Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obtain The Darkest Olive Complexion By Using Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Obtaining a really dark fake tan is simplified by Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion. This product lets you sport an olive complexion in as fast as 3 hours. The darkest color DHA can produce becomes evident 24 to 72 hours after the initial application.

What makes Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion works is the active ingredient called DHA. This substance which is approved by the FDA causes the darkening of the topmost epidermal layer when it reacts with proteins present in dead skin cells. Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion contains high amounts of DHA so it can give you a deep golden brown complexion that can stun everyone.

Although DHA that Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion uses is highly effective, it stays very gentle even on sensitive skin. You can tell that it's not as strong as chemicals prepared in the laboratory because it actually comes from sugar cane. However, before beginning to apply the product all over your body it's still a good idea to perform a patch test.

You don't need to step foot outside the home just to let Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion produce the kind of complexion you are dreaming of. The reason for its creation is to save people who like to enjoy tanned skin from being exposed to excessive UV light. This radiation emitted by the sun is a form of carcinogen, which means it can cause the formation of malignant cells.

Your risk for skin cancer is considerably increased the more you sunbathe. The disease can lead to death if it's not detected during its initial stages. The praises your olive complexion gets from everyone means nothing if some time in the future you will have to face skin cancer. It cannot be stressed enough how unwise it is to sunbathe just to get a tan.

Thanks to Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion, there's no need for you to be exposed unnecessary UV light. The product is used just like your everyday hand and body moisturizer. During the application, putting on a pair of gloves out of latex or plastic saves your palms from having stains. Washing your hands frequently is also fine if gloves are not accessible.

Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion leaves an immediate stain to help facilitate the product's application and avoid formation of blotches. Allow full absorption by the skin before you dress up to keep light-colored textiles from ending up stained. Avoid showering or swimming for 6-8 hours to let DHA carry out its job. Also, stay away from doing activities that can leave you sweaty.

It's recommendable to eliminate excessive dead skin cells prior to using Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion. The manufacturer also offers an exfoliating body gel that prepares the skin for DHA by polishing its surface. It's possible to order a set which contains Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion as well as this exfoliating product and a moisturizer which helps make the tan last.

If what you want is a fake tan that's really striking, get a bottle of Sun Labs Ultra Dark Lotion. It allows you to become lovelier without the risks. The product is so easy to use and it's designed to give you an olive complexion that looks real.

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