Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reasons To Buy Bulk Spices For Kitchen And Bath

Keeping bulk supplies of spices is not just for restaurateurs and herbalists. Having bulk spices in your home is a way to establish and maintain a healthful and more economical lifestyle. They are versatile in many applications, from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet to the bath.

Choosing a Bulk Spice is More Economical
Buying bulk herbs and spices is less expensive than smaller prepackaged versions in stores. You often pay for packaging materials and shipping costs with commercial containers. Even if you tend to use only a few standard spices like pepper, salt, garlic powder or cinnamon, buying just a few spices in bulk still adds up to savings of money and time.

Using a Bulk Spice for Foods
Having a bulk spice in your cabinet to pinch from can be the difference between a bland or savory meal. A little parsley or oregano will enhance the flavor of an otherwise boring dish. Spices have been indispensable in flavoring and preserving foods for thousands of years. Adding organic spices like tarragon and pepper to a fish dinner is healthier than consuming foods processed with chemical flavorings and additives. Spices also stimulate better digestion. Ginger, hot pepper, curry and mustard are just a few of the spices known to stimulate enzymes and saliva for healthier digestion and metabolism.
If you are not a natural culinary in the kitchen, consider buying organic spices and seasoning blends. Having a ready supply of premixed poultry seasoning, Cajun or Italian seasoning made with a perfect assortment of herbs and spices in bulk can make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Spices embellish vegetables and bring out the natural flavor of meat dishes without special effort, for more satisfying and healthful meals.

Having just about any type of bulk spice on hand allows you to experiment with flavoring. Add a dash of cayenne pepper to your eggs or lemon pepper to your chicken.

Using a Bulk Spice for Bath or Medicine

Having herbs and spices in bulk is practical for bath and cosmetic use, as well. Make your bath into a spa by adding crushed ginger, clove or cinnamon to the water for stress-reducing aromatherapy, to stimulate blood circulation and release toxins from the skin. For a gentler relaxing experience, use vanilla pow der or crushed vanilla beans.

Organic spices and herbs have a high mineral content, which the skin readily absorbs. Spices have also been used medicinally for centuries. Anise, dill, and turmeric are just a few of the spices used in aromatherapy and thought to stimulate the liver to release toxins, though they should be ingested in small doses.

Just one bulk spice can become a great resource in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, and bath. The key is to always find bulk herbs and spices that are fresh and fragrant.

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