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Anti-Smoking Meditation

Today we know many methods on how to quit smoking easily and without having to endure the symptoms of it.

Having so many methods on your disposal gives you a great deal to choose from.

As we all know every person is different but some beliefs are in common, when I say that I'm talking about smoking beliefs or better say the smoking mindset.

I have to say that I have found the Meditation as an excellent help and support in quitting smoking process, it helps you ease you mind and relax.

In this way you can completely pass through the whole process without sensing the withdrawal symptoms.

The key is in conducting these exercises with perseverance and consistency.

For all of you who decide that Meditation is the way to go, the best advice is to practice twice per day.

In very short period of time you will notice that you feel much better.

But, lets start with a short explanation on what Meditation really is...

According to Wikipedia:

"Meditation is a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness."

Meditation technique can be found in alternative but also in complementary medicine.

It is a mind-body technique where a person learns how to focus attention.

We can find many types of meditation which originated in religious and spiritual traditions in the ancient times.

This practice is believed to result in a state of greater calmness and physical relaxation, and psychological balance, practicing meditation can change how a person relates to the flow of emotions and thoughts.

Benefits of Meditation on the body:

Meditation reduces the heart rate, as well as the respiratory and metabolic rate so it is beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Meditation reduces cortisol the stress hormone.

Meditation reduces muscle tension and improves the quality of life.

Meditation improves the breathing and helps to increase airflow to the lungs.
Meditation boosts the immune system and slows down the process of aging.
Meditation increases the brain function.

Meditation helps in curing migraines, headaches, and other nervous system problems.

Spiritual benefits of Meditation :

Today is very well known that the stress is one of the biggest enemies of man kind.

We all live in very fast times when we have hardly the time to breathe and look around us.

So, it is not strange that stress is one of the major causes in almost every problem, physical or psychological, that one has to face.

Meditating we can lower the level of stress which is very important for the well-being of every single person.

Meditation has a great effect on our state of mind and soul, it increases our intuition, creativity and emotional stability, and at the same time reduces depression, anxiety and irritability.

It can help us to think positive and enhance the self-confidence, it improves our learning ability, memory and concentration.

Simply Meditation brings happiness in our lives, and helps us to overcome our fears and phobias.

That's why Meditation is so powerful in quitting smoking process.

It gives you the strength, the willpower and the right mindset to quit smoking effortlessly.

How to meditate?

There are many forms of meditation but the simple basics are:

Before each meditation try to achieve certain requirements to successfully reach the desired satisfaction and meditative effect.

Clothes you wear should be made of natural material with light colors.

You should eat at least two hours before the beginning of meditation.
The area of meditation should be with lot of fresh air, not too much light, noise that interrupt the flow of thought.

To increase the effect of meditation use calming music, the smell of incense or candles.

Posture should be sitting, with the spine and head slightly bent toward the chest, hands on knees, palms facing the sky.

Control your breathing.

Breathe deeply only through your nose.

You will slowly begin to visualize yourself feeling healthy and strong.

Feeling the light surrounding you.

After a while you'll start feeling that cigarettes are no longer needed.

Keep that feeling a few moments.

You will no longer have the urge for tobacco.

Light is once again released by our body.

You feel completely happy, complacent because you no longer feel the nicotine deposits, toxins circulating throughout your body.

You feel a kind of liberation.

Begin again with a deep, breathing from the belly as on the beginning of this meditation.

After a few regular breaths and open your eyes again to come back into everyday life.

You can repeat this simple exercise every day.

The art of visualization is very important during meditation.

See yourself free from smoking, feel it, and you will be free once and for all.

For those who want to try this simple exercise, personally, I wish much success!

So, to meditate or not to meditate...

Meditation is free of any kind of side effects and you can only gain by practicing it.

It is easy to learn and you can practice it when ever you want and it is a stress release method that function every time.

Doing so it helps us get in touch with ourself.

Meditation makes us realize that we are a part of the universe and part of the cosmic consciousness.

My advice? Meditate...

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