are higher than normal. Till so far the exact cause of this type of diabetes is still unknown. However many doctors are of the belief that these disturbed blood sugar levels are because of an increased stress on the body of the woman. Most women do not experience any obvious symptoms of gestational diabetes. The disease remains undetected unless they go for a routine screening of diabetes during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Some doctors think that it is the placenta and its working that is the main reason of gestational diabetes. Placenta is the system that supports the growing fetus in the uterus. In the period of pregnancy placenta produces many different types of hormones. Some of these hormones are not in the favor of the efficiency of mother's hormones. The result is high-level of sugar in blood. Though the pancreas of the mother's body is producing three times more insulin to counteract the placental hormones but insulin cannot enter the cells. This condition is termed insulin resistance.

Sometimes pregnant women are able to note the classical symptoms of diabetes. These are

Excessive Urination: This is the result of increased blood flow towards the kidneys so surplus sugar could be expelled through urine.

Excessive Thirst: This is the reaction to the excessive urinary output to avoid dehydration.

Extreme Hunger: The sugar consumed by the body is unable to enter the cells of the body so the cells become starved of energy. These starving cells give signals to the brain that they are hungry.

Unexplained Weight Loss: In spite of the fact that a pregnant woman is eating a lot to feed the starving cells and the growing fetus, there is a continuous decrease in the weight of the body of the mother. The doctor may be able to see that the weight of the baby is increasing but the weight of the mom is decreasing.

Tiredness: It is very difficult to distinguish between pregnancy fatigue and the exhaustion because of diabetes. The woman may feel completely exhausted even without doing any strenuous activity. The reason again here is the lack of energy as the cells are unable to convert glucose into energy.

Irritability and Mood Swings: Again the woman may confuse this irritable behavior because of pregnancy hormones.

Blurriness in Vision: The vision of the pregnant women starts to get blurred because of an increased blood flow towards the retina of eye.

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