Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Chinese Kitchen's Bulk Spice Collection

You may dream of visiting China someday to experience the vivid cuisine, but until that day arrives you can recreate many wonderful Chinese dishes yourself in your home or restaurant kitchen. The secret is to keep the appropriate bulk spice and wholesale spices on hand, so that you can whip up your favorite dishes when inspiration strikes your taste buds and scent sense memory. Purchasing bulk spice and bulk spices wholesale means that you will always have a ready supply of your favorite bulk spices for seasoning your favorite foods, and they typically are offered at better prices.

In the cuisines of China you will find as many variations on bulk spice options as there are regions in this vast country. However, to begin you may want to acquire a supply of wholesale spices such as coriander, five-spice powder, garlic, ginger, dry mustard, black and white pepper both ground and whole, crushed red pepper flakes and star anise. These organic bulk spices will give y ou the flavor basis for seasoning many favorite Chinese and Chinese-inspired recipes.
You might like to create a chicken salad using your bulk spices that features sesame flavoring, which comes from a ground sesame spread called tahini. Add to some cooked chicken meat a sauce containing a bit of sugar, soy sauce, the tahini as well as ginger and garlic. This could be served as a main dish over lettuce leaves or as an appetizer on crackers.

You might wish to create a dim sum meal at home. This can be accomplished to your taste, using dishes that please you most. You could include some chicken pieces that have been cooked in a sauce containing five-spice powder. Five spice, although the recipe can vary, often includes the organic bulk spices of cinnamon, ginger, anise, fennel and clove, with black pepper sometimes added. You could also use the bulk spice of ginger, white pepper and garlic to season Pork Shu-Mei, a favorite dim sum dish that also uses soy sauce, sesame oil and green onion to flavor the ground pork filling that is placed in a doug h wrapper and is then steamed or deep fried.

You can use bulk spices wholesale such as ginger to flavor a basic Chinese chicken stock that is used as the base for many wonderful soups, including the famous Bird's Nest soup. It can be used to make an Egg Flower Soup, with peas, water chestnuts, and beaten egg which is drizzled into the hot stock to create the "flowers." White pepper is one of the wholesale spices used to flavor this delightful soup.

This is just a small indication of the many ways that you can use organic bulk spices for flavoring many scrumptious Chinese dishes in your home or restaurant kitchen.

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