Friday, June 13, 2014

Exercise Tips For The Obese

Exercise is the number one suggestion made by doctors as the path to weight loss. For the extremely overweight, this option may be out of the question. Our world is not focused on gradual, we are focused on fast! Everything needs to be at our fingertips, and thus, the exercise world focuses on those they are most apt to control, the thin and athletic. The extremely overweight are the sector of people who need to most attention because they are the ones that can be hurt the most from improper exercise practices.

Traditional exercise machines are not able to hold the weight of an extremely overweight person. While treadmills offer pre programmed exercise cycles that are based upon a 150 pound user. These are the troubles that face the extremely overweight, but, exercising is a reality for weight loss. And, exercising is what must be done. Here are a few tips for the extremely overweight involving exercise.

Tip 1: Increasing the Heart Rate

The main idea of exercise is to increase the heart rate for an extended period of time. For an extremely obese person, an inflated heart rate is not that hard to achieve. The added weight makes traditional cardio difficult, but there are ways to integrate exercise without causing injury.
Swimming, walking, biking and dancing are fantastic ways to raise the heart rate and they tend to be fun. Fun and exercise need to be the best of friends for anyone to stay on track. If you are having difficulties walking for long periods of time, try sitting in a chair with a straight back and lifting your arms over your head then back to your sides. Repeat this motion and your heart rate will increase.

Tip 2: No Pain, No Gain

Yes, there will be pain associated with your workout regime. This is more so the case for people who are unable to stretch after a workout. Stretching loosens the muscles and frees the pent up lactic acid that cause pain in the muscle. The inability to stretch will leave many extremely obese people hurting badly enough that exercise is given up after just a few days.

The key to keeping your exercise pain free is two fold. You can either stretch your heart out after you finish your exercise routine, or you can start your routine very slowly. Many people find the slow approach to be the easiest one to stick with. Starting slowly means just that, progressing at a snails pace. You will want to exercise for 10 minutes, twice a day to start. Continue this program for two weeks than increase by five minutes. Again, wait two week and add another five minutes. This gradual increase in exercise will fit perfectly with your weight loss.

Tip 3: Stay Away From the Gym

I know, this tip seems like an absurd one, but there is good reason. Gyms are made, as I stated in the beginning paragraphs, for thin and athletic people. Ab machines usually have a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Treadmills are created for people who are of average weight and weight benches are too narrow for an extremely overweight body. But, just because I say to stay away from the gym does not mean you can stay away from exercise. If you wish for the gym like experience, try visiting a women's only gym. There are many circuit based routines perfect for extremely obese person.

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