Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Care Patients Use Disposable Surgical Supplies

By Rena Hudson

When people hear about disposable surgical supplies they usually think about a surgery but that is not always the case. Surgical supplies cover a wide variety of tools and items that can be used for various things. These are especially valuable for home care patients or people who are home bound because of their sickness.

When these infections happened they usually ended up being the result of utensils and tools that were not properly cleaned or sanitized like they should have been. They all have specific rules and procedures that crews and staff need to follow in order to make sure that these items were properly cleaned, but sometimes shortcuts may have been taken.

When shortcuts are taken that is when people end up skipping steps and these skipped steps could be very deadly to people. These infections are never something that you want to catch, they are not anything like getting an infection on a cut. These are staph infections and they require the strongest antibiotics and need to be caught very early otherwise it could mean death.

They spent a lot of time and a lot of money to try and find out why this was happening. But then they decided that it did not matter why it was happening, it was better to just make the change and go with an easy solution. Using disposable surgical supplies would solve most of the problems, whatever they were.

Taking these items and using them in hospitals is also a good idea and one that is taking place everywhere. When hospitals have their surgical centers supplied with these they actually can save money. They have run operational tests to see what would be cheaper. They used to have all the supplies put into a large container and brought into a sanitizing center.

When using these types of tools they discovered that they would also save money because they no longer had to train people to properly clean the utensils and also did not have to pay for all of the necessary cleaning chemicals. It was much cheaper than all of the overhead caused by using non-disposable tools. The lawyers they would have to keep on retainer got cheaper because they no longer had to worry about so many suits.

When they started programs to try using the disposable ones they quickly found how much they could save. No longer would they need to maintain a large staff of people who were trained and qualified to clean the utensils. In addition they removed the threat of infection from tools that might not be cleaned properly.

Disposable surgical supplies have really saved the medical industry a lot of headaches all over. Millions of dollar, probably billions of revenue saved in lawsuits that were no longer taking place and money saved in overhead. These new procedures made things easier for everyone from nurses to administrators. When they did not have to pay so much in training employees to properly clean these tools they no longer had to worry about them making mistakes.

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