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Using Angel Guided Meditations to Help You Connect to The Angelic Realm - Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the stages you go through when meditating to connect to the angelic realm, the right posture and making visualisation easy. To access Part 1, you may need to copy and paste the title of this article and replace part 1 for Part 2, and paste it into a search query.

Please remember, from Part 1, that this meditation technique, is trance-channelled from the angelic realm, and is different to other meditation techniques.


I will attempt to explain the best way of breathing, which won't be easy without the visual and the sound, but I will do my best.

In order to get the right vibrational breathing, to help connect to the Angelic Realm, there is a technique we need to adopt. This is not to be confused with more simple meditations which will help you release stress and give the body healing time. This is purely to accelerate connection to the Angelic Realm.

Imagine someone who is snoring very quietly. There is a resonance of sound from the nose as they breathe in. If you try this and vibrate the back of your throat too much, your will get a louder snoring sound.

I was recently asked where your tongue should be. A good question. It should be touching the back of your upper teeth. Your mouth should be closed as you breathe in.

This may seem a little sick, but I'll write it anyway: Imagine someone with a cold, sniffing the mucus back with an intake of nose breath, to cough it up and spit it out. Now back off a little and don't sniff so hard. There should be a resonance, a vibration sound, like a very quiet snore. You may need to practice this a while. You may need to explain it to someone and have them listen to you.

If you don't feel you get this, don't get hung up on it; it's far more important you get everything else right. This can come later. You must breathe in deeply through the nose and fill your belly, so no wearing tight clothes to restrict yo u. When I say fill your belly, I mean until it's getting near bursting point, and then back off a little.

You will need to breathe in for about 3 seconds to start with, hold your breath for about 3 seconds and breathe out through your mouth for 3 seconds. As time goes by, you will be able to breathe in for longer, hold for longer, and breathe out for longer. The more you breathe in, the harder you will have to blow out, through your mouth. Don't worry about the blowing sound, this is OK.

When Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek does meditations with us, he asks us to build up to 12 seconds in, hold for 12 seconds and breathe out for 12 seconds. Just give it a try and see how difficult that is, without a lot of practice.

If your nose is blocked due to illness, it is pointless trying to meditate. If you cannot hear yourself breathing in and breathing out, you are not meditating properly. For those of you who are shy and worry about what others think, it's now time to throw caution to the wind and do it right, if you want to get to connection with the Angelic Realm.

In these fast-paced stressful times, for many people, it is very difficult to shut off from thinking about all the tasks ahead and problems to overcome. I was with a group recently where a woman was explaining that she had just attended an angel awareness class, and she had been told to sit and meditate at the end of it. The woman explained that all she could think about, was what she was going to prepare for dinner that evening, and couldn't stop the thinking process. Sadly, she wasn't given any help. This is where a guided meditation helps.

A guided meditation helps you focus and takes you away from your own thoug hts. But you also have to be aware that you have to really concentrate and focus, to train your mind to keep focus. If you are thinking, you are not meditating! Guided meditations take you away from the thinking process. However, there is a significant alarm bell to be aware of. Anyone with a little savvy can put a guided meditation together. There are thousands to choose from and there are no success charts to tell you how popular they are. Even price has no bearing on how good a guided meditation will be.

People resonate with voices and music, so the voice and music has to gel with you. Try to sample a guided meditation, before you invest your money. If you particularly want an angel-guided meditation; you must consider the source. Is this person connecting with the Angelic Realm? Is there enough information about this person to convince you that they are the real thing?

A good guided meditation should open your awareness and allow you to stay focussed and no t fall asleep, or drift off into space. Being focussed intensifies the energies you are working with, to help you connect with spirit, be it for personal guidance, healing or prophecy. The more angel guided meditations you do, on a regular basis, the quicker you will find it easier to meditate on your own.

According to Archangel Metatron, genuine trance-channelled angel guided meditations carry the vibrations of the soul; in other words, they help you unlock deep emotional and physical cellular blocks, which impede your progress in this lifetime. Another great benefit of an angel guided meditation, is that they begin to prepare you for what you will see and experience in your own meditations; the meanings behind what you might experience.

The angelic realm use symbology, so using a guided meditation which gets you to visualise symbols, as part of the guided meditation, helps you understand the many ways in which spirit communicate with you. For example:- You ma y see a pentagram (a 5-pointed star). If you hadn't experienced some of our angel-guided meditations, you might not know that the pentagram is a symbol of Archangel Michael's protection. The angelic realm use symbols to communicate. Authentic angel-guided meditations will help you understand the many ways in which spirit communicate with you.


Now, you need to track your progress, to keep you motivated to continue with the meditations. Keep a meditation diary wherever you choose to meditate regularly. It doesn't have to be fancy. Record your experiences. Write down any colours that had an impact on you.Write down 'what' and 'how' you felt.Record any particular energy that affected you; emotionally or physically.

For example:- Just recently I was in a spiritual circle and Jill, my wife, was trance-channelling a meditation. A woman called Ayesha came through for us and told us she works alongside Arkhenaton. We were visualising three huge golden pyr amids. We went into one with an emerald-green lit chamber. We were asked to draw in the Emerald green light.

Now, I have a right shoulder trauma, from 1967, when I broke all the shoulder off during a walking holiday in the North York moors in the North of England. This last few years it has become arthritic and has, at times, given me excruciating pain. When I drew the green light into my body, I felt the pain in my shoulder ease.

The more you record your experiences, you'll begin to see how much more you are experiencing, and how much more you are becoming aware of. This becomes your guide to how you are developing your psychic ability. So just to recap the sequence of getting closer to connection, which was explaind in Part one:-

* Get your breathing rhythm

* Blackness

* Colours

* Faces

* Symbols

* Falling into darkness, or spinningStargates (smoke rings)

* Follow the rings

* Let go

You may not have every one of these experiences and you may have more.

When you see faces, ask them who they are and what they want. Some of those faces maybe totems such as wolves, tigers, lions, bears deer or cats; to name a few. And remember:- Use the back of your eyelids as a screen.

Also remember:- If you are thinking, you are not meditating

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