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Ideas to Make Money blogging

Its very popular to start a blog and try to make money from it. In this article I want to give you some ideas to make money blogging. First, you can read about how to set up your blog and then I tell you some ideas about how you can make money from it.

Start a blog

If you going to blog you need a blog, right? I suggest you to start a blog at wordpress. You have to pay for a domain name and a web hotel. Its a little investment but you get a nice looking blog and you can change every thing on your blog as you like. I recommend Go Daddy for signing up your domain name and Hostgator for your webhotel. Its big companies with good services and nice prices.

The Topic of your blog

The fist thing you need to think of is the topic of you blog. What are you going to write about? I suggest something that you like and have as a hobby. You will write with more passion if your write about something you love doing. If you ju st choose the topic that will bring more money, the chance is big your getting bored and stop blogging after a while. Some suggestions for topics are:

Gardening Design Dog training Running How to loose weight

When youre starting a blog with a money making idea, you have to fill peoples needs. You cant write about what you made for breakfast or how your day went. You need to have your readers needs in mind when your write.

Get traffic to your blog Submit your blog to directories

Now you have a blog and a topic. When you have written some posts, you can start submit your blog to directories. The directories will then link to your blog. Your blog will be noticed by google and get some traffic. Here is a list of some good directories that you can start with:

Ezine Articles Articlesbase Buzzle Searchwarp Go Articles Search engine optimization (SEO)

For more traffic to your blog you want to be loved by google. You then have to use SEO on your blog. I cant tell you everything about SEO in this article. Its to much to cover. Search google and you will find alot of good articles to learn from.


Start linking to other good blogs and websites that you visit. Your readers like when you provide good information. Other site owners will notice you and maybe theyll link back. You also want to link inside your blog. Link to other posts that are relevant to what youre writing at the moment.

Make comments on other blogs

Start reading blogs that write about similar things as you do. When you have something good to say, write a comment. You can ad a link to your blog with the comment. Now, all the other readers will notice your blog and maybe theyll visit it.

Social networks

Are you using social networks like facebook or twitter? By adding links to your blogposts you can get more visitors.

Now The ideas for making money on your blog! 1. Ideas to make money blogging Adsense

One idea to make money on your blog is to put adsense ads on it. You will make money when someone clicks on them. Its easy to start.

2. Ideas to make money blogging Write an e-book

A good idea for making money is to write an e-book. Write about something that your readers will be interested to read. If your blog is about weight loose, maybe you can write an e-book about low carb diets. Remember to choice a related topic for you e-b ook. If you write an e-book about gardening and the blog is about weight loss your readers will just get confused.Thats not a good money making idea. When youve finished the e-book, you can sell it at your blog.

3. Ideas to make money blogging Be an affiliate

Another great idea for making money is to be an affiliate. An affiliate promotes other peoples products. If your blog is about weight loss you can promote a weight loss product. When someone buys it though your link, you get paid.

4. Ideas to make money blogging Combine the first 3 ideas

Why just stick to one idea for making money? If you combine the 3 ideas above you will make even more!

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