Monday, June 3, 2013

How To Get Better Grades And Stop Being A Stress Head

By Lachlan Haynes

Oh So Stressed

Stress is felt by almost everyone (and we have a feeling those that don't experience it are probably sitting on a deserted beach somewhere sipping on an ice-cold cocktail), so to experience stress and be impacted by stress is completely normal and understandable.

However, the way in which each individual reacts to the stress they feel can be very different. Let's face it, we can all be impatient, get frustrated or cause needless conflict with others based purely on how stressed we are feeling.

High levels of stress can really obscure our judgement and result in us behaving in ways that we would not otherwise behave. Behaviors such as anger, aggression, frustration and edginess all result from high stress levels. This change in behavior almost always impacts on the people around us - whether that is school mates, other friends or family members. However it can also impact total strangers if we are stressed enough.

The major challenge with stress is preventing the behaviors it creates from becoming habits. Habits occur when we consistently engage in certain actions or behaviors over a certain amount of time. Therefore, if the feeling of "being stressed" becomes a regular feeling it may actually become the norm feeling. When that happens the individual spends their entire life feeling miserable but they aren't even aware it's because they have formed a detrimental habit.

The bad news is that habits can't be eliminated; but the good news is that habits can be replaced. If you are serious about removing stress from your life you need to get serious about replacing this destructive habit.

The Problem: The Voice Inside Me Puts Me Down

We all have a voice inside us that dictates our thoughts and actions. When that voice is constantly being negative, judgmental and frightened (of embracing life) it leads to an unfulfilled life and a pessimistic outlook and approach to life.

The result of negative self-dialogue can be easy to see. Extreme reactions to what others may view as a small issue is caused by a self-dialogue that believes others are wishing them harm or out to get them, or simply one that has created the habit of a negative reaction to virtually all situations (regardless of whether they are viewed as good or bad by others). I'm sure we have all come into contact with people that constantly worry about everything and view everything in a negative light. It's not much fun is it?

However, when negative self-talk becomes a powerful force it has the ability to completely overrun the individual and can result in a lonely experience (because everyone has removed themselves from the negative person's presence). In order to address this, positive self-dialogue needs to become the new habit.

The Solution: Be A Positive Pete

The remedy to negative self-dialogue is simple: positive self-dialogue. The hard part is executing it consistently enough that it becomes your new habit. Having just learned about the dangers of negative self-dialogue the benefits of positive self-dialogue should be clear. A regular state of optimism and positivism creates an amazing new outlook on life. Once again, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy - only this time it is a powerful positive force behind you. By having a feeling that "everything is fantastic" and "everything that happens to me is wonderful" is results in a totally different perception of life - and a totally different future for you.

Regardless of what your perception is telling you right now (that this is a lame idea of that it's a great idea) the reality is that a positive attitude leads to less stress - even though the situation itself has not changed at all. Regular positive and uplifting self-dialogue such as "I will succeed", "I will overcome this challenge", "I will prevail" or "My life always turns out for the best" will serve you in good times and bad. By making these positive thoughts your regular and consistent reaction to any challenge, your life will be better. No doubt about it. Don't believe me? Try it the next time you fail, or the next time you get criticized, or the next time you feel stressed out. They try it every day for a week, then every week for a month. I promise you that you will be amazed at what your new positive perception can accomplish.

By seeking to understand what is causing our stress we are much better equipped to find solutions and take action to turn things around. If you aren't sure what is causing your stress it is unlikely you will be able to do anything effective to address it. To read the full article and find out more please follow the links below. Good luck!

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