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Cinnamon Weight Loss – How Can Cinnamon Increase Weight Loss?

Even though in recent years there is an increased in research papers on cinnamon weight loss and its health benefits, this spice is nothing new to the human race. Since centuries ago, cinnamon has been used widely by the Chinese and Indians as medicine and preservative. This herb is used to treat sickness such as cold and indigestion as well as a natural preservative to inhibit bacterial growth.

Most recently, it was found that this spice possesses other health benefits including lowering of LDL cholesterol, relieving arthritis, protecting the heart against disease and regulating blood sugar (or glucose) level. With overweight and obesity issues worsen globally, the possibility of dropping pounds with cinnamon weight loss shortcuts are worth exploring.

So how can cinnamon increase weight loss? Unlike fat burners, this herb does not increase metabolic rate. Rather, the secret to cinnamon weight loss lies in its reg ulatory effects on our blood sugar level.

By regulating blood sugar level, the body also reduces insulin production, which plays an important role in fat loss. How does insulin aid fat loss? Insulin level and your appetite and food cravings go hand in hand; as your insulin level goes down, so does your appetite and food cravings. This means that the ability to control insulin levels also control your appetite and cravings without drugs. This is how cinnamon weight loss helps any individual to lose fat on an observable level.

Things are more complex on the cellular level. Lowering insulin level facilitates lipolysis (fat mobilization) from fat cells. In parallel, it also regulates the level of acylation stimulation protein (ASP) which has been described as "the most potent stimulator of fat storage in the fat cell". Simply put, cinnamon weight loss works by preventing accumulation of fat.
In The 4-Hour Body, independent cinnamon weight loss study by Tim Ferriss also found the herb to be effective in controlling the blood glucose level. In his test, the Saigon species was the most effective cinnamon weight loss solution.

By now you must have realized the secret behind cinnamon weight loss. It works by controlling the blood sugar levels to make you lean.

How to turn this cinnamon weight loss information into a practical tip? You can take cinnamon supplements for weight loss before meal or add cinnamon powder to food like smoothies, yogurt or even a cup of hot tea.

Here's how you can supercharge your cinnamon weight loss effort add honey to it. If you like to try the honey and cinnamon drink, we recommend adding 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of honey to 8 ounces of water. Mix them together and drink half of it before going to bed. Refrigerate the balance and drink it the first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. Do not heat it up. Personally, I like mixing honey and cinnamon powder to my oatmeal during breakfast.

Drinking this honey and cinnamon weight loss mixture daily has helped individuals to achieve good fat loss results. They were able to get rid of body fat particularly those around the stomach area and drop pounds. Be forewarned that 4 grams of this herb per day (about 1.5 tsps) is possibly the maximum amount anyone should consume as suggested by Tim.

So far so good but are there any cinnamon weight loss side effects? Pregnant women or anyone on medication should consult their doctor before embarking on any type of cinnamon weight loss plan. This is particularly important for people with diabetic condition because this herb may interfere with the diabetes medication causing the blood glucose levels to plunge to an unsafe level.

The second thing is that cinnamon contains the chemical compound, couma rin. At high concentration, coumarin can damage the kidney and liver. All 3 species of the herb contain coumarin but the level is significantly lower in Ceylon (true) cinnamon compare to Saigon or Chinese (cassia) species.

Further to that, coumarin can have a "blood-thinning" effect, so for those on anti clotting medication or suffer from bleeding disorders please abstain from going on cinnamon weight loss plan unless with doctor's approval.

If coumarin is holding you back from embarking in a cinnamon weight loss plan, you may be glad to know that this chemical compound is only dangerous at high concentration. According to health experts, as long as you are a healthy individual, 1/2 tsp cinnamon a day is highly unlikely to give rise to any health issue. Of course if given a choice, it is better to use the Ceylon species in your cinnamon weight loss plan.

Now that you know the truth behind cinnamon weight loss, and how can cinnamon incre ase weight loss, you may be eager to grab this herb and honey to try out. However, if you want a lean and sexy body, you also need to focus on diet and exercises. Fat burning foods and strength training are 2 important parts of the natural weight loss equation. They compliment you cinnamon weight loss efforts and put fat loss on autopilot. Include proper foods and exercises with the honey and cinnamon weight loss strategy and achieve your ideal weight starting today.

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