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Lose Weight and Maintain Ideal Body Size for Life - Health - Weight Loss

Each one of us would like to be healthier, more active, feel younger, have a flawless, unlined skin and possess a lean and well toned figure.

In a society which has become accustomed to instant gratification and the belief that everything can be achieved with money rather than discipline, we are prepared to spare no expense, in order to achieve our goal as quickly as possible with the latest miraculous cure.

We drink countless cups of coffee and other stimulants in order to be active, take libido enhancers for sexual prowess, apply creams and concealing makeup in our quest for a flawless, supple complexion, and take pills and other potions and even undergo surgery for weight control. In our desire to find the easiest and quickest path to achieve our goal, we are prepared to pay any price, as long as the price is payable in money rather than effort.

Nevertheless, as in almost anything in life which is worth our while, maintaining excellent health and a lean and well toned body, require daily perseverance.

Needless to say maintaining optimum health and a lean and fit physique, is not achieved by undergoing enormous effort and heroic sacrifice during a brief period of time, but by consistent small daily actions. It is about creating lifetime habits.It is neither difficult nor requires tremendous amount of will power, countless hours of exercise or strict crash diets.

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware that they must take action in order to improve the shape and condition of their body and to maintain optimum health; this has resulted in a massive health and fitness market, as well as an overflow of information on weight control.

In this age of information, where we are constantly bombarded with news and advice on any subject, this abundance of sometimes conflicting opinions can be daunting and overwhelming once we have made the decision to lose that extra weight.

In concept, however, weight loss is as simple as a subtraction equation, if you ingest more energy than you consume, that energy will invariably store up as fat, in other words, you will gain weight, if you ingest less than you consume, the body will use up stored fat deposits, which means that you will lose weight.

So, basically, achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight should be based on the correct balance of the two pillars of NUTRITION (intake) and ACTIVITY (output).

1. Nutrition: Correct, balanced eating habits as opposed to strict, unbalanced crash diets. Any diet plan you follow should concentrate not so much in teaching you what to eat but on HOW to eat. One of the great weight loss myths is that in order to burn fats and calories, the intake of food should be frugal. Should we put this belief into practise, our organism would go into alert mode by reducing its metabolic rate, i.e. low consumption mode, thus reducing its capacity to burn calories. Any weight loss diet plan you opt for should be balanced, varied and healthy whilst reducing the caloric intake, and make lifelong changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. 2. Activity: Our ancestors energy consumption was generally in proportion to their calorie intake, as most of their activity was directly related to obtaining their sustenance. In our high-tech society, however, where food is readily and easily available and professional activity is mainly of a sedentary nature, we have to complement our energy output with additional exercise. When choosing an exercise to burn the extra fat, opt for activities which encourage total body workout and uniform weight loss, otherwise you may find that while parts of your body are slimming down, other parts remain stubbornly flabby.. Swimming and aerobics are two excellent examples of total body toning. It is also important that the exercise becomes a hobby or pastime (eg. dancing, tennis) rather than a chore in order to make it easier to stick to your routine.

The third leg of the weight loss triangle is in aiding the body to consume more energy than our calorie input in order to lose weight faster. This is where the big question comes in: Supplements or No Supplements?

3. Supplements: Medical Science has been able to accomplish much and each day more and more drugs claim to be the solution for fast and effortless weight loss. While most of these supplements are treated with a great deal of scepticism, due to stories of either inefficiency to achieve their claims or bad experiences by users of these supplements, still there are those who swear by their success.In general, supplements work in one of these three ways:Aid in Appetite Control (Valuable for dieters who can?t control intake)Help Boost Metabolic Rate (Valuable for dieters who consume little energy or have low metabolic rate)Aid Digestion (Assisting the digestive system can streamline its tasks and allow it to metabolise food a lot faster.

When used to aid weight loss, supplements can be a valuable tool, but if they are not accompanied by other efforts to lose weight, you?re probably not going to be successful.

Bottom line: Supplements can be a help, but if you depend on them as a Miracle Cure whilst continuing with your unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, you are in for some disappointment.

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