Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pursuing a Higher Salary in Nursing

By Franklin Skribbit

If you are interested in working in the medical field, there are a variety of positions that you can start researching. There are some careers within the medical field that are often overlooked, simply because many people do not understand what the position entails.

An operating room assistant is a great example of a career that is often overlooked. If you are interested in being an operating room assistant, you should understand what your potential job could entail.

If you have never considered working as a surgical assistant, it is important that you understand what you responsibilities will entail. Knowing what you are going to be expected to do can be a great way to understand if a job is going to be the best option for you.

As you pursue an education in nursing, you will want to understand where your education is going to get you. It is important that you start by getting your registered nurse license to ensure that you can start your career as a nurse.

Usually the surgical technologist starts by looking through all of the paperwork for the surgery. You will be expected to understand what paperwork is needed for the surgery and make sure that all of the paperwork is together before the surgery begins.

Throughout the surgery, the surgeon expects to have any tools that he or she made need for the surgery to be readily available in the operating room. The operating room assistant is expected to have fully stocked the operating room prior to the operation's start.

Throughout the surgery, the assistant will be required to provide the surgeon, nurse and even anesthesiologist with the tools that are requested. The nurse, doctor and anesthesiologist will also count on the assistant to sterilize the room properly.

To become an operating room assistant, it is important that you receive operating room assistant training. Operating room assistant training is required to ensure that you are fully prepared to handle all of the responsibilities given to you when you are hired.

After the surgery, you may also be responsible for cleaning up. Re-sterilizing and getting the room back into working order may fall under your list of responsibilities depending on the facility that you are working within.

When a future employer asks you what your biggest strengths are or even asks you why you are deserving of a higher salary, you should be prepared to answer. Getting your answers together and being able to show shining references is extremely valuable.

There are many people that want to be a part of surgery but are not interested in investing in medical school or even mal practice insurance.

Being an operating room assistant can be a great way to obtain a quality career in the medical profession. Take the time that you need to find out if this career is the right option for you.

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