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Which are the herbs that help in weight loss?

Carnatine is a protein supplement in the body that aids in weight loss through burning fats. The role of carnation in the body is to transport fats into cells where they are converted into water, heat and energy. When there is s high amount of carnation in your body, more fats are burnt in cells therefore more fat loss. Less carnatine means less fats being burnt, hence slow weight loss. Carnatine is the new fat loss product in demand recently.

This supplement gets fats from blood and other body parts that have fats and takes them to the muscles to be consumed. By removing blood sugar it helps people who are suffering from diabetes and hypertension. It also helps prevent the accumulation of fats in the cells and tissues. People who used carnatine tend to have more and bigger muscles. Studies that were carried out confirmed that carnatine actually played a role in muscle growth and development. This is vital for weight loss because muscles are the body's natural fat burner. As you do your exercise or even as you take rest, the muscles consume fats for energy. The muscles are responsible for running the body processes therefore there is need for constant flow of energy. The more and bigger muscles you build, the more fats are burnt therefore you lose weight too.

Carnatine is manufactured in the liver and in the kidneys and stored in the heart, muscles and in the brain. However, carnatine has side effects other than helping in weight loss. You can develop rashes, diarrhea or get a stomach ache. You can get carnatine in poultry meat, meat, and milk and in fish. They are found in high quantities in these products. However, carnatine is not found in vegetable products. As you take carnatine for fat loss it is important to avoid sugary foods because this affects the performance of carnatine. It is always advisable to consult a doctor about a new fat loss supplement you want to try out.

Green tea is an important weight loss diet. It also increases the rate of metabolism in cells hence more fats are burnt leading to fat loss. Green tea for weight loss is administered orally as a tablet or in form of a liquid. It is a good appetite suppressant so you will not have feel hungry between meals. It has the effects of making you feel full when you have eaten little food so you will not have over eaten. This helps in training you're eating habits which is very important for controlling and maintaining your weight.

Green teat combined with carnatine gives your body the boost you require to lose weight. They are both independently efficient weight loss supplements therefore this only serves to quicken the process. Some people find the taste of green tea nasty that it why they prefer to mix it with other weight loss products such as carnatine.

For some people, losing weight may be a challenge, due to factors like slow metabolism and food cravings. Herbs can help solve both those issues. We have compiled a list of weight loss herbs that have been proven to assist in getting rid of unsightly flab and unwanted pounds.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is native to Africa and India. The effect that this weight loss herb can bring is to minimize the taste buds ability to appreciate sweets. Its molecules can be likened to that of glucose because the tongue's receptors are filled leading to a feeling of having a sugar fix. And as such, people taking gymnema have a weakened perception to sweetness thereby resulting in fewer calorie intake.


Kelp is another herb that is rich in iodine. It is a kind of seaweed whose high iodine content assists the thyroid in the efficient performance of its functions including the distribution of weight loss. It also has high selenium content that helps minimize depression or the blues that accompany weight loss regimes.

Hoodia Gordonii

One of the common slimming herbs that have gained popularity recently is Hoodia Gordonii. Its ability to suppress appetite has been known for hundreds of years and this is the main reason why it is favored as a weight loss supplement. The plant is native to the desert regions of Africa. Studies have shown that this appetite suppressant works by interrupting the brain's mechanism that sends the signal of hunger.


Dandelion leaves can be eaten raw or used in making tea. It can flush out the kidneys, counteract sweet cravings and boost the body's metabolism.


Fennel is another popular slimming herb and proven to be a natural appetite suppressant. It can also help in removing fat and mucus from the intestinal tract.

Green Tea

Green tea is a remarkable weight loss herb since it enhances the fat burning ability of the body. The antioxidants and compounds of green tea are responsible for causing weight loss because the effect is an increased metabolic rate that stimulates the burning of excess body fats.

When these herbs are incorporated in a diet regime and paired with regular exercise, it will be easier to achieve your weight goal. However, some of these plants may have a negative reaction with other medications and it would help to consult your doctor when you have any doubts.

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