Saturday, June 1, 2013

Know That A Findlay, OH Podiatrist Helps Alleviate Bunion Pain

By Ericka Mortellaro

Bunions may start out small but they become quite painful. The problem is that the joint of the large toe grows, moving the toe to an improper position, and the bunion is formed. There could be a genetic association, but they can form on anybody's feet. If this is an issue you're facing, contact a Findlay podiatrist.

If you have heard members of your family complaining about this issue, it could be that it is genetically related to your foot structure. However, the problem could also arise from wearing shoes that are too tight. Another possible cause is if you've had an injury.

Bunions should not be ignored because they will not get better on their own. Every time you walk, you are using that particular joint. The bunion grows, and soon the skin around it will become inflamed. It becomes increasingly painful, but many seek professional help before it gets that bad.

There are different things a podiatrist can do to alleviate the pain you're experiencing. For example, he'll remove calluses and corns that might also be bothering you. You'll also be shown how to use a special padding that will decrease the irritation that is caused when you walk.

There's also a special type of footwear that can be fitted to your feet. Or, you may need a stabilizing device. In some cases, it is necessary to wear a splint during the night to realign the joint. There are additional techniques that will be used, and they are based on each individual's situation.

If you're suffering from bunion pain, you should speak with your local Findlay podiatrist. Check the internet to learn more about the condition, or just schedule an appointment and ask questions. There's no reason to continue limping through each day when help is so close by.

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