Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Need a Sexy Lawyer For my Mesothelioma Case

Janet Bordeaux is a Canadianmesothelioma lawyerbased in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she practises law specializing in helping the victims ofmesotheliomafind some compensation for thiscancer-based diseasethey have been inflicted with, through no fault of their own.

Janet finds that her greatest asset in helping these poor victims, is not just her education at Harvard Law School with two extra years at the University of Toronto Law School, but her great attractiveness--to put it directly her sexy looks. "I find it easy to act on behalf of my clients as an asbestos cancer lawsuit lawyer because most other lawyers and judges are men, and easily influenced by my looks. I use them, the men and the looks shamelessly in order to win justice for those who most need it. People with mesothelioma cancer are not likely to be swayed by me looking so sexy and overpowering but the others that I have to convince to payout large sums of money on behalf of my clients, often are."

Janet Bordeaux finds that being a lawyer for the forgotten is her greatest joy.

Toronto based Judy Deever says she doesn't take a quantity services approach to representation of victims of asbestos diseases but rather is limited to serious asbestos cases; the victims of chronic mesothelioma, lung cancer, serious asbestosis and pleural disease.

Judy likens her law practise to that of a religious mission. She strives to become a better person by using her talents and skills to maximize her client's needs. She knows that her charismatic charm comes in handy and her partner at law, Fredrick Dichte, affirms that she wows the judges and sways juries with her presentations, which are not only persuasive but charged with a passion that comes from her sexual appeal. She is a fighter for the rights of asbestos cancer and makes no bones about her acting ability. "It's all part of the package" she says.

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