Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weight-Loss and Mental Fitness

This article is not about selecting meals to burn fat or doing 90 minutes of cardio. No, this is not what I am trying to get across. It's important that you really feel confident while you are on a weight loss journey. Not only will the confidence come in handy in the long run it will start you out on a great path.

In my opinion and experience, losing weight is mostly mental. People know what they should eat but it's difficult to bring themselves to eating it and stick with it. They also know they have to exercise and remain consistent. This is all the "I know what to do" statements that you are familiar with. The problem is getting yourself to do it and stick with it. This is the reason weight loss is mental and you need to be properly educated to get mentally fit.

The following are paragraphs will discuss some of what is needed in order to experience the weight loss you've been searching for. You will not find what you need in any microwavable package.

You must be completely honest with yourself when it comes to weight loss. You can't look at yourself and say "I am very sexy with my current weight." This is a very dishonest statement that will hold you back. If you dig deep inside you know that is an untrue statement. How can a person be completely satisfied at an extreme elevated weight? There is no way the are satisfied.

You have to remove every diet you attempted in the past that did not work for you from your mind. You can't dwell on what did not happen. You need to focus on the here and now. You can't experience permanent weight loss success or get mentally fit without leaving the past in the past. This will be new and you need to see it as that.

You have to set realistic goals that you can make happen. Without the goals it will be pretty hard to lose weight. Your goals and the reasons why you want to lose weight will also help you experience success. Your goals and incentives will help you develop great eating habits, consistently exercise, and get you mental fit.

Mental fitness is what you need to strive for so you can experience physical fitness, achieve your goal, and experience the success you've been seeking for.

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