Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Searching-- Techniques For Effective Meditation Practice

Looking for effective meditation techniques for beginners? You're in the right place. For beginners, there are some simple steps to help you take advantage of the tremendous benefits of the practice of meditation.

Meditation Techniques - posture.
There are many traditional meditation posture on the Internet and the selection of meditation techniques to practice , depends on your physical health and spirit and purpose of meditation. General posture practice of meditation is sitting cross-legged on the ground. But if you have pain in joints or in the pelvic area, sitting on a chair or a meditation cushion is postural your right. Just hold your spine erect, is right meditation posture for beginners. With the ultimate in flexibility in their body and practice of meditation, traditional meditation posture loved can be practiced. Any posture to practice meditation for beginners is effectively allowed.

Meditation techniques - Focus
: Count your breaths is perhaps the simple technique of meditation for beginners. Meditation on your every breath and passing out. Do not be disappointed when you do you press the rhythm of your breath again. Do not stress your mind to regulate the breath .. Just watch your breathing who comes and goes and rhythm. Gradually, begin practice on the meaning to see, feel and touch. After the perfection of the practice of breathing meditation, begin to realize all the positive thoughts coming in and out of negative thoughts during meditation practice.

The aim for beginners to practice meditation is to withdraw from many thoughts of many things and you concentrate on inner of your life subtle. Just little practice of meditation is to give you the freedom of many disturbing thoughts and relax the physical body, senses and mind.

Meditation techniques - time and place
Mourning is the best time to practice meditation. But every time, while your mind is in relaxed situation is good for beginners. The location and natural quiet is the best for the practice of meditation. But if you have the problem, anywhere in your office or home is good for the beginning practice meditation. .

Understanding meditation and its objective - for beginners.
There are a number of videos available to understand meditation, its purpose and benefits. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and faith .. In meditation practice, try to feel his spiritual wisdom. These videos meditation should be your visual guide and teacher on the path of spiritual development and meditation.

For the beginner. the purpose of practicing meditation is to launch awareness. Meditation is a means of direct experience of his body, senses and thoughts on a desired object - in your case, breathing, sense of light, sound and smell, and lastly your thoughts and emotions . .

For me you can not say, consciousness, until you remove your sense of observation of breathing and sense of reflection of light, sound and smell and your thoughts and emotions. . . And just listen to your inner sense of sight. What you feel the consciousness of light is your perception of consciousness. True consciousness arises when you develop your meditation to control thought and conscience. The actual experience of consciousness is a direct experience with its subtle selfishness of his life and practice to become aware of his inner consciousness. Here you are familiar with your inner self within, but not the wisdom of your own thought and speech. It is called the Samadhi meditation master. Here you are disconnected from your sense of seeing the light and sense of reflection of light.

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