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Which is the best natural weight loss supplement and how does it works?

'm going to share with you 2 weight loss supplement that work. Actually, they aren't traditional weight loss supplements, but they work INCREDIBLY for weight loss.

One supplement has helped 100's of my clients lose 5-6 POUNDS in 11-13 days. The other supplement is more for long term weight loss. So you get the best of both worlds.

1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

16-ounces will cost you about $13 at GNC. Make sure it's "extra virgin" to insure it's purity and quality. Don't bother with plain ol' coconut oil. It's processed to death... killing off any good it can do for you.

So basically, what my clients do to lose those 5-6 pounds in 11-13 days is take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. They take it on an emtpy stomach between meals. That's it. The $13 bottle will last you the whole 11-13 days. So it's not expensive.

Why does this work?

Basically, these days your body doesn't get enough HEALTHY FATS. Well, if you didn't know, coconut oil is full of these good fats.

2. Fish Oil Pills

If you want my humble opinion, fish oil pills are the VERY BEST supplement you can take for just about everything... SERIOUSLY. I consider this so important, I categorize it as food, not a supplement. This is also filled with healthy fats... this time the Omega 3 fats.

Now, you won't get fast weight loss results with the fish oil pills as you do with the extra virgin coconut oil, but you get steady, long term weight loss results... AS WELL AS tons of other healthy benefits from taking them.

That question about Hoodia being the best might remain unanswered for sometime. However, it has been in the news over the last few years as being the newest effective weight loss pill known as Hoodia Gordonii? Among many users, it has been heralded as an almost unbelievable weight loss pill that helps you lose weight without feeling hungry. Others think it is a bunch of marketing and news hype. Are they correct? Ads promote the product as having a "P57" miracle molecule that fools your brain into thinking that you are full and not hungry. Another claim that allures many is that these pills also make you feel better because of their 'feel-good, aphrodisiac quality.' What is this herbal Hoodia stuff? Find out more about this "miracle like" food supplement that suppresses the appetite.

Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pills come from a natural succulent plant that visually looks like a cactus. It grows in the Kalahari Desert area of South Africa although some purport that it grows in some surrounding lands. Who would have known that this supplement could have come from there? At one time only wild, these plants were used by native Tribesmen, the San Bushmen, to guard against thirst and hunger on long nomadic hunting trips. They removed the spines and skin of the Hoodia Gordonii before eating it.

In the nineties, biological scientists singled out one Hoodia plant molecule (known as P57) directly responsible for reducing one's appetite. Patent rights to the P57 compound were sold to Phytopharm, a British company. They in-turn entered into a licensing agreement with the large pharmaceutical company Pfizer. They sought out together to isolate P57 molecule to later be marketed as a weight loss product for the consumer market. Isolating the molecule came to be costly so Pfizer soon ended the collective research with Phytopharm.

Later, Phytopharm conducted a study of Hoodia Gordonii as a viable weight loss solution. Their results helped form their conclusion that the obese people that took P57 reduced their daily intake by 1,000 calories and suffered no side affects. Some have tried to refute this conclusion, but hundreds of thousands users swear by it today. Two facts should be noted. First, although some testing has been done, extensive testing has not. Second, although only some tests have been done, thousands of users have found it to be very effective. Those who swear by it think it possibly is the best supplement for weight loss in existence today. The company Phytopharm inspired by their findings then invested millions of dollars into efforts of researching the viability of commercially growing and cultivating Hoodia Gordonii.

Phytopharm along with Unilever (the Slimfast owner) in late 2004 produced an agreement to bring Hoodia Gordonii to the market in 3 years. Their goal was to make various food products that would have P57 as an ingredient.

Currently, consumers will find Hoodia on the internet in various forms including the weight loss pills but also in a liquid extract. Both are popular among many consumers who have effectively lost weight while using Hoodia Gordonii within a total encompassing weight loss plan. A word to the wise, beware when looking for this supplement product, Hoodia Gordonii, to help lose weight. Because Hoodia Gordonii has been so successful of a product, there exists a great demand for it. Because of this demand, many "snake salesmen" have put a businesses up to sell fake or low quality Hoodia at lower cost. Therefore, just because it says "Hoodia Gordonii" on the package doesn't mean the contents will work like the best weight loss supplement. When looking for quality Hoodia Gordonii, find the products that have been independently lab tested by a reputable lab (i.e. Alkemists). Tests like these help distinguish the good from the bad.

Now, you should be a little more knowledgeable on this new product, Hoodia Gordonii. If you are looking to lose weight in a natural way, you might try this safe herbal method to drop some pounds. Many will find it very effective, but then again it might not work for everyone. The same can be said for the effectiveness of various prescription drugs. Some work and some don't. However, trying Hoodia will be more safe than trying a prescription drug. So it is really up to you to make the judgement to see if it works for your body. Indeed, a more active, healthy and better looking you may be in your horizons when using Hoodia. However, remember first to check with you doctor before doing something that will change your bodily system.

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