Monday, May 27, 2013

Advantages Of Having A Versa Spa Spray

By Haywood Raptis

Generally, cosmetology entails the use of a variety of products. Most of these are skin care products and will ensure that a user has a beautiful looking skin that is glamorous. There are certain skin care products like the versa spa spray that can help you to achieve a sunless tan. Sunless tanning is currently trending within the cosmetic industry and can enable you to change your complexion without exposure to sun rays.

In normal circumstances your skin acts in a certain way when exposed to ultra violet radiation - UV and will also develop certain mechanisms to protect you from excessive radiation levels that can be fatal. Therefore, you will realize that when the skin is exposed to prolonged periods of the sunshine, it will tend to darken or acquire a tan. This is common when you sun bath occasionally and is nature's way of protecting you from UV radiation.

At the moment having a tan is considered fashionable and can be artificially achieved without you having to expose yourself to sunshine. Beauticians can help you to have such a tan by giving you a versa spa spray treatment or applying creams to your body. Common within such products is a compound that temporarily changes your skin shade in a reaction that involves the skin's amino acids.

Typically, the compound dihydroxyacetone - DHA, reacts with your skin to give it a temporary color. This DHA will work almost immediately after application that can be through the versa spa spray treatment. The result from this bronzing process as it is also called is an evenly tanned skin. Generally, such treatment entails several sessions and will require the use of DHA and other suitable additives.

The whole versa spa spray treatment process involves a number of steps specifically three in number. The initial step will involve the cosmetician doing a pre-sunless pH balancing session that will ensure that your skin's acidic levels are determined. Following this step the beautician will carry out a post sunless super hydration step.

The first two steps within the versa spa spray treatment procedure will ensure that your skin is in perfect condition to enable the beautician to apply a successful tan. Following these two steps, the beautician will carry out the versa spa spray tanning process also referred to as bronzing. At this point DHA will be mixed with skin firming and anti aging ingredients to enable the tan to be accomplished over your body.

In order to protect you from likely poisoning effects due to inhalation, during versa spa spray treatment, the beautician must ensure that your do not inhale the compounds used. This may be achieved by using protective clothing while you are being treated. The main effect of versa spa spray approach to tanning is that your whole body will become evenly tanned.

If you are considering a sunless tan you can try the versa spa spray treatment. Versa spa spray is considered safe for even expecting mothers. However, it is advisable to carefully seek your beautician's advice and following any instructions that may be given on how to maintain the make up.

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