Sunday, October 6, 2013

Proven Meditation Tips on How to Meditate Deeply

In this article we give some proven meditation tips that have worked for many. In fact these very tips are used by monastics and true yogis - people on who have dedicated their lives to meditation.

Anyone who has tired to meditate knows how difficult it is to meditate deeply. So why is the ability to know how to meditate deeply so important? Because it is those deeper states that you will really receive the benefits of meditation.

Many of the of these tips are simple and straightforward but as with anything worthwhile they need to be practiced. Then when you apply them to your meditation you will understand why one great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda has said in relation to meditation. "You don't know what you are missing".

Daily meditation - meditation tip number 1, on how to meditate deeply

Daily meditation or regular meditation is perhaps one of the single biggest tips on how to meditate deeply and advance on the spiritual path.

Why? Think about it for a second in what direction is our thoughts, attention and our energy directed most of the time, during our waking state. For the vast majority of us it is nearly always directed outwards into the world we live. When you consider that many of us in the west don't come to some form meditation until we are adults - that is many years of conditioning, practice and habit. So what happens when we sit to meditate? Immediately the mind wonders occupying itself in bodily sensations, memories of the past and future thoughts. It has been said that when practicing some form of spiritual discipline you are either growing or digressing. You are never allowed to become stagnant. That is why it is so important to practice daily meditation. Preferably in the morning carrying the peaceful effects of your mediation into your day and then again at night before going to sleep. In the beginning start with 15 mins and gradually work your way into a longer and longer perio d. Ideally if you have worldly responsibilities 30 min morning and night.

Group meditation - meditation tip number 2, on how to meditate deeply

Group meditation is another secret tip that is not as well know about. Jesus spoke of it's principle in the bible when he said "where two or three are gathered in my name there am I". I've heard the principle very aptly described this way.

Imagine you are holding a single magnet of a certain size and strength at the end of a piece of string and next to it is a metal bar. The single magnet on it's own is not strong enough to attract its self to the metal bar but when that single magnet comes together with other magnets the combines force and strength easily attracts themselves to the metal bar.

The metal bar in this case is God and the individual magnets are us. There is in fact a force (consciousness) in our spine that is forever being drawn down toward by the earths magnetic current. The whole point of meditation is to free our souls from the cycle of birth and rebirth and unite ourselves with the consciousness of God. Meditation helps draw our consciousness up the spinal channel and ultimately unites us with the consciousness of God.

Meditation seat - meditation tip number 3, on how to meditate deeply

Having a usual place to meditate or meditation seat is very helpful for anyone serious about advancing in meditation. It is advisable if you have not done so already to set aside a place in your home that is used for no other purpose than meditation. It can be a room or a even a screened off corner of a room and make there a small alter to help sanctify your space.

You will find that you will impregnate that your place of meditation with your consciousness of meditation. Just as a study carries with it the consciousness of study or work or the bedroom consciousness of sleep. So by having a dedicated space for the sole purpose for meditation will make it easier for you to go deeply into meditation. Thereby making the whole experience more enjoyable, and if it is more enjoyable then you are more likely to keep your meditations regular.

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