Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To Keep Your Feet Healthy With The Help Of A Findlay Podiatrist

By Carmella Isenhour

Healthy feet provide a good base on which a person is able to stand and walk. With the growing popularity of pedicures, there are some tips to keep in mind, whether having the work done at home or at a nail salon. Keeping the feet healthy ensures the pedicure looks its best. A Findlay podiatrist offers the following tips.

Individuals with poor circulation, diabetes or other problems of the feet should consult with their doctor before going for the pedicures. The doctor can make recommendations for a customized pedicure that can easily be followed to ensure healthy toes and feet. Because these individuals are more prone to hard to heal infections, it is essential to protect the feet, even during a pedicure procedure.

Scheduling the appointment for the first slot of the day can reduce one's risk of infection. Foot baths are generally cleaned most thoroughly at night and have time to air dry overnight meaning they are cleaner then than later in the day. Make sure the salon you choose filters and cleans the tubs between clients for less risk.

Try to bring your own set of tools to the salon. Do not loan these tools to anyone else. If they are not properly sterilized between clients, fungal and bacterial infections move easily to the next user. Once these infections affect the feet or the nails, they are difficult to eliminate.

While it might be tempting to shave the legs beforehand, it should be avoided. Shaving of any type can leave small cuts and scratches that provide an entryway for bacteria. Wait until the procedure is completed before shaving the legs.

A pedicure can make your toes and feet look great. There are a few precautions one should take. If unsure about what is safe, patients should speak to a Findlay podiatrist.

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