Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Catholic Meditation is So Much More Than a Prayer!

Catholic meditation is not a regular prayer. While a prayer is frequently said out loud to bring your mind, soul, and spirit to God, the meditation uses the "inside voice", your imagination, the thoughts inside your mind. This type of meditation is very dissimilar from other, more standard techniques.

As an alternative of silencing the mind, of relaxing it as much as possible, you want to use your mind to spiritually speak with God, in a prayer style of talk. Catholic meditation has for goals to experience the deep presence of God in order to gain a superior understanding of God and his truths. Involved with this new better understanding is the development of your spirituality and the fortification of your faith bringing you a divine serenity you can feel in your life like never before.

The location you select to meditate is crucial. It will more than likely be your home or a church. If you decide to do it in a room in your house, that's perfect because you know you can be relaxed and uninterrupted. You also can wear anything you are comfortable in without worrying about any social standards. It does not matter if the room you pick is big or small, clear or dark, or whatever. As long as you feel comfortable and not restrained to do anything you wish to do during your catholic meditation.

The moment you decide to perform the meditation is one more influential thing. Not only the time of the day, but also the time you allow yourself to commit to your meditation. Early in the morning is generally the best time to do a catholic meditation because you need to be quiet. Especially if you live with other people or have a family with kids, mornings might be the only time you can afford a little time of silence. In addition, morning is when your mind is the clearest because nothing has perturbed it yet.

The topic you select to meditate on is the most considerable facet of catholic meditation. You can pick as a topic something from the Gospel (any scene shared by an Evangelist), a Mystery of the Rosary, or a Station of the Cross.

The stance you use is not really a factor. Just like any meditation or prayer, you can perform it kneeling, sitting down on the floor, on a chair or on a bedside. Just make sure your back is fairly straight and that you are at ease so your focus can be exclusively on your meditation.

Catholic meditation is executed in four steps:

1.Feel God's presence
God is everywhere but you don't continuously feel Him. You have to concentrate on His presence and sense Him. Don't move on to the next step if you are not literally feeling God.

2.Ask for God's help
Once you feel His presence, ask God to guide you through your catholic meditation. Ask Him to give you optimistic thoughts and to keep you away from the inappropriate ones. Give God all the credit for the great success of your meditation. Put your whole self in His presence and abandon yourself to His guidance.

The actual meditation will differ for everyone and from every different time, depending on the topic you selected. First, imagine yourself in the scene you chose to meditate on; visualize everything about it, each possible detail; the weather, surroundings, sounds, smells, people, emotions, etc. Second, envision yourself in the setting. Imagine you are part of this scene, you are part of the event and you see, smell, feel everything they do. You interact with them and converse with the main person of the event. You are an active part of the scene. Third, interact even more. Ask questions and listen carefully for answers. When you have answers, dig deeper. Aim to get more precise answers and note down the questions and answers so you can think about it later on.

4.Give ThanksAt the end of your catholic meditation, you want to thank God for guiding you throughout this incredible meditation and for revealing these truths to you and giving you all this serenity, help, advice, and hope to cultivate your faith. Thank Him again and give God all the credit for the great success of the meditation session.

As you can see, it's a relatively simple meditation. In fact, catholic meditation can be performed by anybody, wherever with no trouble. All you need is strong faith in God and He will do the rest for you; guiding you through the session and revealing answers to your more profound questions.

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