Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cinnamon Weight Loss – The Little Known Secrets of Weight Loss with Cinnamon

Of late, cinnamon weight loss benefits and tips are the common topic among my girlfriends. This spice appeared to have done wonders to their fat loss and they were raving about it. No drugs, no pills, just honey and cinnamon weight loss drink to lose weight.

My girlfriends experienced the amazing cinnamon weight loss effects and swore by it. I learned that a mixture of raw honey and cinnamon drink produced good results. They were able to lose belly fat fairly easily. That was something they could not do despite cutting down on carbs. With this honey and cinnamon weight loss concoction, getting rid of flab around the stomach isn't hard all especially when only 2 ingredients needed.

Here's their honey and cinnamon weight loss recipe:

Add and mix 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) cinnamon to 8 ounces of hot water Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature Add 1 tsp of honey to the cinnamon mixture. Mix well and drink half of the honey and cinnamon drink before going to bed. It is best to use raw honey for maximum benefit. When preparing this honey and cinnamon weight loss drink, use plastic or porcelain spoon only Cover the remaining 1/2 glass of the honey and cinnamon weight loss mixture, refrigerated it overnight. Do not heat it but drink up the balance with an empty stomach the next morning before breakfast

What's the secret behind cinnamon weight loss? All the years, we know that cinnamon is used for cooking, and the Chinese and Indians took it a step further by using it as medicine. Researchers have also reported health benefits of cinnamon. But cinnamon weight loss solution as an aid for healthy and natural weight loss is really news worthy.

Were my girlfriends' fat loss results coincidental? I was intrigued. Through careful research, I unearthed the truth behind cinnamon weight loss. Here's what I found out:
This spice does not increase your metabolic rate the way most fat burners do. Instead, it regulates your blood sugar (glucose) level to help you lose weight. Hard to grasp that? To understand the truth of cinnamon weight loss, we need to understand the effects of insulin levels on your weight loss.

On the noticeable level, the ability to control your insulin level controls your appetite and food cravings; when you lower the insulin level, your appetite and craving follows.

At the same time, at the cellular level, reducing the level of insulin facilitates a process call lipolysis, which allows mobilization of fat from the fat cells. It also controls the level of acylation stimulation protein (ASP), which is a "potent stimulator of fat storage in the fat cell".

As you can see, insulin plays a huge part in fat loss, and the good news is that by regulating blood sugar level, you'll keep the insulin level under control automatically. T herefore, the true secret of cinnamon weight loss lies in its ability to regular blood glucose levels. Further research revealed similar findings by Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Body. He also concluded that cinnamon was an effective spice for regulating blood sugar level, with Saigon cinnamon showing the best result.

How can you include cinnamon weight loss strategy as part of your diet?

The most effortless and effective way is through the honey and cinnamon weight loss concoction. For variation, try adding cinnamon powder to smoothies or yogurt. If you prefer something fast and simple, take cinnamon supplements for weight loss before meal then.

Is cinnamon weight loss solution safe? If you are diabetic, pregnant, or on medication, consult your physician first before trying it out. As cinnamon is a blood sugar regulator, blood sugar can drop to an unsafe level if taken too much.

Do not get lured into consuming huge quantity of cinnamon as it can be dangerous. At high dosage, the chemical compound, coumarin in the spice can potentially damage your liver and kidney. Tim Ferriss warned against exceeding 4 grams of cinnamon per day (about 1 and 1/2 tsp). If you are planning to consume the honey and cinnamon weight loss concoction, you will be way below the recommended limit. However, if you are still worried, you may want to use Ceylon cinnamon only. Out of Chinese, Saigon and Ceylon cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon has the lowest level of coumarin even though it is not as effective in controlling blood sugar level compare to the other two according to Tim.

Before you rush off to get your cinnamon weight loss concoction, it is important to know that, even though this spice can aid weight loss, it can't get you a lean, toned and sexy body. That requires proper diet and exercises.

Therefore, be it men or women, if you are serious and determine about getting lean, plan your diet around fat burning foods and focus on interval and resistance training too. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder to your meal or simply include a glass of honey and cinnamon weight loss concoction into your daily diet and watch your body transform as obesity become a thing of the past. Of course it is optional to use cinnamon weight loss shortcuts to reduce weight as focusing on mindset, foods and exerci ses can help you drop pounds and get lean, and we want to show you how.

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