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Which is better weight loss plan or diet pills?

ust to set the record straight. Er' indoors asked me to publish this article as I have no idea about diets and weight loss. 'She who should be obeyed' and her friends have spent years on different diets trying to lose weight, and feels it would be a good idea to give her views and opinions on the subject. And seeing as she does not know one end of the computer from the other, she has asked me to do it for her.

So here goes. Over the years my' better half' has tried many different diet plans, the names of which I can't recall. This is not to say that they did not work just that some of them worked better than others. She feels that this was not down to the diet plans themselves but down to her determination and willpower. She says that she 'couldn't live on rabbit food and yoghurt and go around starving all day'.

With this in mind about 7-8 months ago she got me to start surfing the Internet to research weight-loss products (believe me, that was a lot of research). After reading through 100's of sites she decided no more diets and definitely no exercise regimes (too time-consuming and too tiring she said). She decided she was going to give weight loss pills try. Great I thought this is going to cost me a fortune (it did but not how I expected, more about that later)

After even more research, and a lot of deliberation and humming and arghing she decided on which weight-loss pills she wanted to try, and guess what, it was about the most expensive one on the market, but in saying that in all the research that we had carried out it constantly ranked as the number one product. The one she decided to go with was Proactol which is a fat binder and appetite suppressant, and what really made up my wife's mind was the fact that it is made completely from natural ingredients, and has no side effects. I won't bore you with all the details. If you would like to find out more go to.

She ordered 6 months supply and off she went. She found that she was only losing a couple of lbs per week. At first she was not happy with this as she is the type of person that likes everything to happen yesterday, I convinced her that losing a few lbs per week was better than losing it all in one go, eventually she agreed with me for once and persevered with the pills. What I did find though, was that it was working at quite expensive, not through the price of the pills but the cost of the Vet bill, let me explain. 'Er' indoors' loved the fact that taking these pills meant that she could eat normally and not have to live on rabbit food, but the thing that she forgot at the beginning was the appetite suppressant, and when she was making meals she was given herself normal portions and consequently she was leaving a lot of food. This is normally not a problem because we always give the leftovers to the dogs, but the amount of leftovers that they got meant that they got fat and a visit to the vet was required to put them on a diet (and diet dog food is bloody expensive)

Many people who want to achieve the quickest way to lose weight often resort to the use of the best weight loss pills. These pills are composed of the different ingredients which have their own ways of eliminating the excess fats present inside the body. No matter how attractive or promising a diet pill appears to the naked eye, still, it should be inspected meticulously in order to make sure that it does not cause any harmful effect on the body once taken in.

The effectiveness of a weight loss pill is not only measured by its capacity to eliminate a large amount of fat from the body. It is also measured by the side effects which the body usually experience after using the pill for a period of time. Another factor which determines the effectiveness of a slimming pill is the satisfaction of the different clients who have used the product.
The best weight loss pills are listed below:

1. ColoThin is made from Psyillium seed husks which have the ability to down tone and suppress one's hunger. There are no side effects (diarrhea, headache, stomach ache, dizziness) noted. One can lose 9 pounds and up for a month while using ColoThin. The name also speaks of the product's ability to cleanse the colon. ColoThin focuses of flushing out excess toxins and waste materials from the large intestine while eliminating the body's craving for food.

2. Proactol is composed of fibre complex components which binds to the body's food intake and in effect, slows down hunger. It is also capable of slowing down the process of digestion. This mechanism of the weight loss pill helps in making the body feel full for a longer period of time, hence, the frequency of eating food in a day is decreased. There are also no side effects noted and the company prides of more than 8 pounds of weight loss in a month after using the said product.

3. Apidexin is a combination of extracts which are capable of increasing the breakdown of fats in the body. It is also composed of antioxidants which get rid of the different harmful toxins found inside the body. The quickest way to lose weight while on Apidexin is just by taking the doses regularly. There are no side effects noted.

Finding the best weight loss pills should be done carefully in order to ensure that the body is not harmed during the slimming process. In order to make sure that you achieve the quickest way to lose weight, you also need to couple it up with good diet appropriate for what your body needs, and of course, an ample amount of exercise.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it's been 6 months now. The dogs are on diets, the wife's dropped 2 dress sizes (and is as happy as a pig in s**t) and I'm skint (but at least I can surf the net about something interesting now). The wife is happy with her size and weight and has just ordered another 6 month supply of Proactol so that she can maintain the weight she is at.

I will let my wife have the final say on the subject (as I always do). She says 'diets are good but the biggest weapon you have got when you are on a diet is your own willpower. If you haven't got the willpower your diet will never work. When you are on weightloss pills willpower isn't as much of an important issue providing you remember to take your pills when you are supposed to, you can eat all the things you normally eat and you will lose weight. I am very happy with the results I have achieved and I would recommend Proactol to anybody that asked my opinion, and now I would not use anything else. I know that they are not magic pills and you still have to eat the right normal foods, but compared to the work required for a normal diet or exercise regime the work required for weight loss pills is minimal So to sum it up Diet Plans will work with willpower and determination but my winner is definitely weight loss pills.

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