Friday, September 13, 2013

Ten Best Edmonton Yoga Studios

Top Ten Edmonton Yoga Studios:

1) The Edmonton Yoga Loft -The Edmonton Yoga Loft is one of the bestEdmonton Yoga Studios, because it provides a beginner with an exceptional experience into Yoga and has a very warm comforting setting for everyone. The instructors are some of the best people you will have ever met and so dedicated to teaching you the art of Yoga. For more the experienced people, the Edmonton Yoga Loft really goes the extra mile for you in wisdom and instruction. Everyone who visits the Edmonton Yoga Loft will walk away with an invigorating experience.

2) Bikram EdmontonYoga -This is by far, the best place for your Hot yoga experience, out of all theEdmonton Yoga Studios. The setting is extremely comfortable and welcoming, so everyone can connect much easier. This is one of the nicest places to do hot Yoga in Edmonton.

3) Moksha Edmonton Yoga-Close behind is this great Hot Yoga studio. If you are looking for another great Hot Yoga place, this is it. You will love the cork studio floor, which is very easy one the joints. The cork floor also prevents bacteria from entering the floor, which many people enjoy. This is one of the Edmonton Yoga Studios that could soon take the first place position, it is getting quite popular.

4) Lion's Breath Edmonton Yoga -The most anticipated thing at this place is the Kettlebell classes. If you would like to learn the Kettlebell exercises, without a doubt, check out Lion's Breath. This is one of the Edmonton Yoga Studios that actually offer this. Don't forget about their great Yoga classes too!

5) Lotus Soul Gym -The best part about this gym, is they have three convenient locations, most of the Edmonton Yoga studios only have one location. Not only do they provide a great Yoga class, but almost everyone can benefit from one of their locations. The have one studio in St Albert, one by the University of Alberta and one closer to Downtown Edmonton.

6) Shanti Edmonton Yoga Studios -If your looking to be a part of a great Yoga community, then this place has you covered. The Shanti Yoga Studio in Edmonton covers so much like pre natal Yoga, 55+, Ashtanga basics, and many more. This is one of the most diverse Edmonton Yoga Studios. Don't forget about their Annual Shanti Yoga Picnic, where you can build lasting friendships.

7) The Yoga Den -This studio provides a high quality Yoga experience for any person. They also have FREE Yoga weekends on occasion, this is super popular with the crowd. This studio really provides a great Vinyasa flow class.

8) Yoga Within -This studio offers a very nice wide variety of programs such as Teen Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and many more. Don't miss their Free Yoga weekends too! They have a very nice low price for great classes. For new people, you can get a two week unlimited pass for only $30. This is a great Yoga studio in Edmonton.

9) PranaEdmonton YogaStudio -Another very high quality Yoga experience is guaranteed from this Yoga studio. They have an incredible amount of events going on, and many classes to take part in. They are also very popular because their free Yoga weekends, that happen on occasion. First thing you will notice when you walk in is the positive relaxing energy around you.

10) Still Point Healing Center -If you are looking for a great place for you Pre-Natal yoga experience, this is one place you really should try first. Other great classes also include Hatha Yoga for beginners, Power Yoga, and my favorite, the Meditation Class. You will not be disappointed with this great Yoga studio.

These are Only Ten of the Many GreatEdmonton Yoga Studios

There you have it, our top ten list of the best Yoga Studios Found in Edmonton. As you can see , many of the Edmonton Yoga Studios provide a free Yoga weekend on occasion. So if you are looking for a great place, we have saved you much time and effort by searching for the best places for you. If you would like to recommend a Yoga studio that you think should be on the list, please write it in the comments. We hope you have benefited from our top tenEdmonton yoga studios.

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