Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Hidden Fat Loss Benefits Of Creatine Supplements

By Russ Howe

Over the last twenty five years, creatine has emerged as the most popular muscle building supplement of all time. However, despite it's large reputation within the bodybuilding community and within most gyms, most exercise enthusiasts are completely unaware that it is also one of the best weight loss tips around.

As far as fat loss goes in general, this supplement is often overlooked in favor of thermogenic pills which claim to speed up the metabolism and help the body to shed more blubber. [
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However, recent studies have confirmed that the use of this substance can not only aid in fat loss, but enhance it greatly! To understand why, you need to take a quick look at what it actually does for your body. Unlike most other sports supplements, it's a naturally occurring substance. Your body's natural resources are not limitless, however, and you will understand exactly why in a second or two. It is responsible for the short bursts of explosive energy we require when, for instance, we want to suddenly sprint for a bus or lift a quite heavy box. The body's resources usually only last for bursts of eight seconds at the most, then they require at least a few minutes before another short burst can be performed at maximum intensity.

This particular product first came to light around twenty one years ago, during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where it was used by sprinters. Based on the information above, you can probably already see why sprinting coaches wanted to use this product. Given that most sprinters complete a 100 meter dash in around 10 seconds, and most 200 meter runners compete their race in around 19 seconds, increasing the body's natural resources of this explosive substance would significantly enhance their ability while out on the track. They were right to do this. Take this into a gym context and it could result in an extra repetition being performed where previously you lacked the explosive strength to do it, or perhaps an extra weight being used.

Simply using the product itself isn't going to automatically make you build a ton of muscle, of course. This comes down to how you apply the extra explosive strength you gain from it. It simply enables you to work slightly harder at maximum intensity.

When it comes to the multiple fat loss benefits it holds, you have to look at more recent times. Studies recently showed us that the more lean tissue our body holds, the more effective the body is at metabolizing fat for fuel both inside and outside of the gym.

Further still, recent studies showed it was also responsible for pushing excess water into the cells of the major muscles and helping them to achieve a leaner, harder appearance.

Creatine is not only one of the most researched and established bodybuilding supplements on the planet, it's also one of the best kept secrets when it comes to weight loss tips. Now that you know the details, don't be afraid to make the most of these proven facts.

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