Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why Sun Labs Lotion Is Most Preferred

By Haywood Hunter

Sun labs lotion is an artificial self-tanning commodity that is used to make the skin have a darker appearance. Sun labs lotion comes in form of sprays, creams, and oils. They are the opposite of natural tanning that occurs when an individual is exposed to the sun in what is otherwise called sun bathing. Sunbathing and tanning beds are known to emit harmful radiations that are carcinogenic in nature. This reason renders sun labs lotion a safer option.

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A sun labs lotion normally does not entail any radiations that could endanger the health of users. These should not cause one to underestimate sun labs lotion as it has similar effect as any tanning method. The extent and rate at which a person tans is dependent on many factors. Among the factors are genetic composition, skin complexion, and skin type.

Cosmetic bronzers may do the same purpose though there effects are short lived. Modern spray booths may be accessed from salons or spas. They have similar tanning effects as sun labs lotion. Generally, it needs more time for people to tan when inside the spray booth. Sun labs lotion works faster and its proper application can result into very stunning results. Sun labs lotion incorporates a colorless chemical substance that causes tanning effects.

Erythrulose and dihydroxyacetone, are the 2 major active components contained in sun labs lotion. Many tanning activators are simply various types of psoralen. These active components react with substances in skin layers resulting in darker appearances. Using lead-based products poses the threat of heavy metal poisoning.

A tan could be an indicator that the skin is making every effort of protecting itself from being damaged by the sun. Skin cancer, eye damage, and premature aging or wrinkles are indicators of sun damage. Self tanners are not faultless because they can lead to irritations and allergic reactions. Persons with any skin condition should avoid them. Under no given circumstances should these products come in contact with the eyes, mucous membrane and lips.

Best results can be obtained with sun labs lotion if it is applied right. Users should ensure that the sun labs lotion is uniformly applied to prevent imperfections like tan lines. A tan line that is exposed when an individual is fully dressed may be quite embarrassing and irritating. Tan lines are worth avoiding no matter what it takes. Evading them begins by observing all the application instructions on the canister label. Employing the services of professionals is worth taking into consideration.

Doing adequate research prior to buying sun labs lotion is crucial. This provides a person with all the needed information about the product inclusive of the expected appearance. Making an effort of understanding how the skin tans and how sun labs lotion functions is another important step. The body is shielded from too much destructive sunrays by a dark substance known as melanin. This substance prevents possible sun damage.

Efficient sun labs lotion is accessible universally from drug stores. There are also many online firms, which avail sun labs lotion at very reasonable prices. Their contacts and additional details are accessible on their company websites on the internet.

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