Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Colon cancer and Digestive Health

Digestive health enthusiasts or doctors who specialize in digestive health are confused when they are people who eat healthy hardly develop colon cancer. There has been a steady increase of colon cancer morbidity in the past ten years and it is getting a lot of attention from gastroenterologists. Colon cancer is cancer of the colon, that part of the intestines that stores the waste materials. Polyps or tumors can grow in the inner walls and surgery may be involved for the relief from symptoms.

Those most commonly diagnosed with colon cancer are told that the most probable cause is lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes everything under the sun except proper digestive health. There is usually overindulgence in alcohol, high cholesterol foods, difficult to digest oily foods, too much coffee, and smoking. When diagnosis is done, there is usually an Explore-Lap or Ex-Lap that is performed. Exploratory laparotomy is usually performed when the nature of a disease is unknown. There are cases wherein it becomes an open and close case. This usually happens when the colon cancer is too severe, there is nothing to do but to proceed to colostomy.

After the procedures, the cancer patient gets a re-education on digestive health. There is the education of the proper foods to eat and how much to eat. Unfortunately, there are really some who simply could not care less and feel that as they already have a colostomy bag hanging on their side, then they are freer to indulge. Such is the way of the illogical.

Digestive health is important from birth to death. Unfortunately, this is the most ignored and the least paid attention to. People are simply too basic in their need when it comes to indulgence. There is no control as control can be illogically compared to not being macho' enough. So smoking is still there, the alcohol is still there. There is just no escaping the selfish needs.

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