Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guide To Becoming A Natural Black Hair Care Or Hairstyling Instructor

By Mara Boone

There may be times when natural hairstyling technicians or hairstylists have grown tired of hairstyling or perhaps want to take on a new challenge. These individuals may decide to return to school and pursue a different field altogether. If natural hair technicians or hairstylists want to stay in the beauty field, a position as a hairstyling or natural black hair care instructor may be seen as a good option.

The main requirement to teach is to be skilled in the profession. This is first accomplished by successfully completing a cosmetology program. A cosmetology usually takes a year to complete, after which a person is eligible to apply for a cosmetology license. In some, though not all, jurisdictions, similar guidelines are in place for securing a license to work as a natural hairstyling license.

Get a license to teach. In many areas, a separate license or certificate is needed to become a hairdressing teacher. The requirements for receiving an instructor license vary from place to place. Requirements may include completing an instructor program, passing an exam or obtaining a reference from a current hairdressing teacher. It may be possible to work toward an instructor license at the same time as undergoing hairdressing training.

Make preparations for looking for work. An instructor resume should be comparable to a hairstyling resume. Include any previous involvement with training people too, irrespective if it was outside of the beauty industry.

Beauty schools are a large employer of cosmetology instructors. These schools sometimes do not make job openings known to the public. Instead they rely on word of mouth, resumes sent to them as well as referrals from others in the industry to meet staffing needs. Networking at industry events may be beneficial to obtaining a position at a beauty school, particularly a larger one. Public schools and correctional facilities also employ cosmetology instructors; there may be a lot of competition to secure one of these positions.

Apply at a natural hair academy. A natural hair academy teaches students how to work with locks that have not been chemically relaxed. Styles often taught are braiding, twisting, locking and how to apply extensions. Someone with expertise in any of these techniques may want to apply for employment at an academy. Like at a beauty school, such an employment opportunity may not be advertised to the general public. Send out resumes and utilize networking contacts to secure a position.

Submit applications to a beauty company. Beauty companies are constantly coming up with new techniques and products. They employ individuals to go to trade shows, salons and beauty schools to show hairstylists and at times the public how to use the new products. Look to trade magazine, beauty websites and manufacturer websites for job posts.

Freelancing allows an individual to share his or her knowledge without being employed at a school or by a company. A good market for freelancers is providing training to individuals that want to learn hairstyling for their own private use and not for professional reasons. One way to find clients is to post ads on general classifieds websites.

Finding a job as a hairdressing or natural black hair care teacher takes time. A part-time or freelance position may initially be all that is available. This type of experience, though, may lead to a full-time position.

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