Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Metastatic Brain Cancer Survival Rate

My point being, there is a multi-billion dollar cell phone industry that has a vested interest in keeping the public unaware of the dangers of cell phones.

Metastatic Brain Cancer Survival Rate

It's now official, the studies are out, there is a definite link between cell phones and malignant brain tumors.

An article published in The Sun titled "Cancer Risk in Mobile Phones: Official" starts with the sentence "MOBILE phones DO increase the risk of brain cancer, scientists claimed yesterday."

The article goes on to say French scientists found that a person who is a long-term mobile phone user is more likely to develop a malignant brain tumor called glioma.

"The chances of developing a malignant tumour are "significantly increased" for people who use a mobile for ten years. The shock finding is the result of the biggest ever study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation."

This is just one newspaper article out of thousands that are saying essentially the same thing.

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If you do some deeper research into the peer reviewed studies, you'll find out cell phones actually heat up the brain around the ear area by a degree or two. This effectively breaks down the blood brain barrier, which is a defense against the poisons in your body becoming lodged in your brain.

With an open blood-brain barrier, harmful things like heavy metals, are allowed to cross into your brain and cause permanent damage. Talking on your cell phone for ten minutes opens your blood-brain barrier for the next 14 hours.

Take your health into your own hands, do some research on cell phones and brain cancer, and then take steps to protect yourself and loved ones.

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