Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Emotional Eater Next Door

By Katherine Heffernon

It's not simple to pick them out of a group of people, the mom you see every day dropping off kids at school gives the impression of being normal, nothing is abnormal about the way she talks, and she doesn't behave strangely but in the privacy of her house she gobbles up food and drinks cocktails. Does this sound familiar? If it doesn't sound familiar to you, it does to someone living right next door.

The suburban life most people live these days is filled with women (and men) who feel alone, depressed, sad, anxious, stressed, sleep deprived, and unfulfilled. The way someone deals with these emotions is either healthy like talking to a good friend or going for a run or it's unhealthy like eating too much to fill the void.

For the people who consume food to feel satisfied, the road is lonesome. They consume food away from others because they are embarrassed, don't feel positive about themselves, and the problems which made them eat in the first place are still there when they are finished. Look at the statements below, if they are familiar to you then you are probably an emotional eater.

Do you devour food when you are full?

Emotional hunger must have food NOW even if you just had a meal and usually food that is not good for you. Physical hunger can wait and is healthy food will satiate it.

Instead of dealing with a problem or emotion, do you hit the pantry?

Numbing yourself with food rather than dealing with your emotions can actually increase stress, raise your blood pressure, and leave you feeling more depressed than when you started.

Do you eat too many foods with high fat and carbohydrates?

People should be choosing 'healthful' food 90% of the times you eat and 'junk' food 10% of time times you eat. If this is not reliably the case, then one should be concerned about emotional eating.

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