Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apopka FL Chiropractor Helps Locals Suffering From Pinched Nerve

By Donna Beley

The condition known as "pinched nerve" is one of the most common reasons people go for chiropractic care. It typically presents as a sharp, burning twinge that can limit one's ability to move about comfortably. By visiting an Apopka FL chiropractor patients can enjoy freedom from this unpleasant disorder through safe chiropractic therapy.

A compressed nerve is really a spinal nerve which has become abnormally impinged. Most of the time this happens due to an injury that leads to misalignment in the spine and nerve compression. Although it can happen anywhere, the back and neck are the usual sites.

Pain from a compressed nerve may be referred to another part of a body apart from its actual source. The practitioner will aim to determine the origin of the pain and correct it at its source. A thorough assessment of the patient normally includes taking a medical history, performing several types of tests, and possibly requesting diagnostic imaging.

The practitioner will plan the patient's therapy based on the findings from the examination and test conducted. One or more spinal adjustments are usually the first line of defense that often works for many patients, the particular pattern for which will first be determined by the practitioner. The purpose of adjustments is to correct the misalignment causing the compression of the affected nerve. It may also be used in combination with traction.

After the initial session, some patients will experience immediate relief, but others may need a few more sessions before they see results. If the patient hasn't shown substantial improvement after three to six sessions of adjustments, other types of therapy may be incorporated into their healing plan such as massage, ultrasound, TENS, and trigger point therapy.

Part of the therapy plan is prevention of further recurrences of the compressed nerve tissue. An Apopka FL chiropractor may also recommend some specific stretching exercises the patient can do which will help in this sense, and provide some helpful advice regarding healthy body mechanics.

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