Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pain Relief Naturally

By Leona Jane

Pain is something that makes us all find a treatment for it. Natural therapies like physical therapy, stretching, reiki and massage are helpful when it comes to pain relief. You can get just about any good massage London place to give you a relaxation massage for pain relief but here is what you should know before choosing a therapy for yourself.

Below is an explanation of the three most effective pain relief therapies. You can reduce pain with massage therapy!


Rolfing is also a hands-on method of natural pain relief. By using soft tissue manipulation and movement education, rolfing provides a way to implement structural integration. There are so many different reasons why this technique has been used ever since it was developed by Ida Rolf in 1950s. This is a method to correct tissue fixations and posture problems in the body. Not only does it reduce pain and swelling, but it also helps increase range of motion. In athletes, Rolfing is still considered to improve flexibility and performance. This technique aligns the body correctly to get rid of problems like pain and bad posture. Massage is a natural pain relief!

Trigger Point Therapy

Pain is often caused by trigger points. Trigger point pain is usually a side effect of intense workouts and lifting weights. Myofascial Trigger Points might exist in the striated muscle or anywhere along the skeletal muscle. Sometimes, it might actually be a complexity to determine where the trigger points are even located because they won't be completely visible the whole time. The superficial muscles are not the only place where trigger points cause pain. These points are often caused by low oxygen levels and trigger points can perpetuate referred pain and cause secondary trigger points when left untreated. Dysfunction and muscular weakness is also a problem. You need bodywork on these trigger points known as Trigger Point Therapy.


There are many types of massages that can actually be wonderful for pain relief but one of the most popular massages for treatment of pain is the Swedish massage. Training injuries in athletes and normal people can be cured through this. Pain elimination is possible by releasing tension and promoting healing. The body often also suffers pain from toxin build up like lactic acid which can be removed from the body through massage. This technique also improve blood circulation, curing the body of many diseases. Whether you want overall health or treatment for a specific muscle group, massage can be the ideal thing. Improve the health of your muscles with massage!

Opt for a relaxing session of your favorite natural pain relief method and see the difference. Book a session at your favorite high end massage London place to see the amazing results.

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