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Chiropractic Adjustments Help Leg Pain Sufferers Find Relief In Friendswood, TX

By Iligan Airsoft

Sciatica affects up to three percent of American adults. It can cause intense, chronic pain throughout the length of the leg. Medications and injections used to manage the symptoms do not resolve the underlying disorder. A Friendswood chiropractor provides a safe and effective, drug-free solution for sciatica pain.

The sciatic nerve emerges in the lower spine, runs through the pelvis and travels all the way down both legs. It is the longest nerve in your body. If this nerve is pinched or compressed, a number of distressing symptoms can develop. Sciatica sufferers frequently experience sharp pains radiating from the buttocks to the toes. Symptoms such as tingling, prickling, numbness or cramping may affect certain areas.

Sciatica ultimately derives from abnormalities of the lower spine. The majority of cases are due to prolapsed discs. When a disc becomes herniated, the inner core can slip out and put pressure on the sciatic nerve. Vertebrae which are out of alignment can also cause sciatica by pinching nerves in the lower spinal cord.

Sciatica sufferers receive a thorough evaluation at the Friendswood clinic. The chiropractor goes over the symptoms before conducting a physical examination and performing a series of neurological tests. The precise point at which the sciatic nerve is constricted is revealed using MRI scans.

The chiropractor uses specific manual adjustments to realign vertebrae or restore a prolapsed disc. These techniques increase the space surrounding the spinal cord to remove the source of pressure on the sciatic nerve and eliminate the root cause of pain. Soft tissue massage soothes aching leg muscles, releases tension and enhances mobility.

Once the sciatic pain has been addressed, the Friendswood chiropractor assists patients with rehabilitation. A series of stretches and exercises help to enhance range of motion, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Patients are also taught ways to prevent their sciatica from recurring by maintaining correct posture.

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