Friday, November 1, 2013

The Real Truth Behine Acai Berry For Weight Loss

Recently I was sent an email by one of my readers asking about Acai berry for weight loss. The health benefits of Acai berries have been known by the indigenous people of the Brazilian rain forests for centuries but have only recently become popular in the western world in recent years. A new wave of Acai berry products have hit the market in the form of Acai berry for weight loss supplements, vitamins, and pills to help people not only lose weight, but achieve greater overall health as well.

The Acai Berry is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can aid in increasing muscle mass, overall energy and as stated, fat loss. They are also extremely rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, fiber, and other nutritious plant compounds. Acai berries have even been called one of the planets healthiest foods buy a number of prominent doctors and nutritionists.

One of the easiest ways to take Acai berry for weight loss is to take it in supplement form. There are a number of different companies making Acai supplements and thousands of people are reporting fantastic results after taking them for even a short amount of time.

Acai Berries have gained massive popularity recently after appearing on shows such as Oprah Winfrey and the Rachel Rae Show. When it comes to losing weight, there are no magic bullets out there; everything takes a little bit of effort. That being said, we can all use a little help and I think Acai berry for weight loss is a fantastic, all natural, weight loss solution.

If you're trying to lose weight you may have been tempted to try acai berry as it has been promoted aggressively on the internet as well as by some big name celebrities as well. The problem is, while there may be health benefits from consuming acai, the actual proof of it being a legitimate weight loss supplement are non existent. It's not an inherently "bad" supplement, it's just simply not that great... as many of the benefits can be easily attained from much less expensive sources like tea vegetables and other fruits

Here are 4 points to consider before you hand out your credit card over the internet to purchase acai supplements:

1) All claims of weight loss are pure testimonial and or anecdotal. There is no scientific evidence backing up the dramatic "miracle results" that you see on many acai website.

2) Losing weight requires life style adjustments and changes. Acai promoters claim you may base your weight loss success solely on consuming this magic berry. This is totally misleading.

3) Acai is expensive. There are much less expensive antioxidant supplements, like plain green tea that basically have the same effect regarding fighting free radicals. Again there is no evidence that acai burns fat. Some claim it reduces appetite while others report no effect.

4) 100% market driven by aggressive alternative health companies. There are many "free trial" offers that lock you into repeat purchases once you've given your credit card...many times making it a nightmare to cancel an order.

Why not learn a safe, effective and natural way to burn fat and lose weight that has been proven effective by thousands? Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine using only real foods, it works and you can lose 10-15 pounds in 2 weeks.

In social gatherings across the globe (especially here in America, where losing weight is the current hot topic of countless fat loss candidates) there exists the undeniable Acai Berry Superfood - steadily gaining natural weight loss popularity as a very promising dietary supplement for individuals who prefer all natural weight loss methods.

Why is this somewhat unusual antioxidant weight loss superfood now permeating the marketplace?

For the millions of people who still seek a safe natural fat loss alternative, the Acai Berry Superfood offers a cutting-edge solution.

It consistently appears favorably across the board in online, media, and social communication gatherings - combining a flavor somewhat similar to the taste of coffee, along with bountiful antioxidant properties that help clear the body to achieve its maximum fat loss capability.

In that light, the Acai Berry Superfood may be an all natural weight loss cleansing product with great promise for you, if you are a natural weight loss advocate who has been haunted by unfavorable fat loss results - and you only want an all natural weight loss solution.

Acai's natural weight loss popularity spreads even more vehemently across e-mail communication air waves. No doubt, even your own e-mail box may have been booming lately with sales messages about a hot new natural weight loss dietary supplement.

Nonetheless, and as almost always is the case, the buyer must be aware. And, with that, you have the obligation or responsibility to find out what is best for you in the way of all natural weight loss products, programs, or supplements.

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