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Kalsarp yoga

These days Kalsarp Yoga has become nightmare both for astrologer and general public although there is not much to be tense about since there are lots and lots of remedies to take care of all evil effects. Whenever all planets in any horoscope are between Rahu and Ketu then Kalsarp Yoga is formed. Whenever there is Kalsarp Yoga in any horoscope, then native's life is full of struggle and strife and with much hard work less is achieved. There are lots of hurdles in every endeavour native puts in at home or at work-place. Family life of the native is generally disturbed when sick, these natives are generally a puzzle for doctor since exact disease is not easily diagnosed.

Sometimes one or two planets are outside Rahu and Ketu's grip, then it is known as partial Kalsarp Yog. In partial Kalsarp Yoga, intensity of ill effects is considerably lessened.

In Gemini, Taurus, Virgo and Libra Lagans, Kalsarp Yoga gives more and more sufferings. These sufferings get intensified in main dashas or Sub periods of Rahu and Ketu.

Capricorn and Aquarius Lagan natives generally are lucky with Kalsarp Yoga in the sense that they can earn extra income through shares, lottery etc. and also get chances of earnings in foreign land since Rahu represents foreign also. But, at the same time family life of these natives remain highly disturbed.


1. Anant Kalsarp Yoga

2. Kulik Kalsarp Yoga

3. Vasnki Kalsarp Yoga

4. Shankhpal Kalsarp Yoga

5. Padam Kalsarp Yoga

6. Maha Padam Kalsarp Yoga

7. Takshak Kalsarp Yoga

8. Karkotak Kalsarp Yoga

9. Shankhchurh Kalsarp Yoga

10. Ghatak Kalsarp Yoga

11. Vishakat Kalsarp Yoga

12. Sheshnag Kalsarp Yoga

1. Anant Kalsarp Yoga: This Kalsarp Yog starts from Lagan to 7th house i.e. Rahu is in Lagan and Ketu in 7th house and all other planets are between their grip. Natives born in this Kalsarp Yoga have to struggle hard to achieve their goals. Marriage generally gets delayed and when maternalised is highly disturbed, thereby natives have to undergo lot of tension and depression.

2. Kulik Kalsarp Yoga:- In this kalsarp Yoga, Rahu is in 2nd house and Ketu in 8th or vice versa and all plants are between them. These natives have to struggle hard to earn their living so much so that even if the native is born in rich family, finds shortage of funds most of the time. The native also suffers from undiagnosed diseases and he is short tempered and irritable.

3. Vasnki Kalsarp Yoga:- This Kalsarp Yoga starts from 3rd house and ends in 9th house and all planets are in Rahu & Ketu's grip. Natives born in this Kalsarp Yoga get defamation in their Social Circle ande at workplace quite often. They have to work hard for their livelihood. When in partnership, their counterparts deceive them. For them it is better to do trading jobs on their own that involves traveling.

4. Shankhpal Kalsarp Yoga:- When Rahu and Ketu occupy 4th house, comforts house and 10th house and all planets fall between them then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. This Kalsarp Yoga deprives native of comforts at living place and creates problems at workplace. He also finds great difficulty in pursuing his higher studies. His relations with mother and servants are generally not good.

5. Padam Kalsarp Yoga:- When Rahu occupies 5th house and Ketu 11th, house of earnings, and all planets are placed between them, then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. These natives get progency problems. Ladies get repeated abortions and surgical operations at childbirth. Their marital bliss is disturbed. They incur losses from lottery, gambling etc. and have secret enemies.

6. Maha Padam Kalsarp Yoga This Kalsarp Yoga is formed when Rahu & Ketu grip all planets being in 6th and 12th houses respectively. Natives having this Kalsarp Yoga in their horoscope Suffer from incurable diseases and diseases of eyes and teeth. They have enemies all over and their own character is also doubtful and they lack in self-confidence.

7. Takshak Kalsarp Yoga:- When Rahu is in 7th & Ketu in Lagan and all other planets are in their grip then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. Natives having this Kalsarp Yoga in their horoscope suffer from problems in their wedded life and chances of divorce/separation become grave. Deceptions from partners in business make their life full of tension and anxiety.

8. Karkotak Kalsarp Yoga:- When in a horoscope Rahu is in 8th house and Ketu in 2nd and all other planets are placed between them then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. Natives born in this Kalsarp Yog face difference of opinion with their family members a and get defamation from relatives and enemies. They live in fear of accidents and untimely death. They get no significant financial inheritance gains but incure losses every now and then.

9. Shankhchurh Kalsarp Yoga:- This Kalsarp Yoga is formed when Rahu is in 9th house of destiny and Ketu in 3rd house and all other planets are between their grip. These natives rise late in their life and success is delayed. They find problems in their business or workplace. They have no job stability and keep changing places of work and residence. They can get involved in litigation at times.

10. Ghatak Kalsarp Yoga:- When all planets are placed Rahu & Ketu in 10th & 4th house then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. The native suffers from problems at workplace & there is lack of peace of mind at home too. The native gets disappointed with losses from unexpected deals.

11. Vishakt (Poisonous) Kalsarp Yoga:- This Kalsarp Yog is formed when Rahu is in 11th house of earnings and Ketu in 5th house & all other planets are placed between them. As is evident from name, native's life becomes hell since he does not get his proper dues for efforts put in by him in any job. Even he gets hinderances in studies, especially higher ones. The native's liver function is disturbed hence total health is affected, at times even loss of memory is there.

12. Sheshnag Kalsarp Yoga:- When Rahu is in 12th house and Ketu in 6th gripping all other planets then this Kalsarp Yoga is formed. These natives generally spend more than what earn, and with the result keep struggling hard to make both ends meet. These natives can make their destiny in far away places from their place of birth. They usually have hidden enemies in guise of friends. They suffer from eye problems. Since 12th house also represents bed comforts & Rahu aspecting 4th & 6th house, it Causes litigation and curtails marital bliss for native.

Now we will discuss some remedies that have practically proved effective in curtailing malefic effects of Kalsarp Yoga.

1. To recite Lord Shiva's mantra Om Namah Shivai as many times as possible and offer water & milk on Shivling everyday.

2. To wear Rahu's Gem Gomed on Wednesday.

3. To have fast on Nag Panchami.

4. To keep along Peacock feather all time at home or in purse.

5. To worship Lord Hanuman daily as he only rescued Lakshmanji from Nag Pash

6. To worship Maa Saraswati for Rahu and Shri Ganeshji for Ketu.

7. To recite Rahu's mantra Om Ranhe Rahwe Namah 72,000 times.

8. If married life is disturbed because of Kalsarp Yoga, then the couple should marry once again with each other rituals.

9. To recite Nav Nag Strota 9 times daily in morning and evening.

10. To give in charity raddish, dry coconut, mustard etc.

11. To wear snake shaped silver ring.

12. To give red Masoor pulse in charity to Sweeper.

13. Silver Swastik to be affixed on main entrance to home.

14. To offer Copper snake on Shivling.

15. To get proper Kalsarp Yoga Puja performed at Trayambkeshwar temple at Nasik, or Garudeshwar in Baroda, or Bhairav temple in Jaipur or Sangam or Gaya. This puja helps greatly in reducing ill effects of Kalsarp Yoga.

16. Last but not the least, recitation of Mahamrutunjya mantra and worship of Lord Shiva is most effective and sureshot remedy for warding off malefic effects of Kalsarp Yoga.

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